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A space for millennial women to discuss faith, politics, dating, sex, wellness, quantum physics, gender identity, heaven, name it without judgement.

"Christian" has a really icky taste to it now a days doesn't it?

Let's change that.

We're all trying to figure it out, why not do it together?

No scripture verses. No condemning. No regurgitation of doctrine. No BS.

Just straight girl talk and intelligent conversations to empower you to be your BEST self so you can wholeheartedly show up and serve the world.
18 Episodes
Suzy, a successful hairstylist in Orange County, had basically resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn’t ever find love, and that because she had such a fulfilling career & life otherwise, that was just fine. Patrick was in BioTech living in San Diego, when he found himself in a marriage with someone who was unfaithful (for the fourth time). Cut to a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette in the Fall of 2017 and a newly single Patrick and Suzy meet. Instant chemistry leads to a 12-hour hang-sesh and then marriage…with some hiccups along the way.   Patrick & Suzy Kil get real with us on this episode. We chat about the difficulties of navigating the dating scene, their early relationship, sex before marriage as Christians, cultural differences and even how Patrick decides to take Suzy’s last name once they got married. (That’s a killer story, by the way.)   Take a listen and when you’re done, head on over to their IG accounts to see more about this amazing couple.   @Bornbeautifulglam, @ItsMrsKil, @Mrkil19 & @thekilsexploreitall
Imagine being married and having 3 beautiful children. Then one day you find yourself Googling, “How do you know if you should get divorced?”    My guest (and friend) Kaylie Pierre, a mother of three kids under the age of five, found herself in that exact position. After falling madly in love quickly and having all the conversations about children and divorce and how it was never going to be an option for them, life happened. Kaylie gets candid about the changes that come with being married and a new mom; being ALL THE THINGS to ALL THE PEOPLE. How her relationship shifted and about that particularly bad fight that left her feeling that a choice needed to be made for not only herself, but her children.    She shares her story of past traumas and how she gained confidence through running her business.  Finding her voice again through her blog (The Diary of a Single Mom) and as a soon to be published author in a collaborative book (Diamond Mind, available on Amazon in June 2020).   To hear more from Kaylie check her out on Instagram @kaylie_and_hersquad or her blog
Do you have some ****ed up trauma from your past? Us too.    Cassandra Shuck, a serial entrepreneur and advisor, shares how she turned her neglective childhood, abusive marriage and infant loss into valuable assets for success in business and life.    From seriously considering suicide, to having an incredibly successful corporate career and how she left all that to help other women learn how to dissect their trauma and leverage it for their own personal power, Cassandra and I keep it real and share some laughs as well!    Cassandra uses her experiences to help women seek an authentic approach to recognizing their own strengths and how to make that work FOR them. This is a truly amazing episode!   Learn more about her:  Don’t know your Enneagram Type?
Former Navy sailor drops some f bombs while getting candid about bouncing between his parents’ faiths on Sundays; both of which made sense to him.  Over mimosas I chat with one of my best guy friends, Ryan about how his Christian Scientist Father reconciled his faith with prioritizing his life when faced with a serious illness. Most importantly, he discusses how his faith led him to live a life comfortable with questioning things and having a different outlook.
Gratitude, prioritization, themed days and more! Tips to implement into your routine so you beat the overwhelm and anxiety and instead yield productivity and clarity as you work from home.   For more info on mental health and COVID-19, visit:
So…you’re thinking of beginning a new relationship…or maybe you’ve just begun one.              But how do you go about it? How do you move from a “talking” stage into “I want to date you” stage? Today talk about ALL of the important parts about managing a new dating relationship; values, expectations and everything in between.
With COVID-19 rampant, how are we called to live and serve?   We’re NOT to be afraid.    We discuss 3 key ways we’re called to live and remind you of God’s empowerment and vision for us.    A time of crisis is an opportunity to rise up. To live by faith and not fear; to be the light shining onto society.    We go over what navigating your faith requires during a time of crisis and hopefully bring you peace of mind and heart as we endure this stressful time!   Remember to check these guys out on IG!   @lifechurch @mosaicchurch @churchhome @elevationchurch
Ugh…breakups!  When you’re in the thick of it, it feels like there is nothing worse and your love life is in complete shambles.  All of the fears and insecurities you have about yourself are suddenly 100% accurate and you’re spiraling out. OR you’re the opposite and operate from a “Old boyfriend…who dat!?” kind of place.  Let’s be honest…neither of those are SUPER healthy ways of looking at things.  In Episode 11, learn how to take a look at your breakups from a different angle!  How to get really honest about the relationship and what parts both you and your partner played.  How to show empathy even when you’re incredibly hurt or angry. Most importantly, how to show up in the breakup as your BEST SELF.  Finally, remember…everything will be okay!
In this episode we’ll talk to Business Owner, Wife, Fur-Momma & Fellow Podcaster Chrystal Rose.  Chrystal gets candid about her journey with her own faith and how something said by a family member at a very young age shaped her relationship with God (“The Universe”). We’ll talk about commitment and relationships (the good and bad) and the life she has built with her NASCAR Pit Crew hubby, including all the compromises that come along with that.  We discuss the decision to NOT have babies & the negative stereotyping that comes with that. She gives us honest and vulnerable insights about her businesses and the crossroads you can find yourself at as an entrepreneur.  You can find Chrystal on Instagram at And check out her boutique at We’ve covered a lot in this one guys.  Enjoy!   *If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship it’s important to reach out for help.  You can learn more about Crystal’s experience here:
What is white privilege? What's our duty to understand it and how does it play into racism?  Megan Nevels, an assistant Education Director at a leading anti-hate organization, joins me to discuss tangible ways to better "see" privilege in action and make steps in our lives to become more understanding and inclusive in our world.  Megan shares her experience of being a white woman, growing up in Inglewood a predominantly black neighborhood in LA shaped her and how she truly came into awareness of her own privilege later in life while in grad school. She educates us on how white people can move from awareness of race and racism into actively being anti-racist, and inspires us all to help create a better world. Resources to further educate yourself on the topic: NY Times 1619 Project – 1619 Podcast with Nikole Hannah-Jones White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo So you want to talk about race by Ijeoma Oluo The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son by Tim Wise Tim Wise’s podcast – Speak Out Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson Equal Justice Initiative – Bryan Stevenson, National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria by Beverly Daniel Tatum (esp for teachers) Anything by James Baldwin The work of Jane Elliott (esp for teachers) Andrea Owen – Your Kickass Life podcast episode 112 “On race, privilege, and what we can do” 13th – Documentary by Ava Duvernay  
Nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend who’s been addicted to drugs or alcohol, yet we're never taught how we're supposed to deal with it. And especially in church culture and communities, addiction is plagued with shame, guilt, and secrecy.  In this episode, I share how my journey to dealing with a brother who is an addict and how I learned to view addiction as a disease---using cancer as a metaphor.  I dive into mental health and addicts longing for community and connection, and how to best approach loved ones going through it.  It's a topic close to my heart and I'm excited to share my experience in hopes it'll help you deal with the loved ones struggling with addiction too. 
Bravely sharing her first-hand account of rape, abortion and being an egg donor. Jordy's story is incredible and gives a different perspective on being a pro-choice Christian women. While the topic is heavy, we find ways to laugh. We dive into Catholic guilt, how politics focus on the wrong thing with abortion, and empathize with how non-believers might feel about faith.
Feminism and Christianity aren't usually used synonymously. What's this intersection of faith and values like for a millennial woman? We chat about why there aren't more female pastors, how we want men who have masculine energies but are willing to be equally matched, and how Jesus sexuality might have not been what most think....
Ever feel jealous of others faith? Ashley and I discuss how this non-traditional "Christian" made the decision to get baptized this past weekend and then we dive into her career change to help her family business.  We talk about boobs & boys and how this baptism affects her life moving forward....cause let's be real we're all trying to figure out what Jesus in our lives in 2019 looks like.  This episode is SUPER relevant to the girl feeling a little lost in her job, relationship with God and where to go next.  Can't wait for you to listen! 
Living your potential

Living your potential


Yeah it's easy to say "level-up" but how do we actually get there? We discuss living up to our potential and the freaking magic that occurs when we do.  Learn 3 things to start doing today to help you reach your potential and maximize the gifts and talents you've been given. 
You’re going to be OK, single babe.  In this episode, Lindsay and I talk about how to manage dating apps and communicate your faith without coming off as a legalistic prude but yet still attracting good men. Lindsay shares her quarter-life crisis about being bad at relationships & marriage despite only being 23 and single. I share how sometimes I feel weird NOT freaking out about being 30 and unmarried.  We dive into how to hit on boys at bars and why you need to get your ISH together before you start freaking out about not being married yet.
I think we’re not having the right conversations about faith.  I’m diving into why I decided to start this podcast and how I want to create a space for millennial women to discuss faith, politics, dating, sex, wellness, quantum physics, gender identity, heaven, name it without judgement. We're all trying to figure it out, why not do it together? No scripture verses. No condemning. No regurgitation of doctrine. No bullshit. Just straight girl talk && intelligent conversations. This is for the "spiritual" girl. This is for the girl who has a close relationship with God but hasn't found a church or religion to call home. This is for the agnostic or atheist girl looking to connect with like-minded women && learn intellectually why people believe in this "God" thing. At the end of the day, I want to see badass women like you empowered by what God's created you to be. I want you to be your BEST self so you can wholeheartedly show up and serve the world.
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