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Team Fat Kid is a group of self-proclaimed culinary geniuses in the area of nothing. Hang out with Jason, Alex, and Dammit Dooley! Click the button! You know you want to!
201 Episodes
Our Alienware computer has buried its grave, the rodeo kicked our ass, we hops roulette and Dooley loses like a mother fucker with a stone beer! Also sometimes protesting doesn’t work out
We compared each others key rings, I don't know why, but Chase has some good ones. Whoopie Cushion Firecracker Farts..... Yeah That's a thing..
We talk about myths of bacon, Also we visited J&K Style Grill's Parking Lot Battle, we went out and supported the kids, future chefs of Virgina, and did you know you could buy elite Yelpers?
It's THURSDAY!! It's the Partycast!!! so we played some foodie trivia and we were pretty sort of good...sort of.. We revisit Chase's Taco Math but it didn't include Boot Strap Burts Hooch sauce which lit him up... Played some hops roulette and found out White Castle payed a man to eat nothing but White Castle for 3 months
So when you go to a certain type of store you should not expect to buy stuff they don't sell.. The Truck and the Boys got slaughtered this last week and a half and that is just the beginning. Jason wins Hops Roulette thanks to a tie breaker..
New Recording (draft)

New Recording (draft)


We talk about the Team Fat Kid winning of the Burger Battle with J&K Style Grill With Suprise guest of the battle. Have you ever had Mustard on Watermelon? Chase how you feelin about it?
New Recording (draft)

New Recording (draft)


We find out how old some food recipes and find out some old time recipes also, possibly making some of our own soon?
Dooley nails a beer and gets 3,000 points.... Then Dennis and Jason slap him in the face with a Flying Dog Beer.. Good job buddy, better luck next time.
we tried some spicy sauces from BootStrap Burt's which sent Chase to the corona of the Sun, The butcher brought snacks and we had some beers and played the game.. Dennis won hops roulette for once. We also found out that Lay's BBQ chips were the first seasoned chip in America...(Thank you history channel) and we also talked about the rising meat prices so don't panic buy!!
We recap Dennis's crazy last night at the restaurant. Chase goes into the stratosphere with his latest adventure in the Mini. Happy Memorial Day!
The food truck is going to be out this weeked so make sure to check it out. Dennis pulled a Dooley by being late on shots fired. We tried some more beers and then Chase says how much he misses pretzels on menus.. Fuck Sabarro!!
We introduce the new segment Chase's Mini Corner and get the latest updates on Chase's Mini.. Loren sends us a gift that is weird but edible. And we start a drinking game that you probably don't want to play while driving...
Alex gets his car back! Then we get Chase and Alex to debate which is harder powder, wax or butter?... We talked about Spam and how it has a museum and its FREE!
We play a round of Hops Roulette, We talk about chivalry and how gross Hankerchiefs are, and also what's your beef with turkey wings?
It’s Thursdays Partycast!!! Jason and the producer talk about almost getting kicked out of a restaurant and Dennis says about the time he almost got kicked out as well.. Alex gets the right guess on the Chef quote of the day and Hooters apparently created the Daytona style wings..
The computer crapped out so we go to the phone! Dennis hates making soup late night and Chase wants to be “buried” in his mini! Jason and Alex are mad at plastic wrap because it won’t stick to anything but it’s self. We had a couple of rounds of hops roulette and Dennis loves the dark beer!
We find each others favorite old cars, why isn't gorilla glue a hair spray yet? Why not flex seal?! That's A lot of Damage!
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