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The Hopefulist

Author: Wendy McClure

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Broadcast veteran Wendy McClure discusses how to turn negative thoughts into positive. Tips on how to live a happy, fulfilled life.
495 Episodes
What do you do when your back is against the wall?
Like nature we need to go through the cycles of life.
A little break from reality is good for the soul!
It's time to fight for our rights women!
Falling in love with the most important person in your life. YOU!
How to deal with the many distractions we have every day.
Why do we make ourselves so uncomfortable to avoid ire from other people? It's a lot!
Stop being such an old fuddy duddy! I think this is really loud! Sorry! Adjust your volume!
Stop the Shame! Ep.487

Stop the Shame! Ep.487


Stop shaming yourself in an attempt to make yourself the way you want to be.
The good and bad relationships in your life.
Fear often disguises itself as excuses!
Fixed vs. Growth mindset. Which do you have?
Stop taking things for granted and feel gratitude for all you have. Yes, it's much more than you think!
How you can go about changing your thoughts.
Stop the bully! Spread kindness and don't let people berate others in front of you.
Beauty is all around you....literally!
How are you doing on those goals?
Helping when loved ones lose a loved one.
How we start treating ourselves with kindness.
Why we are conditioned to have mistaken beliefs about ourself.
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