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Author: Tim Herriage

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The Real Investing Show is a daily podcast designed to answer your real estate investing questions. Welcome to the real investing show with Tim Herriage. Each day, we’ll provide real investing for everyday investors. Tim is a nationally recognized real estate investing expert, podcast host and public speaker. He built his businesses from the ground up and is here to help you do the same.
72 Episodes
Got any leads?

Got any leads?


Brandon writes: How do I start finding leads for my first deal?
Do I need an LLC?

Do I need an LLC?


Aiden writes: How should my real estate company be structured?
Kristina writes: What are the best tax benefits associated with real estate investing?
Erica writes: What marketing campaigns are best for new investors?
Natalie writes: Which is the best exit strategy for my real estate goals?
What is an ARV?

What is an ARV?


Rudy writes: What does After Repair Value mean?
Jeff writes: Do I need a real estate license as an investor?
Jonathan: How do I finance the first real estate deal I find?
Mike writes: How Can You Take Advantage of Your Next Opportunity with a Private Money Lender?
I am finishing up a trip to the Boardroom Mastermind by Kent Clothier. I wanted to share my thoughts after hanging around with hundreds of entrepreneurs for the last 3 days.
Shirley writes: How Can I Maximize My Investment Property Profits?
How should I market?

How should I market?


Max writes: What are the Most Effective Marketing Campaigns for New Investors?
Jacque writes: Does Investing in Real Estate Result in Potential Tax Benefits?
Alex writes: How Does One Determine the Value of an Investment Property?
William writes: Is Getting a Real Estate License as an Investor Necessary?
Eddie writes: Do you think the mortgage demand dropping to a 22 year low is significant to the market that is still considered a high demand housing market?
Kenneth Writes: How might a possible economic collapse (real estate and banking) in China affect the real estate market in the United States?
I almost forgot this today. It's embarrassing. I've just had a lot going on. I wanted to make sure I lived up to my example, and ultimately, that is my message to you!
Glenn writes: Do you think with recession, interest rates rising, etc. one should off load/assign instead of fix and flip? Ideally if I were to fix and flip, I would want this one to hit the market in March of next year. Thanks in advance
Jennifer writes: How do I decide what I should list my house for, if I want it to sell fast?