DiscoverAmazing Applications - build Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Power BI apps that everyone will love
Amazing Applications - build Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Power BI apps that everyone will love
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Amazing Applications - build Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Power BI apps that everyone will love

Author: Neil Benson

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The Amazing Applications show is for Microsoft Business Applications creators who want to build amazing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent and Power BI applications that everyone will love. The podcast is hosted by Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Neil Benson.
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Carolle Bruce, Director of Information Technology at Avcorp Industries in Vancouver, asks, "What's the best argument for when senior management says, 'All this agile stuff is great but I don't see why you'd have a scrum master on your project when you could have an agile PM instead.'?"There are some important differences between the role and responsibilities of a project manager and a scrum master. But in Scrum, the role that is closest to the role of a project manager in a traditional project is not the scrum master but the product owner.Listen in to find out more about the similarities and differences.ResourcesFree mini-course: Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business AppsSend your question to the Amazing Apps show: Send a VoicemailSupport the show (
David Mochrie, a Power Platform consultant at Magnetism in Auckland, asks, "Should we have a standard set of user stories for Dynamics 365?"A long time ago, I tried to make it easy to write detailed user interface design specifications for Dynamics CRM using a wireframe prototyping tool called Axure RP Pro.I spent hundreds of hours building replicas of hundreds of Dynamics CRM screens that I planned to reuse over and over again in my specifications.But it didn't work out that way for me.And I don't think a standard set of user stories would work out for David, either.Support the show (
Anand Kushalnagar, a project manager at Nexon Asia Pacific in Sydney, asks, "At the moment, we are using a hybrid implementation approach for our projects. How can you deliver Dynamics 365 business central projects in a fully agile methodology when there are so many dependencies between the various modules?"You can transition to Scrum gradually by introducing one or two agile practices to your team each sprint.ERP teams working on Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance & Operations, Supply Chain or HR are slowly learning how to embrace Scrum even when there are interdependent modules, and we can't always release small increments into production.One way to do that is to deliver incremental features and co-ordinate closely and frequently with other team members or teams unblock interdependencies you might have in your product backlog.Support the show (
Mark Llewellyn, Director of Technology at Osmosys Software Solutions in London asks, "How can you be sure you've captured all the requirements?"Traditional approaches, like Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, pretend that we can capture all the requirements upfront at the start of a project before we've started development.Upfront requirements analysis doesn't work. You can't capture requirements by writing them down, and you shouldn't try to uncover requirements before your users know something about Power Apps or Dynamics 365 and your developers know something about your users.Story mapping is an alternative method to help you capture more of your requirements. But you'll never capture them all. So don't try too hard, Mark.Support the show (
This year, Scrum is celebrating its 25th anniversary.To celebrate, the Scrum Guide 2020 is being published at a free global launch event at 10:00 EST on Wednesday 18 November 2020.Click here to register for the Scrum Guide 2020 launch eventThe launch event is being hosted on Zoom, and the largest Zoom plan has an attendee limit of 1,000. Register for the event today, and join the session early to make sure you can get in.I expect the Scrum Guide 2020 to be even leaner and simpler to help more practitioners in new industries and domains adopt Scrum.I’m excited about the changes and I’m planning to incorporate significant changes to my Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course as also updates the Professional Scrum Master certification syllabus.Student shout outCongratulations to Michael Handley, IT Project Manager at Health Carousel in Ohio, who joined my Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps audio course and recently achieved his Professional Scrum Master certification. If you’re interested in learning the Scrum framework and how to apply it to Power Apps and Dynamics 365 projects at a much lower cost then the audio course might be an option. It’s US$29 and contains audio versions of all the videos, the quizzes and the practice exam.  Support the show (
Welcome to a season of Q&A episodes on the Amazing Applications podcast where Neil Benson, Microsoft MVP, will do his best to answer your questions about building amazing applications.Neal Carty, a Business Solutions Consultant at Traction On Demand in Toronto asks:How does the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification compare to the Professional Scrum Master certification, and is it relevant for Dynamics 365?What's the best way to acquire the knowledge required for PSPO certification?How can we accelerate our learning and avoid high-fees for generic, in-person PSPO courses?Can we mix certifications between and Scrum Alliance?Resources mentioned in this Professional Scrum Master I training and Professional Product Owner I training and certificationScrum Alliance Certified Product Owner training and certificationProfessional Scrum Product Owner by Don McGreal and Ralph Jocham (affiliate)Product Mastery: From Good to Great Product Owner by Geoff Watts (affiliate)Support the show (
I had to fire a client this week.I felt terrible that I wasn't able to help, yet relieved that I stuck to my approach and my principles.Listen in to find out what happened.Support the show (
Join me with Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza, a Dynamics 365 HR consultant at FourVision and a rising star in our Power Platform community. Ana shares the story behind the amazing Dynamics 365 for Talent application her team deployed at Centria, in Lima, Peru.Ana came from an HR administrator role and today is an HR application functional consultant at FourVision.Ana's project team created a Dynamics 365 for Talent companion app using Power Apps to enhance the recruiting process at Centria.HR departments and their applications are often treated as a cost to the organisation.This is slowly changing but sometimes HR professionals could do more to improve how they are perceived.COVID-19 has presented HR professionals with an opportunity to lead their company's culture.It took a small team of just three people to build the Power App.Part-way through the project, the client asked for robotic process automation (RPA) to help improve the efficiency of their HR processes.At the end of the project, Microsoft announced that Dynamics 365 for Talent was being deprecated.The client wasn't happy, of course, but they are able to use Talent Attract and Onboard until 2022.The upside of Microsoft's changing product strategies is that Microsoft partners have become more flexible in their thinking and approaches. Configuring Dynamics 365 for Talent was relatively easy. The hardest part of the project was integrating the Power App with SAP, which involved a dependency on another team.The project's success was assisted by Ana's HR career background which helped her empathise with her stakeholders.There was very open and transparent communication between the project team and its stakeholders that built trust.A third factor that contributed to the app's success was the confidence and leadership of the HR general manager (who had been Ana's former co-worker).Connect with AnaLinkedIn: Ana Inés Urrutia de SouzaBlog: AnaInesUrrutia.comTwitter: @AnaInesUrrutiaSupport the show (
The biggest online community event of the year, Dynamics Con 2020, is just around the corner: Wednesday 9 to Thursday 10 September. I'm joined in this special episode by a special guest to discuss this special event -- the event's director, Molly Fuschel.You can register for free today at'm presenting "Tell Me a Story", which will be packed with proven practices for managing your Dynamics 365 or Power Apps product backlog. My session is 9am US Central Time, Wednesday 9 September.I'll be available during and after my session to answer your questions and hang out with Amazing App builders. I hope to see you there.Support the show (
In this second episode on estimating Microsoft Business Applications we answer your financial sponsor's two favourite questions:How long is it going to take?How much is it going to cost?If you're a Dynamics 365 or Power Platform project manager, business analyst, solution architect, pre-sales consultant, developer, or in business development, you'll find out how to answer those key questions in this in-depth episode.For full show notes and transcript, visit out part 1, Estimating Power Platform and Dynamics 365 applications, to discover more about forecasting how long it's going to take and how much it's going to cost.To join my free Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps mini-course, visit the show (
I'm joined by Dani Kahi, Microsoft Business Applications practice lead at Empired, who shares the story behind one of his client projects, Lives Lived Well.How the Lives Lived Well CRM project started with a review of the high-level requirementsAdopting Scrum gradually during the course of the projectThe benefit of having a scrum master (or a project manager) who is familiar with ScrumDani's advice for Microsoft customers who are new to the product owner roleUsing a blend of partner and customer resourcesChallenges they had switching from Voice of the Customer to FormsProGoing live as the COVID-19 pandemic hit AustraliaPitching an agile approach to prospective clientsUsing Azure DevOps for product backlog management and managing test casesDani's requirements mastering and solution envisioning peer groupThe Amazing App show's first review on PodchaserShow ContactsDani Kahil on LinkedInEmpiredLives Lived WellCustomery Academy students: Luis Guzman and Matt BaumShow ResourcesDani Kahil's blogDani Kahil's Mastering Solution Envisioning peer groupScrum for Microsoft Business AppsAmazing Applications show on PodchaserSupport the show (
If you're building Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate or Power Virtual Agent applications, when and how should you be estimating your requirements, releases and applications? Check out part 2, Estimating how long and how much, to discover more about forecasting how long it's going to take and how much it's going to cost.For full show notes and transcription, visit: need to estimate our requirements for two reasons: time and moneyWe don't always need to estimate our applications, but exceptions are rareAccuracy and precision are different thingsEstimation is not a one-time activity and should be repeatedAre we estimating effort or complexity or something else?Ideal time, story points and t-shirt sizesMy recommended estimation unitsSupport the show (
For this special episode, I asked 15 industry leaders how they were coping with the coronavirus restrictions and what advice they'd give to their younger selves if their career was affected by the impacts of an economic recession.James PhillipsSarah CritchleyKathrine HogsethNeil ParkhurstMohamed MostafaElaiza BenitezDian TaylorLeon TribeFrieda MaherDalia RaphaelAndrew BibbyLisa CrosbieCedrick HolmesDavid KoharAndrew WelchFull show notes including contact information for my guests, links to resources mentioned in the episode, and a full transcript is available here: the show (
Welcome to the new Amazing Apps Show. This episode is a bonus episode for previous subscribers of the Scrum Dynamics podcast explaining the reasons behind the name change and gives you a sneak preview of the new theme music.Support the show (
Chris Kendrick is the founder and CEO of Mercury xRM, who develop recruitment software on Dynamics 365 Sales. We discuss parsing resumes (and fine-tuning your own resume), as well as entity model designs, ISV product development, implementation approaches, remote training and user adoption incentives. Full show notes at the show (
I'm joined by Gus Gonzalez and Joel Lindstrom to discuss the role of solution architects in agile teams implementing Microsoft Business Applications. For full show notes visit: the show (
My guest is Clément Olivier from Javista in Nantes, France. Clément was recently awarded a Power Platform FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect designation. He was one of 8 first-time Power Apps architects and 5 Power BI architects to be recognised, in addition to a new group of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement architects. It's a recognition from the Microsoft FastTrack team within the Business Apps product engineering group of a solution architect who consistently exhibits deep architecture expertise and creates high-quality solutions during customer engagements. Congratulations to all of you. I invited Clément to share with some of the factors behind one of his recent successful projects in which his team built two Power Apps for a kitchen design factory. Listen in as we discover how they used a concierge app to welcome guests and capture their sentiment regarding kitchen samples using Azure Cognitive Services. Clément’s team used a rapid prototyping technique to get early feedback from users on the features they needed in their kitchen design Power App. One of his recommendations is to know the capabilities of the different components available — canvas and model Power Apps, CDS, Azure services so you can make the most appropriate design choices.Support the show (
Is Scrum the best approach to use for every Microsoft Business Application? No! Join me, as we explore the Stacey and Cynefin models that help us make judgements about which types of applications are suited to a Scrum approach and which aren't. Support the show (
Ryan Ripley joins me in Scrum Dynamics 46 to discuss his new book, Fixing Your Scrum. Ryan is a Professional Scrum Trainer with We also discuss The suitability of Scrum for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects. Is the Scrum framework appropriate for enterprise Dynamics 365 ERP projects and smaller Power Apps projects? Ryan’s advice for line-of-business managers who are taking on the product owner role for the first time in their Microsoft Business Applications project. Whether it’s a good idea for scrum masters to take product owner training. The range of courses and certifications available from and who should consider taking the Professional Scrum Foundations course. How program, project and release planning practices can be added to the Scrum framework. What’s in the next version of the Scrum Guide (if Ryan and I were invited to edit it). And Ryan’s favourite topic, the sprint goal. Support the show (
This is a special, bonus episode of Scrum Dynamics with a live recording from inside my current Scrum teams' daily scrums. Take a sneak peek as my development teams share their progress with each other and adjust the sprint backlog as they learn more about they've accomplished. Support the show (
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