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When Dmitry Dragilev drove cross country to silicon valley, he had no idea what was ahead. Today, he owns Just Reach Out and has helped countless entrepreneurs and businessmen streamline their PR  practices. He operates on a value-driven approach. In this episode, Dmitry discusses the birth of Just Reach Out, how his background in software engineering aided the process, and best practices for PR outreach.Support the show
Anna Crowe has had a whirlwind career in SEO and content marketing. And she's only getting started. In this episode, Anna shares what she's learned in her role as editor at Search Engine Journal and how she sees content evolving. Brad and Anna also discuss the challenges of the content writing world from finding talented writers to dealing with short-sighted clients.Support the show (
Elisa is the Content Director for Wordstream with a decade of industry experience under her belt. She leads the direction of content creation, staying ahead of trends and onboarding top talent to continually improve. In this episode, Brad and Elisa talk about everything from how to choose great freelance writers to evolving content strategies to the future of content marketingSupport the show (
With a background in academic psychology and a love for research, Benyamin Elias never pictured himself delving into the world of marketing. Yet he now serves as the Content Marketing Lead at Active Campaign, a customer experience automation platform. Since his start at Active Campaign, Benyamin has scaled the content team, overseeing explosive growth and spearheading data-backed campaign strategies. Ben utilizes his data analysis skills and knowledge of psychology as he leads a growing content team. In this episode, Brad and Ben discuss how Ben’s use of data has helped him obtain buy-in needed to grow his team, important metrics for optimizing content, streamlining communication among a large team, and more. Support the show (
Garrett Mehrguth is the CEO of Directive, a search marketing agency for enterprise brands that is continually innovating.  In this episode, Garrett breaks down his strategies for attracting top talent to Directive and explains the mutually beneficial relationship he has been able to create between the company and his employees.  Brad and Garrett discuss methods of thinking outside of the box when creating content and get into the inner workings of the content creation machine that Garrett has cultivated. Support the show (
As the head of marketing at Buzzsprout for five years and counting, Alban Brooke took the helm at the start of the podcast boom and built the Buzzsprout brand from the ground up. In this episode, Alban shares what marketing and content strategies took Buzzsprout from a little known platform with minimal market share to one of the most successful podcast hosting platforms available today. He also delves into the right mindset marketers should adopt when creating content and building an audience. Learn the dos and donts of podcast production in this can't miss episode! Support the show (
Gaetano DiNardi got his start in the music business producing tracks for the likes of Fat Joe, Shaggy, and more.His first marketing gig was with Mike King of iPullRank. From there, it was on to SEO at Pipedrive and marketing lead at Sales Hacker before they were acquired by Outreach.Post acquisition, Gaetano left to join Nextiva as Director of Demand Generation, where he applies the same content and SEO playbook he's perfected at each stop.Support the show
Andra Zaharia is an information security content marketer who started at Heimdal Security, before transitioning over to CyberGhost and later going out on her own.She created a content strategy and DA-topping links at Heimdal.At CyberGhost, she built out content teams that created and localized content for different countries around the world.And now, she's applying these lessons directly to clients.Support the show
Louis Grenier is the content lead at Hotjar, and the brains behind the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast.Here's how Louis has been able to humanize cold, nameless, and faceless web analytics at Hotjar with customer insight. And why he doesn't prepare a single question for guests before each podcast.Support the show (
We caught up with Tracey Wallace a few months ago while she was still the Editor-in-Chief at BigCommerce.Today, Tracey's gone on to serve as strategist and writer at 2PM (To Polymaths) and found eco-friendly pillow company, Doris Sleep. Here's how Tracey transitioned from journalism to content at startups, before going out and starting her own enterprise.Support the show (
Len Markidan is a problem solver. His life began as a marketing specialist in the political field, before transitioning into consulting and later running marketing at Groove.Now, as the CMO of Podia, Len leads a team to help creatives make money from their art. Here, he shares his journey, along with a few lessons along the way.Support the show (
Claire Suellentrop learned early on at Calendly that focusing on existing customers, instead of just acquiring new ones, is the best shot SaaS companies have at rapid growth.Since then, she's taken the same formula and applied it several times over for some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world.Here, Claire shares her firsthand experience and what it's been like teaming up with Georgiana Laudi to create Forget the Funnel and Elevate.Support the show (
Before was, they were Elastic Sales -- an outsourced sales company for startups. Steli Efti bootstrapped Close since the beginning, meaning they didn't have mountains of cash to fuel customer acquisition. Instead, content has been a central component since day one. Here's how their strategy has evolved through pivots and building out a team, while still retaining the main essence that makes their content great.Support the show (
Nigel runs Organic Growth Marketing, delivering SEO and content marketing for primarily B2B SaaS companies. They specialize in building SEO programs from the ground up, and working with established companies that already do content well and are wanting to level up their SEO.Support the show (
Naser Alubaidi is a growth marketer at Venngage, where he focuses on everything from developing top-of-the-funnel awareness to solidifying bottom-of-the-funnel retention. Over the past few months, Naser has helped quarterback content partnerships with other tech titans like HubSpot, Unbounce, Wistia GoToWebinar, and dozens more. Here’s how Naser comes up with these content partnerships, structures them, and executes to make sure they’re a success for every partner involved.Support the show
Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter that specializes in humorous copy. She works mostly with online stores and SaaS businesses to write funny product descriptions, landing pages, websites, and emails. Why humor? Why not just be bland AF like every other company out there? That, among other things, is what we discuss in this episode.Support the show (
Andy Crestodina is an 18-year veteran of the digital marketing space, co-founding the web design company. He writes blog posts, newsletters, records videos, conducts webinars, and gives presentations around the country on content strategy, search, and analytics. He even finds time to teach at Northwestern and in Barcelona. Here’s why he believes most people measure the wrong marketing metrics, why the stuff that used to be good enough a decade ago isn’t today, how to balance content quality vs. quantity, and how to make content promotion exponentially easier.Support the show (
John Doherty gets around. Educated in Virginia before living in Switzerland. Made a name for himself at Distilled in New York City, before doing the SEO real estate rounds from HotPads to Trulia and Zillow in San Francisco, before settling in as enterprise SEO for-hire. Oh, and also the founder of marketing marketplace, Credo. (Phew. I’m exhausted just writing that.) Here’s how John got started in the SEO biz, how the transition from small-site SEO to enterprise stuff differs, how to solve those unique challenges, and why business strategy should dictate content strategy.Support the show (
Brian Jackson is the Chief Marketing Officer over at Kinsta, managed WordPress hosting extraordinaire, who work with everyone from small-time bloggers on up to agencies and enterprise clients. Here’s how they use content to help position the company in a crowded market, how they scale content in up to 12 different languages, and why they’re combining paid promotion with content to grow the number of people who could eventually be their customers one day.Support the show (
Brittany Berger is a content marketing strategist and consultant for SaaS and B2B tech companies. Her focus is on helping businesses make more out of the content they have, whether that’s making it stand out more, perform better, or increasing promotion. She’s “just really focused on helping marketers use what they got.” Here are some of the lessons Brittany learned while at Mention, how to pair content plus partnerships for better results, and how to turn a content creation process into a well-oiled machine.Support the show (
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