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What can we learn from the two blind men that Jesus healed? What did Jesus see about their faith?
As Jesus was heading to raise the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue, a woman with a flow of blood for 12 years touches the hem of His garment. Jesus tells her that she was healed because of her faith. What lessons can we learn from her faith?
There will be times in our lives where we will fail. How do we respond to those failures?
In Matthew 9, a paralytic is brought to Jesus. He had great friends that helped him to the only person who could heal him. What lessons can we learn from this story?
When things are dark, we are to let our lights shine. Are we letting our lights shine?
When the storm raged around them, Jesus' disciples had little faith. What lessons can we learn from them?
In Matthew 8, Jesus comments about the great faith of a centurion. What made his faith great? What lessons can we learn?
What is the origin of the church? What does it mean when we say we follow the New Testament example?
Are we filled with the Holy Spirit? What does that mean? How does the Holy Spirit work today?
Luke Capps - Baptism

Luke Capps - Baptism


Is baptism necessary to be saved? Why do we place so much emphasis on it?
Does God care how we worship Him? What if we are sincere? Does God accept all worship?
Does it matter how the church is organized? Can a church be pleasing to God without elders and deacons?
What is the church authorized to do? Can we justify anything by saying it is a good work?
Does it matter how we become Christians? While the answer from the world may vary, what does God's word say?
What are some things in the scriptures that are sent forth from God?
TJ Smith - Struck Down

TJ Smith - Struck Down


We love stories of individuals overcoming and winning. As Christians, do we ever feel as if we are outnumbered? That Satan is winning?
TJ Smith - Persecuted

TJ Smith - Persecuted


Do you ever feel alone or abandoned? Satan is doing everything he can to isolate us so that we are easy targets. He wants us to feel forsaken. But God has promised to never forsake us!
TJ Smith - Perplexed

TJ Smith - Perplexed


In 2nd Corinthians 4:8-10, Paul states that he is perplexed, but not in despair. Do we ever feel as if we are in despair?
In 2nd Corinthians 4:8-10, Paul describes the problems he faces. Do we ever feel the same way?
What are some things that can hinder our zeal for God?
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