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Author: Tom Harris

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Unconventional Ideas for Professional Services Solopreneurs.
20 Episodes
There's a lot of noise and confusion generated by all the speakers, authors, coaches, info-marketers and other assorted gurus who are screaming at you about how simple and easy it is to become phenomenally successful in business with little or no effort on your part -- IF you'll just buy their book or course or coaching program.  But you'll occasionally find people who are willing to tell you the truth about business and entrepreneurship.  I am one of those people.
I am often asked where the “contrarian entrepreneur” concept came from. In case you missed episode 002, I am herein revisiting the characteristics of the “contrarian” entrepreneur.
01 – Duplication Is Not Creation   02 – Don’t Be Part of the Crowd   03 – 10 Things Successful People Never Do Again   04 – Keep Marketing Forever   05 – Begin Your Website Plan with the PAMAP Process   06 – Upcoming Episodes
"The Times They Are a-Changin" wrote Bob Dylan in 1964.  And they were changing then.  And they're changing today.  But much more and much faster.  What will change in the next 10 years?  Better question: what will NOT change in the next 10 years?  What new things will appear?  What existing things will diminish or disappear completely?  How are we supposed to deal with all this change?  
What is a "free agent"? Why would you want to become one? What are the potential benefits and the potential dangers? This is part of my personal story, and what I learned just might be very useful in your story.
01 – The Romanticizing of Entrepreneurship   02 – Your Most Important Business Resource   03 – Marketing is Finding   04 – Your Website Is in Second Place   05 – The Search for Ideas Must Never End   06 – Upcoming Episodes  
01 - Money | Meaning | Freedom   02 - Nobody Can Motivate You   03 - Clean Out Your Prospect Funnel  
01 – Forget About Success -  02 – The Status Quo Will Soon Be Gone. -  03 – You must be VMM. -  04 – Upcoming Episodes
01 - Stop - Keep - Start -  02 - Play-Doh? -  03 - Creating Anxiety -  04 – Upcoming Episodes
01 – Don’t Sell Them What They Want -  02 – Wow, I never thought about it… -  03 – Don’t Do That -  04 – 4 Reasons Why a Bad Website… -  05 – Upcoming Episodes
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