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Author: Buy New Zealand Made - Ryan Jennings

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Listen to uniquely Kiwi stories from people contributing to New Zealand's future. Hosted by Ryan Jennings Chief Executive at Buy New Zealand Made Group.
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In this episode I speak with accidental entrepreneur (her words) Stacia Jensen, who has started a sustainability revolution in the kitchen thanks to her beeswax wraps. Stacia shares the origin story of how LilyBee Wrap got started in Hawke's Bay and the passionate community she has built around her products. We also talk about what it means to becoming a B Corporation, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. These businesses are required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and of course the environment. While for many businesses these requirements may seem onerous, Stacia sees it as both the right thing to do, being part of a movement of people using business as a force for good. Something we can all consider. Let's take a listen. LINKS MENTIONEDLilyBee WrapCertified B CorporationKEY TIMESTAMPS3 mins 1 sec The origin story of LilyBee Wrap. 5 mins 48 secs What a B Corp organisation offers and why Stacia wanted the B Corp certification from the start.7 mins 55 secs Being a purpose driven company. 9 mins 51 secs The LilyBee community and why Stacia believes eco-products should be accessible to everybody. 12 mins 52 secs The LilyBee ethos that the product must work as well as the alternative. 15 mins 21 secs The surprising uses for LilyBee wrap. 
In this episode I speak with Sean Wood, owner at Creative Kitchen & Interiors. Sean's team of cabinet makers is unusual in that they continue to make kitchens and furniture the traditional way - by hand. If you love tradition, you'll fall in love with Sean's shaker style kitchens. Sean also shares how they work with clients, as well as what he had to relearn after coming from the commercial sector. LINKS MENTIONEDCreative Kitchen & InteriorsKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 55 secs The individuality you get with hand-making cabinetry techniques that you don't get with CNC machines. 6 mins 37 secs The two most important rooms in the home. 7 mins 45 secs Contemporary vs trends and the shaker style kitchen. 9 mins 5 secs What attracted Sean to purchase the business five years ago.10 mins 15 secs The habit Sean had to re-learn when moving from commercial to residential projects. 14 mins 15 secs The hard part with cabinetry work, when clients change their mind. 16 mins 22 secs The personal relationship that grows around making the kitchen from day one.20 mins 28 secs What it takes to make a career in cabinet making.22 mins 25 secs What the apprenticeship scheme to become a qualified tradesman isn't working. 26 mins 53 secs Reducing waste out of the business and why the biggest cost is wasted time. 28 mins 52 secs Listening to the client. 31 mins 10 secs Making everything in-house from veneers, lacquers and timbers means full ownership until the client is happy. 33 mins 10 secs Servicing multiple generations of family kitchens. 40 mins 25 secs Sean's favourite recent tool purchase (and why the antique tools section on TradeMe is a pro-tip). 
In this episode, Ryan speaks with Rheem Marketing Manager Brian McFarlane on New Zealand's need to train up plumbers for the demand in housing, what you need to know about gas vs electric systems and his plans to bring back the catchy classic 'Install A Rheem' jingle!LINKS MENTIONEDRheem product selector Master Plumbers Information for apprentices:Apprenticeship Training Trust Masterlink   KEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 35 secs Rheem's history and accommodation low and high pressure hot water systems in New Zealand for the last 50 years. 6 mins 55 secs Balancing growing the install base with managing the existing base of customers. 10 mins 37 secs Gas vs electric systems and why electric might be the greener option. 18 mins 58 secs What specifiers and installers need to know and the closeness of the plumbing community. 20 mins 35 secs Getting enough plumbers for New Zealand's needs. 25 mins 25 secs Some of the big products Rheem does for unique hot water needs like universities and hospitals. 29 mins 41 secs Install a Rheem ad and the marketing focus of Rheem on 2020. 33 mins 25 secs Why most people don't think about Rheem hot water cylinders, because once it's installed it works for decades. 36 mins 59 secs Why Brian joined Rheem after moving to New Zealand from South Africa. 41 mins 15 secs The experience, knowledge and culture at Rheem. ASK A QUESTIONIf you have a question about this episode or business and marketing in general, that you'd like answered on next weeks show, click on the link in the show notes and record your question. Ask a Question on A Kiwi Original (record via laptop/desktop)
This week I talk with Richard Kettle about his new innovation that gets more wool off a sheep back and why that matters more than ever as wool experiences a renaissance. Richard recently visited a merino farmer that supplies the global merino brand Icebreaker and his reaction to this breakthrough technology was astounding.Richard and I actually go back a few years, because he also runs the Birchleigh Polo Club and let me have a go a few times on one of the more gentle horses in his stable. What I've always admired about Richard is how he's always looking to improve things for the animal. That phrases 'animal welfare' is something that Richard imbues into the products that Animal Health Direct supply to farmers via nationwide retailers. In this episode, we go deep on one single invention that takes a single on farm activity and transforms it into one that gives farmers more wool for their effort. While that hasn't been the priority for some time with depressed wool prices, that's recently changed. I hope you enjoy this chat with entrepreneur, innovator and Animal Health Direct CEO, Richard Kettle. 3 mins 30 secs The problem with existing sheep identification spray markers getting in to the fibre of the wool. 6 mins 54 secs Why sheep need to marked in the first place.10 mins 51 secs Why Richard decided to solve this problem and the lightbulb moment that came from the problem with road accident marking. 13 mins 48 secs What this quality means for the wool industry and how it will be identified. 15 mins 45 secs How Richard intends to get farmers to accept this new breakthrough technology and the barriers to adoption.  20 mins 30 secs What the broader Animal Health Direct business creates animal welfare solutions for sheep and beef farmers in New Zealand. 22 mins 28 secs The competing multinationals and how Animal Health Direct competes in New Zealand. 24 mins 50 secs Settling ponds that produce clean water, no smell to be compliant with what councils and government wants. 27 mins 29 secs Richard's view about being in business and what it means to be out on his own in agriculture. 29 mins 13 secs The Fadeaway 400mL and 200mL product sizing and pricing. 30 mins 15 secs Why merino farmers are switching to Fadeaway for premium wool 
Flexo transforms two dimensional brick play with Lego into a three dimensional canvas. Mark shares the light bulb moment and Elizabeth shares what it meant for her. This is a truly magic chat with two inventors, passionate about the possibilities this brings to young minds. Every teacher should listen to this and get Flexo for their classroom. LINKS MENTIONEDFlexoFlexpert setKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 15 secs Investing in IP, the investment that's required and deciding whether to licence to an expert in distribution or going it alone. 3 mins 40 secs The fixed brick industry and why Flexo's strategy enhances the fixed brick industry dominated by Lego. 4 mins 34 secs Why can't we make brick construction flexible? ...and the lightbulb moment at a physiotherapist session and what an olympic athlete brought to the idea.7 mins 18 secs Think and build anything - what the invention made possible for Lego nights with Flexo. 8 mins 10 secs When Ryan first realised the true potential of Flexo. 9 min 52 secs What the Lego shows taught Elizabeth and Mark.13 mins 1 secs Creating in three dimensional space and how it's different from two dimensions. 15 mins 25 secs What the community brings to Flexo and creating a WOW dress using 42,000 pieces. 20 mins 25 secs Why innovation takes time to win over the market and the six decade journey for Lego that relies on STEM and an educational journey. 24 mins 52 secs Partnerships and international marketplaces to grow the Flexo marketplace including the 'Funraising' Flexo product pack into schools. 34 mins 5 secs What advanced Lego makers think of Flexo. 39 mins 47 secs Where Flexo is available, the retail model and getting Flexo known with kids.47 mins 10 secs The experience of getting the Flexo Inventor set. 56 mins 31 secs What the toymakers say and what makes great people and the ability to play and adapt and go through pain and learning to achieve mastery. 
Today on the show I'm joined by CoGo Founder and CEO Ben Gleissner to talk sustainable living made easy. Ben talks about the purpose of the CoGo app and the potential impact for global behavioural change that's good for people and for business. CoGo is a company going places with a real-time carbon footprint tracker that connects what your good intentions are to your *actual* actions through open banking.GET THE APP Download CoGo appAdd Your Business To CoGoKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 48 secs What matters to Kiwis and how CoGo motivates towards good behaviours like waste minimisation, supporting community initiatives and shopping local.3 mins 58 secs 70% of people want to support and buy New Zealand made products. 4 mins 24 secs Ben's origin story and Ben's observation on what changes behaviour. 7 mins 12 secs The purpose of the CoGo app and how it works.11 mins 56 secs The evolution in CoGo in the last 5 years, removing friction and the opportunities that open banking enables. 15 mins 2 secs Ryan sharing his experience using CoGo and the insights that users can expect.19 mins 1 secs Behavioural change and why it's difficult and how CoGo is overcoming it. 25 mins 15 secs The CoGo unique approach to promoting the businesses who use its platform.27 mins 12 secs SCOOP: The plan to exit the company - and why the people who use the platform are key to it.31 mins 15 secs The international growth strategy and the investment path to make it happen. 36 mins 45 secs We talk about connecting CoGo with NZMade. 41 mins 19 secs The CoGo team of 37 and growing. 
I'm joined by Marleen Suy also known as 'Mrs Pete' at New Zealand beverage company  Pete's Natural. Marleen shares the importance of looking after the local community first, their commitment to New Zealand fruit growers and what it's been like to lead the low sugar beverage movement from early 2010. BONUS We also discuss how bars could up their cocktail game by building a drink on a better base.LINKS MENTIONEDPete's Natural - Mixed Crate2 mins 10 secs The inspiration of the Pete's branding. 4 mins 38 secs The first flavour and the origin story of Pete's Lemonade. 5 mins 21 secs Why choosing local fruits grown in New Zealand. 6 mins 25 secs Where fruit is sourced, citrus from top of the south, limes, lemons and ginger from Kerikeri, Gisborne and Hawke's Bay. 7 mins 25 secs Choosing flavours that Kiwis will love and leading trends.9 mins 52 secs The shift towards healthier drinks and using natural fruit to get the sweetness in a drink.11 mins 3 secs The domestic opportunity and exporting into Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand. 12 mins 2 secs What Fair Trade @ Home means. 14 mins 50 secs Why bars should be choosing a higher quality cocktail mixer base and how you can get Pete's Lemonade delivered at your home. 17 mins 38 secs The sustainability focus applied to bottling, ingredients, suppliers and production.19 mins 1 secs How Pete and Marleen came to live in New Zealand. 20 mins 52 secs Growing on a shoestring and the positive change since Covid. 23 mins 22 secs Deciding to move away from the Food Shows in favour of direct to consumer social media and emails.26 mins 10 secs The importance of NZ Made and supporting local for the community. 29 mins 15 secs The shift to setup their own bottling line, doing unique flavour trials and opening up the bottle line to new drinks producers. 31 mins 2 secs Collaboration within the drinks industry. 
Mike Cook | Qtraca 073

Mike Cook | Qtraca 073


Food manufacturers, growers and orchardists all have compliance and a lot of cost savings can be made moving to a digital environment. That's where Mike Cook and Qtraca come in. Qtraca helps manufacturers better optimise production processes including proactive monitoring of equipment. A must listen for New Zealand manufacturers. LINKS MENTIONEDQtraca SoftwareKEY TIMESTAMPS3 mins 17 secs What QTraca delivers for manufacturers who do production runs in a factory floor environment.4 mins 47 secs The origin story of QTraca. 6 mins 7 secs QTraca enables businesses to digitise your forms and processes rather than force a business into a new way of working. 8 mins 5 secs Going from digitising familiar forms to traceability and inventory management.  12 mins 16 secs The simple learning curve that has seen customers progress beyond getting it up and running. 15 mins 32 secs How digitising forms transforms manufacturing from reactive to proactive based on setting up alert fields. 19 mins 5 secs Subscription based pricing. No contract. 20 mins 18 secs The first customer. 22 mins 5 secs Automated temperature monitoring, pH monitoring, humidity monitoring, current monitoring on machinery to sense machinery stress.23 mins 50 secs The opportunity for computer vision and AI in manufacturing.26 mins 40 secs A case study of processing job applicants for orchardists digitally instead of using paper.  29 mins 6 secs Getting started with Qtraca software. 
Today I speak with Chris Hilder the inventor and chief programmer of Kaffelogic - a home coffee roaster to get the perfectly roasted beans for your morning brew.Chris believes that we will all eventually roast our own beans at home, as a natural progression for those who currently buy coffee beans. A NZ Made home appliance in 2020? Chris makes it sound easy. LINKS MENTIONEDKaffelogicKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 6 secs The layers of the home bean roasting market. 4 mins 58 secs The green coffee bean and the history of coffee roasting. 9 mins 25 secs Controlling through the roast process when coffee will be at its best to drink.11 min 9 secs What coffee roasters think of Kaffelogic. 12 mins 2 secs Getting into roasting your own coffee beans in the home, the 12 roasting profiles available in the Kaffelogic machine and why altitudes matter to bean density and roast times. 15 mins 4 secs The exporting reach of Kaffelogic across 20 countries and the sharing of information online about the product and the challenge of getting Kaffelogic in to the mainstream. 17 mins 50 secs From hobby project to commercialisation with the manufacturing done locally in Dunedin, New Zealand. 20 mins 15 secs A low point in the inventors journey. 23 mins 15 secs When Kaffelogic joined NZCode and the layers to the software. 26 min 37 secs Where to see the Kaffeelogic working and purchase. 28 mins 27 secs Creating a New Zealand Made appliance. 
This is an amazing New Zealand software story by three sisters and their Mum. We talk about about how Shebiz got started, the gender challenges back in the 1980's in technology and how the family have adapted and grown their business with a repositioning to a digital first approach in 2020. GUESTSLisa Wardill - SheBiz ProgrammerJacqui Lowe - SheBiz Digital MarketingLeonie Patrick - SheBiz Marketing & Lead Generation Jenny - SheBiz Founder (currently retired) LINKS MENTIONEDSheBiz SoftwareKEY TIMESTAMPS3 mins 50 secs Getting a shearing audience in front of the PayBiz product through shearing conferences in NZ/Australia and what happened in 2020.4 mins 35 secs The difficulties of getting in front of stock brokers. 5 mins 37 secs Jacqui talks about digital marketing in 2020, how the worlds changed and what SheBiz is doing make sure they're digitally prominent.  8 mins 1 secs Jenny shares the origin story of SheBiz three decades earlier and what got her started opening up a computer shop in Gore. 11 mins 45 secs Expanding the team through the family and local software partners.12 mins 47 secs How Lisa learnt software coding during the Christchurch earthquakes and rewrote the software. 14 mins 12 secs The gender barriers starting the business.16 mins 20 secs The double entry accounting problem with Xero and MYOB and why industry specific software continues to address the industry complexities. 17 mins 42 secs The life of a livestock agent. 20 mins 7 secs Doing keyword research so that SheBiz can appear on organic search results. 21 mins 46 secs The types of customers who work with SheBiz.24 mins 52 secs The comprehensive reporting that the big companies rely on for commission reports, agent performance, animal types and budgeting. 27 mins 48 secs The pricing model. 30 mins 30 secs The best time of year to transfer across to SheBiz.31 mins 48 secs Getting a remote demo and training from SheBiz anywhere in New Zealand. 34 mins 5 secs Joining New Zealand Made. 36 mins 8 secs The support you'll get. 
Dean Welten shares how their Everlink software helps manage the diesel fuel needs of heavy transport and logistics operators throughout New Zealand. With over 100 million litres in flow at any given time, it's no small feat, however Dean already has his eye on Australia. This is a company in growth mode who are hiring right now. LINKS MENTIONEDEverlink - Diesel Fuel Management SystemsKEY TIMESTAMPS4 mins 8 secs The business problems that Everlink products solves to manage 100 million litres of fuel in New Zealand. 5 mins 45 secs Designing products that work 24 hours a day that rely on self diagnostics for self healing systems. 9 mins 55 secs What's different about the commercial fuel market, filling bulk tanks that fill engines for heavy transports.11 mins 55 secs Real time tracking of fuel data that helps businesses plan their fuel needs and helps Everlink update their NZ Code software remotely.15 mins 30 secs Technology that's adaptable to 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and satellite. 16 mins 31 secs The Everlink NZ Code headquarters. 17 mins 3 secs Everlink is hiring and what you'll need to when you come in and what you'll need to learn. 22 mins 25 secs Dean's origin story. 25 mins 28 secs How Dean's dyslexia condition transformed into a superpower.30 mins 34 secs Balancing working hard on your passion with leading a team.32 mins 33 secs The importance of NZ Code to Everlink. 36 mins 3 secs The growth from the Australian market and how closed borders have required Everlink to adapt. 38 mins 2 secs The future beyond diesel, alternative energy management and the software that will drive the future of liquid technology monitoring. 39 mins 58 secs Managing New Zealand's water resources through technology. 43 mins 45 secs How sales have grown for Everlink and the importance of product demos. 
Every so often we look back on what's been said over the course of the show.In this A Kiwi Original supercut we share some of the quotes by this years guests about NZMade. If you've been considering joining the NZ Made Group, we're taking the last applications for 2020 over the next week.Make an application
Jessica Manins is Co-Founder of social VR and gaming company, Beyond. Yes VR technology is ready. New Zealand has an opportunity to build out virtual gaming worlds using much of the same talent that got our film sector started. And it's not just for fun. Business can adopt VR too.LINKS MENTIONEDBeyondKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 45 secs Where Virtual Reality is at now in 2020. Hint: It's ready.4 mins 35 secs Why VR is immersive in a way that game boxes can't compete. 5 mins 51 secs Steam VR users went up a million on the launch of half life Alex.6 mins 15 secs Starting a VR business coming from a film and theatre background to ensure the experience can be brought alive by the technology through the animators, artists and modellers. 6 mins 53 secs The crossover between New Zealand films and New Zealand games and why Wellington is placed to take advantage of it.8 mins 6 secs Why the VR engines like Unreal are vital to both New Zealand film and games industries. 8 mins 58 secs Being the main character and why it's like laser tag meets Dr Seuss!10 mins 15 secs The best way to try VR for yourself through the Beyond game Oddball.11 mins 5 secs What people say after experience virtual reality. 12 mins 46 secs The Quest 2 standalone headset that will increase VR accessibility further. 13 mins 33 secs How businesses could use VR for virtual conferences and education to be in the same room.16 mins 25 secs How virtual reality has helped Kiwis get up close with the Treaty of Waitangi, VR for therapeutics and whether its ready for VR tourism. 18 mins 18 secs The Spark 5G starter fund that Beyond has won including early access to their 5G lab.20 mins 31 secs Hiring new talent in VR and the search for Unreal engine game developers.22 mins 55 secs What to study to get into VR gaming including game development, media design and computer science. 26 mins 7 secs Jessica's vision for investing in New Zealand's creative IP while we can work with each other in a way that many overseas countries can't. 28 mins 15 secs The challenges that Covid has brought in 2020 for Beyond.
Today I speak with Nathan Roper from paving company Horizon International. Every product tells a story, even the paving stones under our feet in 90% of New Zealand's cities thanks to Horizon International. Nathan got started in the paving business young, thanks to his Dad. Now they're supplying pavers to Australia and beyond.LINKS MENTIONED TIMESTAMPS2 mins 24 secs 3,000 square metres of paving going into K Road in Auckland and what goes into designing the built environment. 3 mins 30 secs Getting longevity out of pavers4 mins 5 secs The investment they made that transformed the pavers that Horizon could make in New Zealand. 5 mins 35 secs What it takes to make a thousand pavers a day and what it means for New Zealand local councils, builders and specifiers. 6 mins 25 secs The Taupo examples - sourcing local aggregate from a region in NZ and making pavers to return back to the same area.7 mins 21 secs Exporting pavers into Australia and the Pacific Islands. 9 mins 15 secs The difference between imported stone and NZ Made stone and when a blend is recommended. 10 mins 1 secs Paving Craggy Range winery. 13 mins 45 secs Landscaping as a way to get a return on your property investment, choosing a paver colour and picking the right paver size. 15 mins 49 secs How Nathan got into paving from a young age in the family business. 18 mins 3 secs The beauty that comes with paving and why 90% of Kiwi towns rely on paving from Horizon International.18 mins 57 secs Looking for local options for local and central government procurement. 21 mins 45 secs Why it can pay off to source your pavers from a company that has a nationwide network of installers.  
Shanan Holm is Executive Director and CTO at iQualify, a learning management system that helps subject matter experts create engaging courses that deliver outcomes.We cover the origin story of iQualify and why its Open Polytechnic roots gave it a unique lens to address learner needs and how Shanan and their team balances development priorities when deciding what to code next. We also discuss how iQualify helps organisations commercialise intellectual property in a scalable consulting model and why that could be the next big thing according to Shanan.LINKS MENTIONEDLearning Management System iQualifyAsk a question on the A Kiwi Original podcastKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 40 secs SaaS learning platform designed for anyone to create courses to training in front of learners.5 mins 38 secs Customers using iQualify from Open Polytechnic for vocational education, tertiary education, distance learning organisations, secondary schools and business departments such as HR. 7 mins 51 secs How do you take subject matter experts through a process where a quality course is created and a learning outcome is delivered. 9 mins 45 secs Bite sized chunks of learning that deliver business productivity. 11 mins 42 secs Figuring out what employees need and delivering top-up learning as its needed.14 mins 42 secs The LMS ecosystem and how the Open Polytechnic angle gave iQualify them a unique perspective on course learning and learners.18 mins 44 secs Balancing priorities. Shipping code on the daily and prioritising new feature updates with a third based on real customer data usage, a third on customers that didn't convert and a third from what next years market might need. 21 mins 29 secs Enabling people to create a business around what they know.23 mins 51 secs How intellectual property could be undervalued and why it could be something to commercialise via a scalable elearning consulting model. 26 mins 5 secs What iQualify did to help organisation by letting them using iQualify for free during Covid.28 mins 36 secs Remote first tooling for teams and why video is always on by default.
Beany started with Sue's vision to halve the cost of accounting for Kiwi business owners through technology. Now with over 1,000 Kiwi businesses on the books, the Beany team have created their next piece of software magic with 'Wealthier' - a Xero Integration that enables you to set goals that promise to make you (and your business) a whole lot better off.Sue is joined on this podcast by CTO John Curtis and CMO Ryan Judd as we cover a range of topics including the Beany service bundle, the future of open banking and the potential for automated advisory services. LINKS MENTIONEDBeany Wealthier KEY TIMESTAMPS3 mins 15 secs Halving the cost of accounting to business owners through technology. The idea that started Sue's vision for Beany. 4 mins 18 secs Why John Curtis joined Beany as CTO.5 mins 19 secs How Ryan Judd attracts small business customers to Beany who are brand new to accounting. 6 mins 1 secs The Beany Wealthier tool. What it does and beyond Xero to provide business owners value. 7 mins 56 secs The experience through Covid as the demand for accounting skyrocketed so businesses could see their cash runway. 10 mins 3 secs Why Beany goes beyond financial statement, tax statements and GST returns to give real, actionable advice to their clients. 10 mins 49 secs The future of automated advisory with the help of machine learning. 12 mins 35 secs Open Banking in New Zealand, getting customers raw data, providing better insights from financial arrangements on top of it and creating a single financial dashboard across multiple banks.17 mins 42 secs Why you can't build a big company without technology.19 mins 36 secs Why Beany is looking for digital savvy customers. 21 mins 5 secs Scaling up high quality content.22 mins 9 secs Helping New Zealand businesses being more prosperous and the opportunity for us to help each through the software we code in New Zealand. 
Paul Burt is owner of CNX - an IT provider 'at the top of the south'.  Getting hacked is costing Kiwi businesses and the solution is simpler than you might think. Paul also shares what makes a good IT provider, hiring tech talent and the thrill he gets from seeing his customers thrive.LINKS MENTIONEDCyber securityCloud, hybrid and managed IT solutionsKEY TIMESTAMPS4 mins 13 secs How businesses are being impacted through compromised corporate credentials in 2020 at a business a week.7 mins 28 secs The global attack vector, a breach example and security you can put in place. 11 mins 55 secs Typical cloud, on-premise and private cloud IT configurations and why anti-virus, conditional access and two factor authentication are must haves as well as what you need to do to become a good Internet citizen. 14 mins 55 secs The place for automated alerting that is actually monitored with tasks actioned.19 mins 15 secs Hiring good talent from Nelson and why its more than just sunshine hours. 21 mins 25 secs New modern desktop technology that Paul and the CNX team are excited by.25 mins 50 secs How good IT providers is about understanding the business and seeing which parts of the business can be improved. 28 mins 9 secs The power of BI (business intelligence) for real time dashboarding and accurate trending analysis.  31 mins 35 secs The thrill Paul gets through seeing the difference that their technology implementations make to New Zealand businesses at the top of the south. 
Ash Razmi had an idea to create a dried meat product...then thanks to an American road trip down the west coast towards Vegas. That idea turned into his full time gig back in New Zealand just a year later thanks to a brilliant combination of his sales skills, his brothers marketing and branding help, and most importantly... the deliciousness of 100% beef jerky without all the additives and salt. LINKS MENTIONED:Get Bootleg Beef Jerky If you're wanting to break into the food and beverage scene in New Zealand, Ash shares his winning combination.KEY TIMESTAMPS:2 mins 12 secs The Bootleg Jerky origin story (Part I) and what makes great beef jerky. 5 mins 15 secs The trip from LA to Vegas and what happened next back in New Zealand. 8 mins 35 secs Selling at the local markets and online without a dollar on ads.9 mins 35 secs From the garage to a contract manufacturer and back to an MPI approved facility... in the garage!12 mins 21 secs Having his brothers digital marketing agency Powerhouse on board in the beginning and getting the brand and sales channels to look and feel the way Ash wanted (without any food background)16 mins 15 secs The Bootleg origin story (Part II).19 mins 13 secs Why beef jerky has had a rough history in New Zealand until now. 23 mins 2 secs Ash's selling skills, persistence and tenacity behind the companies growth towards 1,000 yes'es.25 mins 45 secs Juggling the day job. 27 mins 15 secs Joining Buy New Zealand Made. 33 mins 21 secs Supermarkets versus independent stores.
Gareth Innes is the General Sales Manager at EPL Group and on this episode we talk about innovative polymer solutions. We talk about New Zealand's capability to innovate. EPL is a science led manufacturer and why that matters more as waste stewardship becomes a requirement on agriculture and manufacturing. LINKS MENTIONEDhttps://www.eplgroup.comKEY TIMESTAMPS2 mins 35 secs The origin story of Elastomer Products Limited.4 mins 34 secs Why 90% of design is centred around what the customer needs including concept design, material design, die design5 mins 45 secs Interesting business problems that EPL has solved and the EPL innovation cupboard!8 mins 15 secs EPL Case studies including how Resene makes things better for their customers through idea iteration that results in innovation. 10 mins 4 secs How New Zealand can compete globally by developing an innovation ecosystem approach within New Zealand. 10 mins 47 secs Why Gareth got into elastomer products. 12 mins 15 secs The innovation coming out of Christchurch. 12 mins 38 secs The interruption of supply chains and people bringing production back to New Zealand. 14 mins 42 secs Why New Zealand companies can do highly technical things on a shoestring budget that isn't possible internationally.15 mins 40 secs How the tendering processes are changing. 17 mins 45 secs The Covid curveball and what Gareth has learnt from this year. 19 mins 14 secs Polymers made out of biomass. 22 mins 56 secs Biodegradable vine clips so wineries don't end up with plastics in their vineyard.25 mins 17 secs The investment required.29 mins 18 secs The government papers on product stewardship and how this will affect a number of end of use lifecycle waste programmes. 29 mins 53 secs Creating a plant protector and the design process behind it that reduced 18% of the waste before manufacturing started. 35 mins 2 secs Managing the planets finite resources.38 mins 48 secs Making introductions. 41 mins 38 secs What Gareth can't talk about with contract manufacturing.  
Hi I'm Ryan Jennings and this is episode 61 of A Kiwi Original. Joseph Yip is CEO of AMS Advanced Management Systems and wants to see New Zealand create our own playbook for ways of working digitally. AMS has a broad range of workforce management, finance, rostering, HR, employee relations for large organisations that don't have the capacity to manage compliance complexities for big numbers of employees. In this episode we explore what digital transformation means and  what's possible for large government organisations to manage employee wellbeing across rosters, shifts while ensuring staff compliance on permitted work, health and safety, holidays acts. LINKS MENTIONED TIMESTAMPS2 mins 8 secs The profound changes of Covid and the shifts that the questions this raises for government agencies with digital transformation. 4 mins 43 secs Working from home the second time around in Auckland, the wellbeing risks vs the advantages.8 mins 38 secs Shifting the mental mindset to shift the technology to solve business problems. 10 mins 53 secs Keeping track of people with AMS and going beyond payroll.13 mins 3 secs Organisational design as a framework for managing large numbers of people including rosters, shifts that follows safe staffing with the right skills and permitted people doing the right things. 15 mins 15 secs Moments organisations decide to start working differently, such as a change in the Holiday's Act.18 mins 3 secs An AMS success story. 21 mins 8 secs Why AMS promotes remote working via their offices in Australia and the Phillipines.26 mins 55 secs Data sovereignty, privacy, security, compliance and New Zealand's personal data.28 mins 54 secs The journey of digital transformation. 34 mins 47 secs What's stopping New Zealand government from investing in New Zealand coded software. 38 mins 15 secs The key buyer of AMS software. 43 mins 13 secs What AMS looks for when hiring New Zealand talent.
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