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It's like the title says. Two geeky guys who love sports break down their favorite stories in each category from the week that was, sometimes with special guests.
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Ray and Lee's special guest this week is a member of the Philadelphia Flyers organization, defenseman Mark Friedman. Mark talks to us about the rigorous testing being done right now by the NHL and why he chose to go back to play, as well as what some of his favorite games and movies are, and delivers some news as to how the NHL playoff format might change after round one. Also, if you want to know what Flyer loves to play as himself in NHL 20, you gotta listen to find out!
Ray and Lee discuss the return of baseball, the NHL Draft Lottery, Adam Silver's comments, Cobra Kai Season 3, Michael Keaton's possible return as Batman, Jon Favreau, Hamilton, the death of Mixer, and more! Baseball is Back - 1:37 Covid 19 NFL Helmets - 14:11 Adam Silver Sports Statement - 18:57 Climate Pledge Arena - 37:05 NHL Draft Lottery - 43:12 Bubba Wallace - 50:40 Undertaker Retires - 59:01 Cobra Kai Goes to Netflix - 1:02:39 Keaton Back as Batman - 1:05:57 Jon Favreau on Listening to Fans - 1:12:26 Ryan Reynolds Crashes X-Men Reunion - 1:15:37 Hamilton, New Muppets Show on Disney Plus - 1:17:42 Mixer is Dead - 1:20:33 Pokemon Unite - 1:27:02 Last of Us II Best Selling PS4 Game - 1:29:15 Mash-Up - 1:33:35
Ray and Lee are back and discuss Long Gone Summer from ESPN, Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson, the Belmont Stakes, the Islanders losing their home, EA Play 2020, Crash Bandicoot leaks, Star Wars and Pokemon video games, DC's newest event, and more! And for our question of the week: What sports record do you wish could be untainted? Long Gone Summer - 2:40 Latest MLB News - 14:55 NBA Rules During Quarantine - 21:48 Belmont Stakes - 25:45 Chance the Snake is Best Mascot - 27:50 Homeless Islanders - 30:27 Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson - 37:52 DC FanDome - 45:22 Snyder Cut Tease - 49:36 DC Milestone - 56:00 New Pokemon Snap - 1:01:05 Pokemon GO League Paused - 1:04:50 EA Play Flops - 1:09:08 LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga - 1:19:30 Crash Bandicoot 4 Leaks - 1:21:45 Price Rumors for PS5/Xbox Series X - 1:23:30 Question of the Week - 1:32:32
We decided to put up the Kevin Eastman interview we did a couple weeks ago as a standalone segment. So if you missed the episode, you can check it out on its own! Ray and Lee talk to Kevin Eastman about everything from their love of cons, cheesesteaks, and cheesecakes, to the status of the comic industry during a pandemic, and the future of the TMNT in video games. Check it out!
Ray and Lee are back with all their reactions from the slew of announcements surrounding PS5. They also talk about the upcoming reveal of Star Wars Squadrons and the slew of cancellations happening at and around DC and Warner Bros. They then again voice their displeasure with MLB and their excitement about the return of hockey! PS5 - 2:17 Star Wars Squadron - 36:57 Hartley Sawyer Fired - 42:15 DC Daily Cancelled - 46:46 WBIE Up for Sale - 53:10 Denny O'Neil and Mel Winkler Tribute - 57:07 Sopranos Ending - 58:35 Small Sports Stories - 1:01:33 NHL Player Skating - 1:04:34 Baseball is Doomed - 1:06:45 Angel Hernandez is Terrible - 1:18:18 Yankees Didn't Cheat - 1:21:09 Mash-Up - 1:27:02
Ray and Lee have a very special guest this week as they sit down to speak with Chase Masterson, Leeta from Deep Space Nine, and the founder of Pop Culture Hero Coalition, a group that fights bullying, racism, bigotry, and more through our favorite geek culture hobbies.
Ray and Lee return to talk about the current state of sports. Then they welcome legendary TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman to the show. They then discuss DC cutting ties with Diamond Comic Distributors, the Game Gear Micro, and more before this week's mash-up. MLB and MLBPA Can't Agree - 6:32 NBA Plan - 15:21 NHL Odds and Max Kellerman - 18:55 NFL was Wrong - 31:06 Kevin Eastman - 39:18 New Batwoman - 1:07:37 DC Cuts Diamond Comic Distributors - 1:12:39 Game Gear Micro - 1:19:37 Fog Gaming - 1:26:46 Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning - 1:31:14 PS5/Star Wars Maverick - 1:33:40 Mash-Up - 1:36:57
Ray and Lee begin the show with a special intro addressing the current events in the world, then get into the current status of sports, the worst sports moments in their lives, and what sports action figures they want. Then, in geekdom, they discuss Cobra Kai, Legends of the Jedi Temple, Sonic 2, PS5 and SEGA announcements, and what is the craziest alternate universe superhero. 8:50 - NHL, NBA, MLB Updates 14:45 - XFL Returns? 18:17 - SpaceX 20:48 - Worst Sports Moments Ever 44:22 - Sports Action Figures 52:20 - Legends of the Jedi Temple 55:08 - Cobra Kai Leaving YouTube 59:52 - Sonic 2 1:05:28 - Henry Cavill Returning as Superman 1:12:25 - Video Game Announcements 1:18:18 - Craziest Alternate Universe Superheroes 1:24:39 - What is the best two movies of a franchise?
Ray and Lee are back with a jam-packed episode. They analyze the 24-team playoff format for the #NHL, talk about the #NBA in Orlando, discuss the Snyder Cut coming to HBO MAX, celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and much more! And for this week's Mash-Up, they ask what fictional characters should play golf with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. NHL 24-Team Playoff - 1:51 NBA at Wide World of Sports - 14:50 MLB Season a No-Go? - 23:50 Jerry Sloan Tribute - 31:00 Owen Hart - 32:05 The Last Dance - 35:50 The Match: Champions for Charity - 38:28 The Snyder Cut - 40:40 Superman History Lesson - 49:55 Ruby Rose No Longer Batwoman - 58:20 Too Many Villains - 59:05 DC Wins a Webby - 1:06:25 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back - 1:07:30 Mash-Up - 1:13:15
Ray and Lee talked to Andrew Reiner about games, movies, comics, and sports on this week's episode. Here's his resume: Executive Editor #GameInformer Co-author of #Prime with former #NFL punter Chris Kluwe Host of #VideoGames Weekly Host of The Spectacular #ComicBook Podcast Dad and an all-around great guy Needless to say, this IS the podcast you've been looking for...
You know him from Green Book, Power, The Irishman, Gravesend and much more. Actor Craig DiFrancia sits down with Ray and Lee to discuss #YankeeStadium, when sports might come back, his acting method, and more in this exclusive interview.
Ray and Lee discuss the latest possible season plans for MLB and the NHL, the Madden Bowl championship, and a slew of new game announcements. They also discuss WWE MITB results and ask what sports team you'd like to see Jeff Bezos save. 2:40 - MLB Season Suggestions 8:24 - Ads on MLB Uniforms 16:18 - NHL Playoff Format 20:21 - Quinten Dunbar and DeAndre Baker 23:55 - Rooney Rule Expansion 33:52 - Madden Bowl 38:20 - NHL Video Game Charity Tournaments 39:40 - PGA Tour 2K21 41:36 - THPS 1&2 Remaster 45:58 - Myst Switch 48:27 - Paper Mario Origami King 54:48 - Unreal Engine 5 56:51 - WWE MITB 1:03:55 - Swamp Thing on CW 1:17:55 - Mandalorian Season 2 1:19:52 - Michael Jordan and the White Sox 1:25:35 - Companies Stop Making Commercials 1:27:03 - Amazon Might Buy AMC 1:30:35 - Question of the Week
Ray and Lee are back with their biggest episode yet! We've been saying that a lot lately. This week we discuss the A's moving to Vegas, NFL schedules, Xbox Series X games, Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, Spider-Man 2099, and more. For our question of the week, we ask what game do you wish had an expansion for it like MK11? Korean Baseball - 1:19 Manfred Moving the A's - 8:24 Penguins Fans are Terrible - 17:31 NFL Schedules - 25:48 Miami Seating Plan - 32:59 Don Shula Tribute - 38:50 Bobby Orr Anniversary - 40:08 Brendan Leipsic Cut by Caps - 40:36 Lack of Quality Content Online - 48:36 Movies Sales Down Again - 1:01:09 Demolition Man 2 - 1:03:50 Taika Waititi Star Wars - 1:07:20 Temuera Morrison Boba Fett - 1:09:39 Spider-Man 2099 TV Show - 1:15:40 Hollywood Turns to Video Games for help - 1:18:45 Last of Us II Hacked - 1:21:15 MK 11 Aftermath - 1:24:24 Xbox Series X reveals - 1:36:02 Pokemon Go Safari Zone Philadelphia - 1:40:50 Question of the Week - 1:42:50
Ray and Lee are back with their biggest episode yet! They discuss the rumors of WWE being bought by Disney, the new Streets of Rage 4, the MLB Players League in MLB The Show 20, the Assassin's Creed Valhalla reveal, and the Star Wars Clone Wars series finale! They also discuss some movie industry news and for the mash-up they ask what game characters could step into real world sports and play well. Chiefs Guard Volunteers - 1:27 WWE being bought by Disney - 4:29 NBA and Disneyworld - 17:07 MLB 3-Division Idea - 20:50 MLB The Show Players League - 30:45 Pokemon GO Updates - 37:10 Streets of Rage 4 - 42:55 The Last of Us II Leaks - 47:10 Assassin's Creed Valhalla - 54:27 Summer Game Fest - 1:03:12 AMC vs Universal - 1:05:05 Hulk Soul Stone Theory - 1:14:59 Star Wars Clone Wars Finale - 1:20:29 Mash-Up - 1:31:20
PowerSpike Director of Accounts and Partnerships, Dan Hevia, joins Ray and Lee for a special GWLS Leaderboard Interview. The guys talk the rise of streamers during the pandemic, breakdown the first two episodes of The Last Dance, deep dive on the Giants and Eagles respective NFL Drafts this year, and talk about what games they're playing to pass the time.
Ray and Lee are back with a jam-packed week. They talk about the NFL Draft, the NHL coming back, and the contraction of Minor League Baseball franchises. Then they talk about the cancellation of WWE 2K21, Ray gives an in-depth look at a new game, The Persistence, and the Batman script leaks. Finally, for their mash-up, they ask what video game characters (besides those that already have) could have their own sports franchise. Minor League Baseball - 4:40 NHL Returns - 11:43 NFL Draft - 18:40 Madden Curse - 33:18 Gronk to Bucs - 39:04 HHH 25 Years - 42:35 WWE 2K21 Cancelled - 45:22 The Persistence - 50:03 Batman Script Leaks - 1:03:28 Batman Relationships - 1:08:49 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage - 1:12:28 Comic Book Castings - 1:16:25 Back to the Future Theory - 1:19:45 Mash-Up - 1:22:16
Ray and Lee are back and reacting to the cancellation of SDCC, preview The Last Dance, and discuss the Eagles and Giants before the 2020 NFL Draft. Also, some fun baseball stories, video game release dates, WWE news, and a mash-up that asks what video game character should get a Last Dance style documentary? The Last Dance - 2:02 Fun Baseball Stories - 13:36 Kyle Larson/eNASCAR - 17:42 WWE Stories/Howard Finkel - 20:12 NFL Draft Preview - 36:47 SDCC Cancelled - 50:01 Video Game Release Dates - 57:39 Saved by the Bell Reboot - 1:00:11 Spider-Man 2 PS5 Rumors - 1:09:25 Mash-Up - 1:17:48
1480 AM FOX Sports Philadelphia "The Gambler" eSports Insider and Hollywood Reporter eSports reporter Jason Fanelli talks to Ray and Lee about all the recent goings-on in eSports, speed running, and then they talk about the Eagles and Giants potential draft picks coming up in this special interview.
Ray and Lee are here celebrating their one-year anniversary as a podcast. It's a jam-packed show that covers a multitude of sports, the new PS5 controller, issues with Pokemon GO, and a look back at the year that was. 5:32 - NBA Hall of Fame 2020 11:42 - Bubba Wallace Loses Sponsors 18:45 - Madden Memories 27:10 - Dana White Wants an Island 33:29 - Wimbledon Cashes In 41:43 - XFL Layoffs 50:39 - MLB Realignment 57:23 - NHL Playoffs 59:58 - Wrestlemania 36 1:07:17 - Ronda Rousey Blames the Fans 1:15:20 - Pokemon GO Social Distances 1:20:25 - Sony Unveils PS5 Controller 1:25:34 - Anniversary Celebration
Ray and Lee are back talking about Wrestlemania Night 1, Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary, what video games they're playing during quarantine and more. 2:55 - Wrestlemania Night 1 24:02 - Olympics Delayed 26:43 - President Talks to Sports Commissioners 30:40 - Facebook Mailbag/What Games We Are Playing 45:12 - Pokemon GO Updates 51:09 - Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary 54:22 - Video Game and Movie Delays 1:07:30 - DuckTales April Fools 1:12:15 - How Do You Feel About Character Switching Midgame? 1:18:41 - What Fictional Character Should Have Their Own Podcast?
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