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It's like the title says. Two geeky guys who love sports break down their favorite stories in each category from the week that was, sometimes with special guests.
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It was a crazy week. Crazy Wandavision, crazy DC, crazy gaming, crazy Russians, crazy goalies, crazy Knicks, crazy quarterbacks, crazy news…Cats and Dogs, living together - MASS HYSTERIA! Geeks Who like Sports ep. 98 is here! WandaVision Ep 8 Recap: 1:25 Release Dates (Loki, Bad Batch, Modok, Spider-Man): 18:41The Snyder Cut: 26:36Blue Beetle Movie: 34:00JJ Abrams Superman: 34:44Young Rock: 49:09Last Ronin #2 Review: 50:58Fan Call Out: 52:12PS State Of Play: 59:40PS5 VR Headset: 1:01:46Pokemon News: 1:04:28Super Nintendo Switch: 1:06:59MLB Spring Training: 1:08:59NHL Covid Protocol: 1:11:06Panarin: 1:11:36Binnington: 1:15:15NYK Are The 4-Seed?!: 1:18:27Henrik Lundqvist: 1:21:38Do People Know Teams’ Actual Names?: 1:21:51 Fans Allowed Back?: 1:23:52Russell Wilson: 1:25:19Cam Newton: 1:30:38Washington Football Team: 1:34:21Tiger Woods: 1:36:32Mashup: What Comic Character Would You Want To See Talk Trash To A Pro Athlete?: 1:41:01
Who's been talking about geek-everything?It’s been Lee and Ray all alongWho’s angry at their teams’ first string?It’s been Lee and Ray all alongThey’re humorous (Ha, ha!)So sedulousTheir show takes time and focusAnd they're giddy too (They're giddy too)Gritty, gritty, gritty, grittyThey literally talk about anythingBecause this podcast must go on.Thanks to Lee & Ray (Ha!)Geeky Lee & RayA lot of sports all day longAnd we like Hamilton too! AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH--WandaVision Episode 7 Recap - 3:15Jennifer Lawrence As Sue Storm? - 14:45Assembled Series On Disney+ - 17:32Constantine From JJ Abrahms - 20:09DC Comics News - 22:56Fan Call Out: Casey Ewasko - 29:07The Future Of Comic Book Shops - 30:13Mortal Kombat Trailer - 33:10Nintendo Direct - 38:48New Rover On Mars - 45:58Philadelphia Eagles’ Off-Season Moves - 49:22NHL Lake Tahoe - 54:57NBA Planning All-Star Game - 1:01:08Winter Weather In Texas - 1:03:58Mashup: What Athlete Is Best Suited For Mortal Kombat? - 1:08:40
*Wanda Maximoff’s Voice*This Week On Geeks: Our Thoughts on Gina Carano, Drunk Brady, The Snyder Cut, and More!-WandaVision Episode 6 Recap - 4:02-What Is Tom Holland Hiding?? - 22:50-Gina Carano - 25:23-The Last Of Us Cast Updates - 39:11-Young Rock Series - 41:04-Sonic The Hedge Hog 2 - 45:05-The Snyder Cut - 49:02-Ray’s Hair - 56:23-Six Days In Fallujah - 57:05-Riot Lawsuit And Toxic Gamer Culture - 1:02:51-Legend of Zelda 35th Anniversary - 1:12:46-Fan Controlled Football - 1:16:58-JJ Watt Requested Release - 1:23:20-Drunk Tom Brady - 1:29:21-Dallas Mavericks - 1:33:51-NHL At Two Week Shut Down - 1:45:38-Mashup: What Video Game Character Would You Want To See Drunk? - 1:52:14
A legend was made greater this week while an already suffering gaming company found more misfortune. Can you guess who?WandaVision Episode 5 Recap - 6:28Jimmy Woo Spin-Off - 18:47Paramount Plus - 22:18War Machine In Falcon and Winter Soldier - 24:20Kraven The Hunter Starring Keanu Reeves? - 27:33Who Is The Next James Bond? - 33:18Is E3 Dead? - 38:20Embracer Group Acquires Gearbox - 49:02Sony Embraces Cross-Play - 52:56CD Projekt Red Gets Hacked - 57:20Valve Working With OpenBCI - 1:01:30Exclusive Review: Werewolf: The Apocalypse-Earthblood  - 1:04:36Rest In Peace Christopher Plummer - 1:11:19Rest In Peace Marty Schottenheimer - 1:12:15NFL Awards Recap - 1:13:22Super Bowl Recap - 1:16:34KC’s Distractions - 1:23:39The Legend Of Tom Brady - 1:27:54Laine Benched, Again - 1:40:02NHL & Covid - 1:42:31The Knicks Trade - 1:47:51Bauer Signs Record Deal With Dodgers - 1:54:04MLB Deadens Ball - 1:56:46Mashup: What Two Athletes Should Have A Spin Off Show? - 2:02:09
If you all listen, and our ratings go up, we can really stick it to the big podcasters of the world, so be sure to help us get as many shares as possible. Trust us, we learned it on Reddit.Episode 94 is here!--Wandavision Episode 4 Recap - 3:58Kingdom of Wakanda - 19:32New X-Men Roster - 21:56Wonder Woman ‘84- HBO Live Action Harry Potter - 31:06Pat Leahy - 34:10Boarderlands Film - 36:10A Lesson On The Stock Market - 37:47Breaking News - 58:57Nintendo Sales Records - 1:03:45Cyber Punk Gets Worse - 1:06:19Stadia Closes Internal Game Studios - 1:07:57MLB The Show News - 1:10:05Ninja Is Not Your Role Model - 1:12:42WWE Royal Rumble - 1:21:36Super Bowl Preview - 1:27:34NFL Trades 1:33:13The MLB Screws Up A Lot, Again - 1:33:13Valerie Camillo - 1:50:14The Rangers’ Locker Room Changes - 1:53:13The NWHL vs Barstool - 1:57:09Question Of The Week: Trade An X-Person For An Avenger - 2:03:35
The NFL Conference Champions have been decided. Ray is calling it a season for his Rangers at the 10% completion mark. We still have love for WandaVision while the mystery grows. Also, is this the right time for Godzilla vs Kong?? Or have they seriously missed the threshold for timing?NFL Conference Championships - 3:57Kansas City vs Buffalo - 4:17Tampa Bay vs Green Bay - 9:12Top QB’s Who Have Never Won A Super Bowl - 29:09NFL Coaching Changes - 30:57Haskins To Pittsburgh - 35:16NBC Sports Is Dead - 37:08WWE Network To Peacock - 41:51Stop Freaking Out!! - 45:13Winnipeg and Columbus Trade - 49:51NWHL Season Begins - 52:23 Yankees Trade With Pirates - 55:03Lee Still Hates Baseball - 57:55McGregor Loses To Poirier - 1:01:28Rest In Peace Hank Aaron - 1:03:55Rest In Peace Larry King - 1:04:47In Memoriam: One Year Without Kobe: 1:06:17Wandavision Episode 3 Review - 1:09:02MCU & X-Men Casting News - 1:17:37Godzilla vs Kong - 1:20:29Movie Delays - 1:22:08Xbox Live Price Changes - 1:27:09Konami Consolidates Divisions - 1:30:53Resident Evil 8 Trailer & Release Date - 1:32:11Mashup: What Gaming Series Needs Its Own Streaming Service?? - 1:38:06
A heavy week brings us stories of victory, failure, drama, and trades in all four major sports and a MASSIVE WandaVision rant (not from Ray) Episode 92 is here!--The Battle Of The Old Men - 8:32Greenbay vs Los Angeles - 13:44AFC Predictions - 16:15Baltimore vs Buffalo - 19:33Cleveland vs Kansas City - 24:15NFC Predictions - 37:52NFL Coaching Changes - 40:562021 NHL Season Begins - 44:19The Dallas Stars Covid Outbreak - 48:40Brooklyn Nets Drama and Trades - 50:123 Team Trade, Padres/Pirates/Mets - 56:12Phillies Close To Signing Realmuto - 59:42LeMahieu Expected To Resign With Yankees - 1:02:28Kluber Expected To Sign With Yankees - 1:04:22Mets GM Fired After 37 Days For Being A Creep - 1:06:55Lee’s MASSIVE WandaVision Rant - 1:09:23WandaVision Recap - 1:15:10Lars Mikkelson Expected To Play Thrawn - 1:33:58Ubisoft Making Open World Star Wars Game - 1:35:17Indiana Jones Game On The Way - 1:37:34Martian Manhunter In The Snyder Cut - 1:42:28Snyder Cut News - 1:43:26Cyborg Cut From Flash - 1:44:48Mortal Kombat Screenshots Released - 1:46:54Question Of The Week: What Licensed Property Do You Want And From What Studio? - 1:48:47
(Sung to Billy Joel’s We Didn't Start the Fire)Deadpool, MCU, Fantastic Four, X-Men too, WandaVision, Michael Keaton - Batman Beyond. Poland is punking Cyberpunk, Belichek says no to Trump, Hockeys here, SuperBowl’s near, Lucas Films Games made us shed a tear.We recorded another podcast, about all the geekdom and the sports arenas. We are the Geeks who Like Sports, We want to thank you for listening, while you're driving or whistling. ---Deadpool 3 - 8:33-Wandavision Predictions - 13:10-Fox Fantastic Four vs Wolverine - 22:17-Keaton Batman News - 28:21-Lucas Film Games - 37:15-Poland Crackdown On CD Projekt Red - 44:59-Rest In Peace Jonas Neubauer - 52:24-Rest In Peace Tommy Lasorda - 53:32-World Junior Hockey Champions - 55:43-Mike Milbury Out - 1:01:13-Lake Tahoe - 1:02:51-Stop Complaining About NHL Sponsorships - 1:06:08-2021 NHL Outlook - 1:07:16-NCAA Football Championship - 1:10:53-NFL Trade Rumors - 1:15:06-Doug Peterson - 1:16:09-Tom Flores HOF Campaign - 1:21:31-Super Wildcard Weekend - 1:24:43-Divisional Round Prediction - 1:40:55-Bill Belichek Refuses Medal Of Freedom - 1:48:32-MLB Offseason Moves - 1:52:05-Mashup: What Lucas Films Sports Game Would You Want To Play? - 1:54:42
Geeks Who Like Sports has finally made its way out of the 80s! Cobra Kai on the other hand, released its new season with more call backs to the original movies than we knew what to do with! Get the Geeks' full rundown on that and more this week by tuning in now!
Ray has a crazy dream that you NEED to hear and Wonder Woman 84 released last week so your favorite geeks have a TON to discuss about it. Football continues on through week 16 and the playoff landscape is unpredictable. Stay tuned for our question of the day because we want to hear from you!--Ray’s Dream - 1:47Wonder Woman ’84 - 7:18Cobra Kai Season 3 Release - 1:05:09Why Do Narratives Suffer In Some Games? - 1:09:11RIP Brodie Lee 1:24:16NFL Week 16 - 1:28:58Washington’s QB Controversy - 1:47:12NBA Opening Week - 2:02:57Lundqvist Updates - 2:03:32Tampa Bay Rays’ Fire Sale - 2:05:25Question Of The Week: What Geek Film Do You Wish Could Be Remade In Modern Form? - 2:08:11
Another huge week for the Geeks! Lee and Ray discuss their thoughts on the final chapter of The Mandalorian Season 2 and other news coming out of Hollywood. We have a new Coming To America movie on its way, Wonder Woman 84 releases this week on HBO Max, and Tom Cruise explodes at his film crew over mask regulations. Ray has a very passionate Rant later in the show as we discuss the gaming industry, and while the sports segment is short again this week there is plenty of things to be excited for in the coming weeks as new seasons are starting soon!The Mandalorian Chapter 16 - 2:39Kathleen Kennedy On Her Way Out? - 29:36RIP Jeremy Bulloch - 41:37Tom Cruise Goes Off - 43:27Coming to America 2 - 51:02Wonder Woman 84 - 53:09Nintendo Ninjas - 55:40The Cyberpunk Situation - 1:05:26 Ray’s Rant - 1:18:57Game Awards Question From Jason Fanelli - 1:35:29NFL Week 15 - 1:43:29RIP Kevin Greene - 1:48:52Negro Leagues Officially A Part Of MLB History - 1:49:45Cleveland To Change Name After 2021 Season - 1:51:21 NBCSN To Air NWHL Semi-Finals And Finals - 1:52:22 Lundqvist To Sit This Season - 1:53:33NHL Season To Start Jan 13 - 1:55:04Question Of The Week: Excluding the past year, what sports team (or league) needs to refund their fans for a horrendous season? - 1:57:47
In a week with so much to cover, we needed to use a clock to be sure we had time to fit everything! Lee and Ray sit down to discuss the plethora of content Disney dropped on our laps this week, along with video game news coming out of the Game Awards. While our sports section is short, it is definitely sweet as the NFC East has indeed played spoiler this season which no one (except Lee) saw coming.--The Mandalorian Chapter 15 - 3:10New Disney Star Wars Releases - 19:36Obi Wan - 21:55Rangers Of The New Republic - 24:47Ashoka - 26:52Andor - 29:40A Droid Story - 33:01Visions - 34:08Lando - 35:22The Bad Batch - 37:49The Acolyte - 43:27Rogue Squadron Movie - 50:29New Disney Marvel Releases - 52:51Black Widow and Shang-Chi - 53:18Wandavision - 54:23The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - 56:22Loki - 57:47What If - 1:00:05Ms. Marvel - 1:02:08Hawkeye - 1:03:35Armor Wars - 1:04:36Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special - 1:05:59I Am Groot - 1:06:14Iron Heart - 1:07:07MODOK - 1:08:10Moon Knight - 1:08:52Secret Invasion - 1:09:49She Hulk - 1:11:23Silk - 1:13:38Spider-Man 3 - 1:14:32Fantastic Four - 1:17:32Antman 3 - 1:18:21Disney+ Continues To Be A Must Have - 1:19:43AMC Theaters Will Be Dead Within A Month - 1:21:28The Game Awards - 1:23:39The Last Of Us 2 - 1:25:02Ray’s Game Of The Year - 1:29:21More Games Awards Announcements - 1:37:14EA/Take 2 Bidding War On Codemasters - 1:39:44Sony Acquires Crunchyroll - 1:41:23Nintendo Indie Announcements - 1:42:45NBA Pre-Season - 1:44:35NFC East Plays Spoiler - 1:45:41NFL Week 14 - 1:52:16Cleveland Changing Baseball Team Name After 105 Years - 1:54:24Question of the week: What Game Franchise Deserves A Sports Game? - 1:56:47
There was a ton to cover this week on Geeks Who Like Sports with an awesome new episode of The Mandalorian, some great HBO Max news, Microsoft continuing to build their empire. Ray also beat Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity and gives us his new theories for what that means for the Zelda universe. In sports news, Logan Paul is back in boxing news, much to our dismay, and it was a busy week for the NFL, NBA, and NHL.Corona Virus PSA - 2:07Mandalorian Chapter 14 - 12:43HBO Max - 28:24Metal Gear Solid News - 35:21Spiderverse Roles Being Reprised - 36:34Latest Microsoft Acquisition Smash.GG - 41:32NHL 21 Reverse Retro Sweaters - 43:55EA Sports Lawsuit - 45:00Dragon Age Creators Leave Bioware - 49:27Age Of Calamity Theories - 51:17Sting Out Of Retirement. Again. 1:00:14AEW Championship Headed To Impact - 1:03:41RIP Pat Patterson - 1:05:50Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul - 1:07:05NFL Week 13 - 1:10:26NBA Preseason - 1:27: 01NHL New Jan 13 Start Date - 1:30:07ESPN Realignment Mess Up - 1:31:57Question Of The Week: What Super Mario 35 Style Game Would You Want To Play? - 1:35:48
Lee and Ray establish a big goal in this episode as they look into the future with excitement about a new theme park. They also give us the run down on the Mandalorian Chapter 13, the latest news on console scalping, all the news from NFL Week 12, and their thoughts on the boxing matches that recently took place. Make sure you stick around to hear Lee’s review of “Ready Player 2” and then be sure to comment below for our mashup!Mandalorian Chapter 13 - 3:48Rest In Peace David Prowse - 16:02Xbox TV? - 17:47 3,500 PS5s Scalped In UK - 20:16Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity - 25:40Super Nintendo World Opening Feb 4 - 27:55Ready Player Two - 33:26NFL Week 12 - 39:57NBA and NHL - 56:25New MLB Prospect League - 59:08Tyson vs Jones Jr - 1:01:15Paul vs Robinson - 1:02:54Mashup: What Theme Park Would You Create? - 1:11:24
The Geek-news gods have given us a bunch to cover this week - Ray and Lee are excited about new books, new games, new shows, and new updates! Later in the show, they give their thoughts on week 11 in the NFL and look forward to week 12, and they talk about some great new hires in the NHL! There is a great question of the week about a third of the way through today's episode and stay tuned for our mashup! We want to hear your thoughts!!--Ready Player 2 - 1:51The Mandalorian Chapter 12 - 2:57Game Award Nominations - 20:26007 Game Announced - 26:38Avengers DLC Arriving Dec 8 - 29:16Should We Lose The Term Indie In Games? - 31:26WW84 Hitting HBO Max Same Day As Theaters - 36:04Is Black Widow Coming? - 40:50HBO Max Announces Conan O’Brien - 42:51 Pokemon Go Updates - 48:19The Undertaker Retires - 54:24Vince McMahon - 1:00:34NFL Week 11 - 1:02:07NFL Covid Response - 1:15:19Florida Panthers Hire Brett Peterson As Asst. GM 1:18:21Blackhawks Hire Kendall Coyne-Schofield - 1:18:41Theo Epstein Steps Away From Cubs - 1:21:03NBA Free Agency - 1:23:26Mashup: What Classic Game Could Get DLC? - 1:25:09
Ray and Lee are back with a heavy week in the geek universe! Join them as they discuss everything from the controversy surrounding recent episodes of The Mandalorian, to news from the wrestling world, and why the MLB deserves a bit of redemption. --The Mandalorian Chapter 11 - 1:53The Mandalorian Cancel-Culture Controversy - 11:16WandaVision Delayed To Jan 15 - 20:53Streaming Service Industry Wins - 24:52USGamer Closes - 36:35Operation Give Ray A Middle Name - 40:49New Console Generation Launch - 41:56PS5 Review - 44:24God of War & Ghost of Tsushima Numbers - 53:28AC Valhalla And Call Of Duty Release - 54:27Switch Sold 750,000 Units In October - 58:43Don’t Put Vape Smoke In Your xBox Series X - 1:03:37McMahon fires Vega - 1:04:49Ticketmaster May Require Proof Of Vaccination - 1:13:19NFL Week 10 - 1:18:54Giants vs Eagles - 1:25:09Deandre Baker Charges Dropped - 1:33:44Cy Young And MVP Winners - 1:35:33Marlins Hire Kim Ng As GM - 1:36:57What time period do you want to play a game in? - 1:45:04
The NHL released their Reverse Retro sweater series this week and Lee and Ray have a ton to say about each team’s jersey. Tune in now to hear their thoughts and see where your favorite team is ranked. Comment below with your favorite one and whether or not you plan to buy your team’s sweater!—Metropolitan Division - 2:58Atlantic Division - 18:45Central Division - 34:10Pacific Division - 46:53Overall Worst - 1:04:35Overall Best - 1:06:05
Lee and Ray cover a ton of great topics this week including some Star Wars related rumors, a new documentary series from the same people who brought us "The Last Dance," and all the sports happenings for the week. Half way through the show, they are joined for a second time by comics legend Kevin Eastman to talk about the Patriots and his latest TMNT project.--The Mandalorian Chapter 10 - 6:06Boba Fett Spin-Off Series Rumors - 15:02Stone Cold Steve Austin Documentary Series - 18:59Who’s On Your Wrestling Mount Rushmore? - 24:42EA and NHL Extend Agreement - 39:44EA To Release Remaster Of Mass Effect - 41:44Square Enix’s Avengers Bombs - 43:50New Console Generation - 53:43Sony Trophy Change - 57:54Rest In Peace Alex Trebek - 1:01:56Kevin Eastman Leaderboard Interview - 1:06:57NFL Week 9 - 1:22:40The NFC Least - 1:30:31The NBA Agrees To Start On December 22 - 1:39:01The Justin Turner COVID Catastrophe - 1:41:22Clemson vs Notre Dame - 1:47:36Jeff Luhnow Sues The Astros - 1:52:56
Ray and Lee check in on election night to give you all the geeks-sports happenings from the past seven days! Tune in now to hear their thoughts on everything from the Mandalorian Season 2, to a new anime series based on a great live action property, to the latest Dallas Stars alternate jerseys!The Mandalorian Chapter 9-The Marshal - 2:05Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed - 20:42Halo Infinite Dev Issues - 23:20Netflix Developing Live Action Assassin's Creed Series Officially - 28:50Netflix Pacific Rim Anime Series - 37:37Tiny Toons Announced For HBOMax - 39:44Rest In Peace Sean Connery - 43:05Travis Roy Passes - 46:21Raiders’ Trent Brown Medical Error- 47:49NFL Week Eight - 50:49Ray’s Rant - 54:49The Patriots - 1:05:42Dallas Stars Alternative Jerseys - 1:06:52OHL Rules No Body Checking - 1:11:09Could All Of NHL Play In Canada Next Year? - 1:15:13Mitchell Miller Renounced By The Coyotes - 1:19:27White Sox Hire Tony LaRussa - 1:27:57Detroit Tigers Hire AJ Hinch - 1:34:28Jon Lester Buys Chicago A Beer, $47k On 4838 Beers - 1:34:35What Live Action Property Should Have An Anime? - 1:37:49
Daniel Jones Falls, Ray Flips, Lee Laughs, and Everyone Rants! Be sure to tune in this week for our thoughts on the MLB season coming to a close, the good, bad, and ugly with three new game releases, our musings about new DC titles and rumors, and let us know what your favorite Halloween Candy is below!!--The Giants - 24:53Other NFL News - 36:37Quadruple DOINK - 47:45World Series - 51:51NBA Looking at a Christmas Start - 1:03:57NHL 21 Review - 1:06:44New Games: G.I. Joe And Transformers - 1:11:05Tim Burton Addams Family Reboot - 1:17:28Batman Beyond Rumors Gaining Strength - 1:21:03Batwoman Photos Released - 1:26:44Jared Leto Returns As Joker - 1:28:25Fatman Movie - 1:33:00Creed III - 1:35:25Static Shock Movie - 1:37:49Oscar Isaac Moon Knight - 1:40:32The Mandalorian Season 2 - 1:42:30Quibi Dead - 1:45:49Halloween Mashup - 1:50:27
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