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Sincerely Questionable with Jessica Jones
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Sincerely Questionable with Jessica Jones

Author: Jessica Jones

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Welcome to the SQ podcast! This podcast will focus on the weird side of things, from people, places, events, creatures, and more. Listen to me ramble about everything from things that are real to myths and legends (along with some that hug the line of both).

Here are some keywords for searches. Is that how that works? Who knows. Just ignore these. Or read them. You do you ;)

Myths, Legends, Weird, Creepy, Strange, Occult, Paranormal, Conspiracy, Odd, Cryptozoology, Local Lore, Folklore, Unusual
2 Episodes
Ep 1 : Lemurians

Ep 1 : Lemurians


Thanks for checking out my very very first episode! Today we'll be doing a quick chat about Lemurians! Who they are, where they came from, and more. This is the first time ever doing something like this, so it'll get better. I promise. I hope. Yes. Let me know what you think, and please share any ideas, feedback, or whatever so I can make this your new favorite podcast. 
Coming soon from an awkward Midwesterner living in LA, it's the Sincerely Questionable podcast! I'll cover a bit of all things weird from real people to unreal events. First episode should be coming in the next few weeks.  Please let me know any topics you'd like to hear!
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