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Life is about the journey for now because the destination is in question. Let's talk about what we endure in our day to day existence ranging from social interactions to private reflections. This is for you if you're trying to find new ways to perceive life or gauging how similar our human experience is. Your mind is running miles and you wonder if your never-ending musings are natural. If it's okay to have thoughts where you try to break into the house of existence waiting for someone to say hello. Then you are exactly where you need to be. Here with us questioning everything.

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The question that you can never decisively answer is who am I? The latest ramblings of trying to figure out what it is that defines us as human beings and if there really is anything significant about being an individual. Are we individuals?
There is a motive to everything, a reason for something and absolute truth for nothing. That's the world we live in where we think we have a good grasp on reality but really we know nothing. This episode details what this podcast is about. It is a disclaimer reminding you to dig deeper into beliefs and what you consider is absolute truth. It discusses the many things about lifes facets we want to discover. It asks the questions we have no answers to. It asks you to question everything. 
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