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Film chat and banter from those lovely folk at Unsalted Popcorn – currently on a bit of a Doctor Who marathon
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It's the middle of February, so naturally we're watching a Christmas special – and one that throws up a lot of questions. Such as, is that any way to treat Bill Bailey, is this a mash-up with Outnumbered, has anyone actually read the Magna Carta and where the hell did the co-pilot go? Answers to the usual address after you've enjoyed our latest Doctor Who Directionless Commentary.
Grab your hat! Put on your posh shoes! We have a wedding to go to!Yes, it's the Season 6 finale, The Wedding Of River Song – and there isn't a dry eye in the house as the confetti flies, bouquets are thrown, we find Frutella in a draw, and the controversial subjects of wooden washing machines and hazelnut porridge are argued over while we wait for the bride. We also imagine James Cordon as a Cyberman. Which is nice. So grab a bridesmaid (other attendees are available) and hit the dance floor as the Directionless Commentary crew press play...
Well, we're back - but will Morgan be joining us? All will be revealed, possibly, as we pull up our suitcase, polish our armour and take on The Girl Who Waited. The finer points of Timelord reporoduction and their dangly bits all benefit from our expert analysis, as does the thorny matter of secret regenerations. So, curl up and unwind, press play when we say and let our latest Directionless Commentary waffle you away...
Well, it had to happen at some point. It's the episode where they try and kill You Know Who and we watch it without Morgan knowing. The guilt, the shame, the embarrassment when we get caught... Still, life goes on. Not for Mr H, obviously, but that's not important right now. Especially when more pressing matters such as the disappearances of Laura and the issue of is this really the best universe we have available are occupying our tiny craniums. We also bring up the Numskulls, but then how could we not?So kick back, relax, press play when we say and Let's Kill Hitler!
Well if it isn't that time again. We have a Kahn, a Laura and a John and A Good Man Goes To War. As our Directionless Commentary crew chat you through The Doctor's latest adventure, the important matters of maguffins, big Smurfs, the catchphrases of Danger Mouse and potential Captain Jack crossovers are all given due consideration. So get the episode ready, settle down, and let our latest Directionless Commentary do all thge hard work...
We're back! Yes, 2021 is seemingly no different to 2020 and so in keeping with this we're carrying on as before with Season 6 of Doctor Who. As Kahn, Laura, John and Morgan gather around the ol' tellybox to watch The Doctor's Wife, the finer points of Tim Burton, Kris Marshall, Staged and Star Trek all pop up. So settle down with a mug of coco, press play when we say and enjoy our latest Directionless Commentary. 
Welcome to 2021! And so, as a terrible year ends, Jodie and the gang are back to help us all feel better about all of the everything. And because we care, the Unsalted Popcorn crew are on hand to tell you want we thought about the Dr Who special, so you don't have to worry about it. No spoilers, just a quick chat about the return of the good Doctor, her friends, her enemies and those homicidal pepperpots. No need to watch along, just engage ears and in half an hour you'll be agreeing with us. Normal service will resume shortly x
After what seems like forever but may only have been a moment, the gang reconvene to sit through Day Of The Moon. One of them keeps banging on abut the lack of definite article and invisible Tardiseseses (Tardises? Tardi?), while the others talk about the actual episode, Tardis Tours in Glasgow and Aberdeen on a sunny day. CyberBlobby makes an appearance too...
We're back!!!Yer man had a sniffle so we had to wait for him to feel human enough to talk – and how handy that we did as we got to review the new Doctor Who trailer before Laura, John, Morgan and Kahn set about the start of Season Six and The Impossible Astronaut. As we talk you through the episode, we discuss the finer points of different Nixons, Laura's knitting and colonoscopies. Naturally. So, sit back, relax, press play when we say and let the magic unfold....
And so season 5 comes to and end with a Bang. Literally. It's in the title. So settle down and get all comfy for a double episode special as Laura, John and Kahn talk you through The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Along the way, the no small matters of fat Smurfs, life at Stone Henge, dogs as presenters, The Fez Paradox and the attention span of Cybermen come up and are duly discussed. In the time-honoured tradition, just press play when we say and let the Unsalted Popcorn Directionless Commentary blather your blues away...
And so it's time to get all artsy as Unsalted Popcorn's Directionless Commentary crew join Amy and The Doctor and go hang out with Vincent. While soaking in the atmosphere, and the wheat, we mull over The Act Of The Onion, Meat Loaf songs, America, Art Attack and the problems of only having one ear during a pandemic. As ever, press play when we say and let the podcast do the heavy lifting...
As our Directionless Commentary escapades continue, we stumble upon Morgan's favourite episode – Amy's Choice. We also discuss the use of birdsong, Timelord Victorious, Brexit voters, the Tory Party approach to child welfare and freezer safety. As ever, when we press play you press play...
After a shaky start, whereby John, Laura and Kahn have A Serious Conversation, normal service is resumed and The Vampires Of Venice is watched while the Directionless Commentary trio (and Morgan) discuss why they're actually watching it. We also fail to work out who got the short end of the straw....As ever, press play when we say and let the pod do the hard work for you. 
And so to the concluding part of The Time Of Angels, which is quite naturally not a part 2 but an episode in its own right called Flesh And Stone. Of course it is. Undeterred by such trivialities, Laura, John, Morgan and Kahn set about talking you through this gripping episode, only getting distracted by the works of Underworld, Dildos In Space, gigging to Americans, The Birdy Song and our new hero, Jonty9. We also discuss plot points and The Jacket, but we didn't mean to. Honest.As ever, sit back, relax, cue the episode up, pour some fine wine, press play when we say and enjoy our latest Directionless Commentary. 
A surprisingly focused episode (by our standards) as we chat our way through The Time Of Angels, taking in River Song, story arcs, ageing angels and time travel. And marmalade. It will all make sense when you get there....Just press play when we say and let the Unsalted Popcorn Directionless Commentary do all the hard work for you. 
Well lookie here, the ol' Doctor has a new face and a new companion. Tardis is looking a bit different too. So welcome, then, to the Matt Smith years. As he takes his first tentative steps, the Unsalted Popcorn crew take you through The Eleventh Hour. Along the way we cover such vital topics as wild custards, the plural of haggis, continuity issues, long goodbyes and a bit of Olivia Coleman. As ever, press play when we say and enjoy Unsalted Popcorn's latest Directionless Commentary. 
Oh man is this a long one....We've reached The End Of Time. Which is a two-parter. Neither of them are short episodes. So we decided to get the latest Directionless Commentary done in one fell swoop and say farewell to David Tennant's Doctor the only way we know how. By drinking. As The Doctor leans and glooms his goodbyes, we tackle a Morganless pod by talking about Gillian Anderson, John Simm as Bane, Bond films and Matt Smith's dildo. So, clear your schedule, get comfy, get both episodes ready, press play when we say and prepare to kiss goodbye to four hours of your life.(we left a gap in the middle so you can go to the loo)
The intrepid crew set sail in uncharted waters to enjoy Doctor Who Dreamland, an episode only two of us had heard of and only one of us had actually seen. At least up until the day before recording. As we enjoy the animated special, other animated Who stories get discussed, along with Bush, Yellow Morgan, The Archers and Italian subtitles. Find the episode, settle down, press play when we say and enjoy...
And so we near the end of Tenant's time in the Tardis. As Laura, Morgan, John and Kahn sit down to watch Waters Of Mars, conversations naturally turn to Morrissey as The Doctor, coughing cats, Cool Runnings, missed episodes and rogue Fraggles. So put your feet up, cue the podcast and the episode and press play when we say for the latest Unsalted Popcorn Doctor Who Directionless Commentary. 
A landmark episode in more ways than one as we discuss visual jokes, singing karaoke with ex-Iron Maiden singers, Seen Canary, Dalek drones and who was the best Davros. With all that going on, Laura, John, Morgan and Kahn forget to play hangman. In the meantime, press play when we say and join us as our directionless Commentary takes you through the Doctor Who episode Journey's End.
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