DiscoverThe Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship
The Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship
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The Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurship

Author: Sheila J Logan w/ co-host Nate Tucker

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The back-end of business is where most businesses fail, so we bring in the experts to help you get the answers you need about your messy back-end. Believe us, all businesses have them, you are not alone! We are here to help save you time, make you money, and help you succeed! Sponsored by YES! Women's Network and Lock n' Load Marketing.
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Having a podcast is becoming an important part of marketing for just about any business. It shows that you are an authority and shares your personality. Listeners come to feel that they know you while you basically speak in their ear sharing valuable information. Listen in as our expert, Donnie Boivin, shares how podcasting saved his business and how it can save yours as well.
Do you want to start your own business, but you have heard it takes lots of hard work and you don't even know where to start? In this episode, our expert Ryan Walker shares what you need to know before starting your own business.
Do you have big audacious goals you want to achieve? Is fear or other peoples' opinions holding you back? Our expert, Steve Sims shares his expert advice on practical steps to take to move past all that mess and achieve those big goals.
Your dreams are finally coming true and you own and run a successful business, but now your family is suffering. “You don't have to sacrifice your whole life to have a successful business.” In this episode, our expert Dave Ruel shares his personal experience and advice for having a successful business and still be able to put your family first.
Communication plays a huge role in relationships and especially in business. Our expert, Amy house shares her expert advice on how to get you and your team on the same page so your business can thrive.
There is much more to life than having a successful business. “Life is about enjoyment and living it to the fullest.” Our expert, Purdeep Sangha shares his expert advice on not only running a successful business but also being the best version of ourselves to find true fulfillment and happiness.
Are you posting on social media and not getting any response? In this episode, our expert David Trotter shares how to stop just spraying and praying and actually stand out from the crowd with consistency and authenticity in your social media.
Stress is such a powerful and harmful force that it is vital that you learn effective stress management techniques to live a successful, happy, and healthy life. In this episode, our expert Trevor Carter shares the symptoms of stress and five great tips for handling stress and taking back control of your life.
Life can get lost while building a business and in the end, both lives and businesses end up with messy back-ends. Listen in as our expert, Vanessa Zammy, shares how using a parking lot can help get you out of that jam!
Have you thought about getting sponsorships for your business? In this episode, our expert Linda Hollander shares exactly what you need to do to get your first sponsor even if you're just starting out. She shares how to identify potential sponsors, what sponsors are looking for, how to approach sponsors, and more.
Virtuals events are becoming more popular in the current times, but actually having a successful event and making money is way harder. Amanda Engler shares how to stop making messes with your virtual events and how to monetize these events.
For many entrepreneurs, running payroll and dealing with the financial messes in business is like learning a foreign language. We have had several episodes about this topic our expert, Charles Read, gets down and dirty with some real-life messes along with their clean-up strategies.
Forbes Magazine says, “In the United States, 45% of businesses don't make it past five years. 65% don't make it past ten years. Yet everyone who ever starts a business backs themselves to beat the odds. Optimism can be blind and naivety can be bliss, but is it possible to predict if a business will become a roaring success or a damp squib of a failure? The trajectory is only partly defined by the idea, the rest is in the execution of the idea. The quality of the execution is shaped by the doers. The leader and the designers and the marketers. The rest is up to market forces and the ability to adapt.”
According to our expert, Jeff Harry, we need more play in our life, “While we spend most of our time pretending to be important, serious grownups, it's when we let go of that facade and just play, that the real magic happens. Fully embracing your own nerdy genius — whatever that is — gives you the power to make a difference and change lives. Jeff believes that we already have many of the answers we seek, and by simply unleashing our inner child, we can find our purpose and, in turn, help to create a better world. Business is stressful. It's how we put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads, and how we share our purpose with the world. Building a business starts as a passion but then often life gets sucked out of our passion through toxic work environments. It could be from our team, low sales, or even from our own internal struggle. No matter where it comes from, we need to deal with it to reach success.
Before achieving anything in life, you have to know what you want. You have to decide if what you're doing is important to you, and that it's worth it. If it isn't, it's time to set new, more meaningful goals. Setting goals and achieving them has been something that many people struggle with. Our expert, Adrian Escalante, shares with us how working with non-negotiable achievements may be a better process than just creating goals.
There are so many reasons why we procrastinate and in this episode, you'll learn how to know why you are procrastinating and how to overcome it today. “Perfectionism is stalling in disguise,” says our expert, Eric Twiggs. Learn the 5 levels of procrastination and why fear is the leading cause of procrastination. As Nate says, “Stop thinking and start feeling. Think passion, not perfection.”
As a new business owner or even a CEO of a major corporation, we need to understand the finances of our business. For most of us, this isn't our expertise. However, there are a certain amount of specific financial strategies and problems we have to be aware of. Plus, we have to make sure they are being taken care of correctly or it could be our downfall. Charlie Poznek, COO of Do it! Marketing breaks it down for us in this episode.
"Turn off the social need for validation." This is some awesome advice in this episode with Krista Ripma, marketing coach, launch strategist and co-founder of Authentic Audience Podcast. This is one of our favorite episodes and we hung on every word Krista said. We also had a total blast so it's not only brilliant info but it's super fun too!
We get asked all the time about starting a podcast. Is it easy? Where do I start? Do I need one? On today's episode join our expert, Hernan Sias, as he talks about many ways to be a successful podcaster. After recording over 650 episodes doing his daily podcast, Biz Bros, he knows his stuff and shares loads of amazing tips.
Selling and confidence go hand in hand. Many new entrepreneurs find it difficult to sell their services and products only because they lack the confidence they need to promote themselves. Join our expert, Galit Ventura Rozen, who shares how to make selling and building a business much easier by building confidence.
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