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Author: Mentally Damaged

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Stories from Reddit, the internet, and social media read aloud in a comical way.
55 Episodes
three short choosing beggar stories
two short stories of entitled parents
two stories about choosing beggars
Stories of Apparently anything less than a $500/year commitment isn't good enough for Doctors Without Borders and CB cricket cards buyer
two choosing beggar stores about lending money to family and a sister that wants all the gifts
two short stories of choosing beggars
three stores of choosing beggars
two choosing beggar stories
a collection of short choosing beggar stories
two short stories about entitled parents
a longer episode about haggling for charity, a mechanic nearly not being paid, and some using moms medical fund to travel.
CB meets another CB, Coworker's sister wants her to plan her sons birthday and pay for it all, and I will never watch her dog again
two short stories about a free croissant & false shooter claim
a few short stories about choosing beggars demanding a dogs name get changed and refusing to work
a longer episode about a free vacation that isn't good enough, surfing lesson, and accidentally picking up a hooker.
a short episode about discount demands, puppy adopters, and someone who just cant wait in line.
Choosing beggar homeless person, another Karen, donate for proof of education
two choosing beggar stories
a short story about Bill and two stories of entitled parents
a collection of stories about entitles parents
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Courtney Valentino

I tried, I want to listen but the robot voice with the awful accent makes it impossible.

Jul 17th
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Courtney Valentino

the new voice is AWFUL!!!!Almost impossible to listen to/understand. This is unfortunate because I really do enjoy your content but the synthesized voice sucks.

Jul 14th
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