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Scott Jennings is the founder of Cheba Hut Toasted subs. Founded in 1998 in Tempe, AZ, the cannabis-themed sub franchise chain sells “blunt”-sized sandwiches with names like Chronic and Humbolt Dank. They have "Cotton Mouth Cures" drink menu as well. On this episode of the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, Jenning talks to editor-in-chief Jonathan Small about how the chain came to be, how he they have grown it over the years, and how they are managing the COVID-19 crisis.
Guest David 'Big Papi Ortiz' is three-time World Series Champion and former World Series MVP and a recent inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Now you can add cannabis entrepreneur to his long list of accomplishments. Papi Cannabis is a new line of premium cannabis products available in dispensaries across Massachusetts.
Guest ALLISON MARGOLIN a Los Angeles-based criminal defense and civil rights lawyer and one of the nation’s leading experts in cannabis licensing and law. She has a new book out called Just Dope: A Leading Attorney’s Personal Journey Inside the War on Drugs, which is part memoir and part argument for a commonsense approach to drug use and legalization.
Cannabis became recreationally legal in New Jersey four months ago. So how’s weed doing in the Garden State? To give us a perspective from the ground, we’re joined by Sharon Ali who is Regional General Manager, Mid Atlantic at Acreage.
THC-infused beverage company Cann celebrated a major milestone this month: 10 million cans sold. Co-founder Luke Anderson joins the podcast to give an emotional interview about how they grew the company so rapidly and what other cannabis companies can learn from their success.  
Many small cannabis companies dream about being acquired by a multi-million-dollar public company, but what if that dream becomes a nightmare? Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt lived through that harrowing experience, but rather than back down they took matters into their own hands. They are the Brooklyn-based duo behind Sackville & Co., a design-focused contemporary cannabis lifestyle brand. What happened to them offers valuable lessons into how to M&As in your own business.
Jones Soda is a well-known quirky craft soda company with drinks like Blue Bubblegum Cane Sugar Soda. Last April, the company launched Mary Jones in California, which includes cannabis-infused product lines of soda, syrup, and gummies. Bohb Blair, Chief Marketing Officer at Jones Soda, joins the pod to talk about why Jones got into the weed market, how they plan to stand out from the pack, and the state of cannabis-infused beverage industry
Pilgrim Soul is a purpose-driven cannabis company focused on creative performance. As part of their marketing effort, the company publishes Creative Thinking Journals to use when you’re high that have become runaway bestsellers on Amazon. Pilgrim Soul CEO and Co-founder Shawn Gold talks about how his unique purpose-driven approach to marketing, and how it can help other cannabis companies carve out a unique lane in an overcrowded industry.
Economists Robin Goldstein and Daniel Sumner have a fascinating new book out called CAN LEGAL WEED WIN?: The Blunt Realities of Cannabis Economics. Though extensive research, they argue that the legal weed business presents an economic conundrum—while nearly 40% of Americans can walk into a dispensary and purchase weed legally, many still buy it illegally. On the show, they talk about why legal weed is a mess, what we can do to save the legal weed industry, and how small business owners can survive.
Since its launch in 2019 in California, Jeeter has grown into bestselling preroll company in the U.S, with a $400 million revenue projected this year. Co-founders Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano join the show to talk about the five strategies they used to break through the pack and stand out.
Kim Myles is host of the lively new show High Design on Discovery Plus, in which she makes over dispensaries that could really use some freshening up. On the episode, she talks about her entrepreneurial journey from hair stylist to reality TV show winner to TV show and personality. She also shares her tips on how to transform your retail business to better serve your customers.
Almost a quarter of parents who have consumed cannabis in the past year haven’t talked to their kids about their cannabis use, according to a new Harris poll. Can you blame them? It’s a hard conversation. To give some pointers we’re joined by Danielle Simone Brand, the author of the book Weed Mom, and Rabbi James Kahn, who along with being Executive Director at Holistic Industries has written much about helping to normalize cannabis,
Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson Jr (aka Megatron played wide receiver for 9 illustrious years on the Detroit Lions. Now he’s embarked onon a new journey as a cannabis executive. Johnson is co-founder, along with Detroit Lions teammate Rob Sims, of Primitiv, a Michigan-based cannabis company that offers cannabis-based products, a branded line of merch, their first dispensary in Niles, Michigan.
Ketamine has been shown to treat depression, PTSD, and anxiety. In recent years, clinics have been popping up in cities across America and Canada. Guest Matt Stang is co-founder and CEO of Delic Corp, the largest infrastructure of psychedelic wellness clinics in the U.S. Matt started his career as an intern at High Times and rose up the ranks to be its owner. Now he’s embarking on a new journey in psychedelics such as ketamine. Here’s why he think ketamine is so powerful and his predictions for the future of the psychedelics industry.
Andreas “Dre” Neumann is Chief Creative Officer of Jushi, a publicly-traded MSO that includes retails locations, brands, and grow facilities. He is also a photographer who has shot such artists as the Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, and the Queens of the Stone Age. In fact, it was the latter that led him into the cannabis business. We talk to Dre about why this big advertising exec got into the cannabis business, and what advice he has to other creatives about branding.
As the cannabis market grows, so have the number of data technology companies offering brands business intelligence. Our guest today is Jeffrey Graham Co-Founder and CEO of Pistil Data. The company has built applications for salespeople at brands to that helps them identify the best-selling opportunities. Pistil recently closed a $6.5 million seed round led by Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde.
Warren Bobrow is a mixologist, chef, and writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer. He has written 6 books, including Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations. His latest venture is Klaus, which he calls “the finest terpene forward Craft cannabis cocktail in the world.” Bold words for sure, but Warren knows his cocktails and he uses only the finest ingredients. Here’s his take on the future of infused cannabis beverages.
Despite stigmas, Asian American and Pacific Islanders are making a big difference in the cannabis industry. On this episode, we’re joined by Eunice Kim, founder and CEO of HiVi, a digital cannabis product that matches people to the right cannabis products, and Judy Yee co-founder and CEO of K-Zen, a cannabis beverage company. They talk about why they got into cannabis and the challenges they’ve had to overcome.
Many executives in the cannabis industry will be heading to New York City this month for the MJ Unpacked conference from May 18 to 20—and not just to see Ghost Face Killah in concert. The event, only in its second year, offers a chance for cannabis CPG brands, retailers, and investors to make deals, network, and get excited about the NYC market. Guests George and Kim Jage are the founders of MJ Unpacked. They talk about why they started the event, what to expect, and their predictions for the legal cannabis biz on the east coast.
Guest Ben Larson is CEO of Vertosa, a cannabis company that creates active ingredients for infused products including its patented and patent-pending emulsion systems. Ben is also an outspoken critic of delta 8 and says he would never work with a delta 8 client.
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