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Author: Nick Murphy | Parentpreneur & Digital Business Coach

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As an NFL veteran turned serial entrepreneur, Nick Murphy knows a thing or two about discipline, ambition, and peak performance. This father of FIVE also knows that the struggle entrepreneurs face finding balance in their lives is REAL. That’s why today, Nick teaches Parentpreneurs how to accelerate the growth of their businesses so they can hustle less and earn more, all while being present to what matters most at home.
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Jordache Johnson is an 80's baby with a hippie mother who named him after her favorite brand of jeans. But he also helps online course creators, coaches, and thought-leaders learn how to harness the power of Chat Marketing to grow their list and fill their courses (or calendars) so that they can scale their profits to make a bigger impact on their audience and their family. In this episode, Jordache shares... How to take prospects on adventures then lead them where you know they need to goHow to take advantage of where your prospects are already communicatingWhy it's not too late to add chat marketing to your business in 2020 How to know when you're ready to launch a messenger strategyAnd more... Resources: Free 90-Day Parentpreneur Planner Guest Links: Instagram - @jordachejohnson Website - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – @coachnickmurphy Facebook – @coachnickmurphy Pinterest – @coachnickmurphy
Teresa is a native Texan, a proud Longhorn, and long-time Austinite. She is a high-impact leadership speaker, strategist, coach, and Founder of Daringly Great Leadership working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are making big and bold moves to change the world through their businesses without sacrificing their family-first freedom lifestyles.  She combines deep intuitive sense with her 25 years of experience working with and alongside leaders of purpose-driven tech startups, online entrepreneurs, and reputable Fortune 500 to Global organizations like the Smithsonian and the UN to powerfully align and scale businesses with high-performing teams and lion-hearted leaders. In this episode, Teresa shares... A popular misconception about how to structure your org chartWhy there is no one size fits all approach to designing an org chart in your business How important self-awareness is as you design your teamHow to hire without becoming a full-time manager Why getting comfortable with delegating important tasks is central to your growth And more... Resources: Free 90-Day Parentpreneur Planner Guest Links: Instagram - @daringlygreatleadership Website - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – @coachnickmurphy Facebook – @coachnickmurphy Pinterest – @coachnickmurphy
Shelli helps creators and entrepreneurs like you find your story of who you are and why you do what you do so you can change the world, help your audience heal from your story and magnetize the selling process. She believes that everyone has a story, and that when you get to the root of your story, what you'll discover is your precious truth. Once you uncover it - it becomes your SUPERPOWER. When you can articulate your unique story and embody it with confidence, people will not only believe you, they will buy from you. In this episode, Shelli shares... How to connect with real people in the digital spaceWhy you must share first so people can see themselves in your storyWhy you must move forward before the next step will be revealed to youHow to share real world lessons of how you overcame the problem you now help solve to grow your audienceAnd more... Resources: Free 90-Day Parentpreneur Planner Guest Links: Instagram - @shellivarela Website: Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – @coachnickmurphy Facebook – @coachnickmurphy Pinterest – @coachnickmurphy
Colin Boyd is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs sell from stage in a non-pushy or sleazy way. He keynotes at conferences around the world on topics such as persuasive communication and selling ideas. Colin is a Certified Speaking Professional, and his clients include Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero and Hewlett Packard. He runs high-level mastermind programs for speakers and content creators. And delivers his signature program Sell From Stage Academy which helps people turn every presentation into a money-making machine. Colin lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife and two little kids. In this episode, Colin shares: Why your audience's subconscious mind opens up when you tell your storyHow to share stories that show the audience how you got the results they want with the tools you haveWhy your offer is a gift that could potentially change someone's lifeHow to keep from becoming so obsessed with your business that it hurts other parts of your lifeAnd more... Resources: Free 90-Day Parentpreneur Planner Guest Links: Instagram - @colinboyd Website: Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – @coachnickmurphy Facebook – @coachnickmurphy Pinterest – @coachnickmurphy
Jill Stanton is the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five where she helps unsatisfied employees quit their jobs and start online businesses. Coined by Forbes as “a destination for up-and-coming online entrepreneurs,” Screw The Nine To Five has inspired tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs to quit their jobs, build thriving businesses, and live lives of meaning and purpose. In addition to her chart-topping podcast, her honest-yet-cheeky style has landed her on shows like The Sunny Show, Entrepreneurs On Fire, and Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy to name a few. Jill has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Digital Marketer. In this episode Jill shares: How to build relationships with affiliates in your spaceWhy to connect your audience with people you believe in How not to be a nuisance, but rather be a value add Why your audience wants to know what works for youAnd more... Resources: Free 90-Day Parentpreneur Planner Guest Links: Instagram - @screwtheninetofive Website: Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – @coachnickmurphy Facebook – @coachnickmurphy Pinterest – @coachnickmurphy
Chris Dorris is a Success Coach who defines success as having your life on your terms. He relies heavily upon Mental Toughness Training techniques and technologies in his coaching and his corporate speaking. Currently, he spends most of his time training high performing sales and executive teams in multi-billion dollar global companies. He is also working on his 3rd and 4th books and is a prolific vlogger and podcaster. In this episode, Chris shares so many takeaways. Including: How to trust that all the tools for success are inherent in your passion.Reminding us that everything you’ve done in your life you’ve done it for the first time. Why we should stop waiting to get what we desire. How to change your dream / desire into a decisionWhy making a list of powerful present tense statements about what you are creating is so powerful. Resources: Free 90-Day Parentpreneur Planner Guest Links: Instagram - @thementalcoach Website: Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – Facebook – Pinterest –
Jen Casey is a brain-based business coach, speaker, & host of the top-rated, Inner Boss Podcast. Through her signature program, Programs that Profit, Jen helps online coaches build, sell, & effectively run profitable online coaching businesses. When Jen isn’t working, you can find her jamming out to Broadway soundtracks, becoming best friends with every dog she meets, & introvert-ing on the couch with her fiancé, Michael. In this episode, Jen shares so many takeaways. Including: Why your core guides you.Why we filter current experiences through past experiences.How to figure out the source of your discouragement. How to decide what you need to do as a remedy for the problem.Why not to overanalyze what you want to say. Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram – Facebook – Pinterest –
Nicole Jansen is the founder of Discover the Edge, a training and development company that works with entrepreneurs and business teams to bring out their full potential and maximize results. A human behavior specialist and business breakthrough coach, Nicole finds fulfillment in helping others hone their skills and talents to become the best possible workers and leaders. For a mirror image of this episode, check out episode 22 of Nicole’s podcast Leaders of Transformation where she interviews Nick. In this episode, Nicole discusses how you can get yourself back on your feet if you’re feeling in a funk, how entrepreneurship requires its own mindset, and how we can increase our happiness and productiveness by changing the beliefs of ourselves and others. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:20) - Nicole chats about the chapter she wrote for the recently released book Power Up, Super Women. (3:30) - Discussing the “primary lie” we learn as children and how it shapes us, including Nicole’s own issues struggling with self-worth. (9:38) - Debunking the myth that self-worth issues can only stem from an unhappy childhood or poor home life. (16:45) - Three tips for modeling better behavior and avoiding instilling unworthy feelings in the people who look up to us. (22:44) - The entrepreneur mindset and where Nicole sees people get tripped up by their conditioned beliefs. (33:12) - Nicole endures Rapid Fire and makes her case for Nelson Mandela as a dinner date. (36:40) - Nicole’s parting piece of advice and a special offer for Transform U listeners (see Guest Resources). TWEETABLES: “We have the ability to change how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how we see the world around us.” “A lot of people who are high achievers are actually trying to outrun the idea of them being not good enough and being a failure.” “If you base your identity and you base your worthiness on external results, you’ll be on a rollercoaster ride your whole life.” “Change your words, change your focus, change your state.” “There’s a difference between having a team, and having a whole bunch of individuals working under one roof.” Guest Resources: Discover the Edge - Power Up, Super Women - Special Resources for Transform U listeners - Leaders of Transformation Podcast - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
David Schwendiman is an international business coach who works with both organizations and individuals, helping to empower them and build the careers that they previously only dreamed of. He knows that there are right and wrong ways to pursue a side-hustle and is happy to dispense with some tips so you can take up your passion even if corporate life still calls to you. In this episode, David relates his own experiences with failure and what he learned from it, explaining how embracing your own missteps can be key to entrepreneurial success. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:06) - David lays out the path he took to becoming a business coach. (5:48) - His successes and failures working in several different companies throughout his entrepreneur. (8:37) - Why David was able to handle his failure with grace. (10:45) - How there can be different kinds of failure, some more constructive than others. (13:08) - The ideal traits of a side-hustler and how you can pursue your part-time passion successfully. (16:47) - Coaching a cautious, casual side-hustler vs. one willing to take extraordinary risks. (22:20) - “Analysis paralysis” and David’s approach to coaching someone who wants to leave the corporate life. (27:04) - Important tips for growing your side business while still keeping a day job. (31:12) - Exploring employers’ changing attitudes toward side-hustles. (35:48) - A word of warning for side-hustlers who also signed non-competes. (39:39) - David plays Rapid Fire, dishes out important advice for his old boss, and leaves listeners with a parting piece of advice. TWEETABLES: "I had to fail to get the lessons that were going to allow me to succeed down the road." “I knew I was investing so I could learn and then, down the road, be very successful.” "When I watch someone fully embody what they're capable of, there's nothing better." "If I can get the internal dialed in, the external takes care of itself." "What allowed me to be successful is I started taking action Day 1 rather than studying and training and getting all my ducks in a row." "Action in my mind trumps the studying and the learning." Guest Resources: David on Facebook - David on LinkedIn - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
Time is a tricky thing. We know time is always passing and that we only have so much of it, yet society, culture and even our media tell us that we need to wait for JUST the right time for the big changes and turning points in our lives. But this way of thinking leads us to put off the necessary steps until next week, or next month, or next year... and then when look back and realize our dreams never came true. In this short episode, Nick wants you to rethink your concept of time and why you need to make it work for you rather than allow it to work against you. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: - How the old fashioned concept of time enables procrastination and settling for less. - The vital lesson Nick’s friend Mark taught him about time. - Debunking the myth that there’s a “right time” for anything. TWEETABLES: “There’s just never the right time—so the beauty in that is that there’s also never the wrong time.” “Stop putting time between you and your success.” “Today is the right time.” “Appreciate the time we have and use it to create a life on our own terms.” Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
Alicia Johnson should have a PhD in creating fulfillment from hardship! Today, she is a counselor working with those who want to conquer their greatest fears and take charge of the purpose laid out before them. Having faced immense hardship throughout her life, Alicia and her husband Steve now helps others understand and move beyond their own pain at Longevity Relationship Consulting. She firmly believes that we all have the ability to improve our lives as long as we are willing to take the necessary action. In this episode, Alicia lays out her troubled early years as a single mother and addict, explains how she came to terms with the pain in her life without erasing it, and traces her remarkable path through academia and the professional world. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:36) - Alicia recounts her earliest memories and formative financial experiences. (4:46) - The traumas Alicia endured at young ages, how she turned to drugs for refuge, and becoming a mother. (10:59) - Alicia’s repeated suicide attempts and why she didn’t have much in the way of a support system.” (12:36) - Her fruitful time in a career skills program and the surprising jobs she took on as a result. (16:20) - How Alicia’s emotional issues peaked, and her fortuitous experience with an evangelist. (21:44) - How she was able to move through her pain by revisiting her trauma. (26:20) - Getting her GED, working at IBM, and going to college in her 50s. (36:40) - The experiences that led Alicia to seek work as a counselor. (43:00) - Which figure from the Bible Alicia would share a drink with, as well as her parting piece of advice. TWEETABLES: “I was looking for love and I was looking for acceptance in all the wrong places.” “[Our mother] taught us to walk with our heads up.” “God changed my life in an instant, but He didn’t take away my experiences and He didn’t take away my pain.” “I had to face those lies that were seeded at that moment.” “The only way you can dismantle a lie, is with the truth.” “Take it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, and before you know it you’re gonna be through." GUEST LINKS: Longevity Relationship Consulting - Facebook: Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
You earned a degree, checked off the internship box, found a good job in your new field and are busy living life in your career when suddenly it hits you! "This isn't at all what I want to be doing for the rest of my career!" In today's episode we discuss the sunken cost fallacy and why it's never too late to start over. Goli Kalkhoran attended Berkeley Law in hopes of advancing social change as a federal public defender. It wasn't too long after realizing her lofty goal and earning her "dream job" that Goli realized that it wasn’t nearly as fulfilling a career as she had hoped. Instead of sticking with the vocation she had invested so much time, effort and money in, Goli left law, founded photo booth company Usie Booth, and now hosts the podcast “Lessons from a Quitter.” In this episode, Goli discusses how she concluded law wasn’t a good fit for her, how she went about changing careers, and why you should push back against the fears and anxieties telling you to stay where you are. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:40) - Goli explains what originally drew her to a career in law. (4:46) - We get into why law school is so difficult compared to other academic paths. (6:52) - Did taking law at Berkeley specifically put extra pressure on Goli? (8:20) - What about law pushed Goli to find a different vocation? (12:10) - Goli’s advice for those finding a law career to be a struggle. (14:19) - Her theory as to why the vast majority of employed people feel unengaged by their work. (16:42) - Goli explains the “sunken cost fallacy” and why it holds people back from making important changes in our careers and lives. (19:20) - How to calculate “opportunity cost” in our careers, and comprehending the upper limit of happiness that money can bring to our lives. (26:24) - How do we identify what kind of work engages us, and how to we proceed from there? (29:54) - Goli opens up about the pushback she received from others when she announced she wanted to change careers, as well as how she dealt with it. TWEETABLES: “The problem with law school is that a lot of people just end up going because they have no idea what else to do.” “And that’s the best description of what being a lawyer is: you’re just in a room by yourself reading and writing these very long and boring motions.” “You need to be honest with yourself about what part of the job you don’t like.” “A lot of times, we don’t tend to see our own superpowers.” “The minute you actually start opening your eyes to other things and really admitting to yourself ‘I am unhappy and I want to try something else,’ you just start seeing opportunities.” “When you start realizing the insanity behind these fears and what it keeps us doing, I think it gives you more courage to be like ‘You know what? I don’t care. I’m just gonna try something else and if I fail I fail’.” Guest Links: Goli's Podcast: Goli on Twitter: Goli on Facebook: Resources: Kahneman Happiness & Money - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
What if you could borrow the same secrets that the world's elite publicists use to create media and buzz for their clients but use them to set your personal brand on fire? You'd be unstoppable! Today's guest can help get you there. Janet Murray is a highly sought-after speaker and coach, assisting brands and business owners to promote their messages more effectively. She is also the host of the Soulful PR Podcast, where she helps people earn greater attention for the things that they’re doing in business and in life. In this episode, Janet discusses how you can borrow best practices used by the world’s top publicists and use those techniques to improve your resume and personal brand. She also offers insight into how to stand out in a crowded labor market, what to do to earn the respect of key stakeholders and influencers, and delves deep into her proven method for how to use LinkedIn to promote your thought leadership and personal brand to the decision makers and hiring managers whose attention you crave. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:14) - How Janet defines public relations and why PR is so important. (4:11) - The idea of “social proof” and why we take people featured in certain media more seriously. (6:06) - Skills and tricks used in PR that you can borrow to get more attention. (10:16) - How to get yourself into the publicist mindset and differentiate yourself in a crowded labor market. (14:12) - On taking stock of your career and always looking ahead at the paths available to you. (16:38) - “Training” the LinkedIn algorithm to work to your advantage when determining which content is actually interesting. (22:23) - Determining which factors contribute to the visibility and shareability of a LinkedIn post. (27:55) - How to start experimenting with LinkedIn and the power of just being interesting. (31:31) - What not to do on LinkedIn and being aware of how visible you are. (35:20) - How to make your personal brand stand out. (37:00) - Nick answers a listener question and shares tips for how to nail your next phone interview. TWEETABLES: “For me, PR is everything about how you show up in the world. It’s really just about how you communicate with people.” “It’s not really about persuasion, it’s about understanding what that person wants, what they need and [how] to be of service.” “I just understood that if I wanted something from somebody else, I couldn’t make it about me. I had to make it about them.” “It really is kind of about taking the longer-term view and thinking ‘What do I need to do to get in front of these people?’” “The easier you can make it for people to engage with you and respond, the better engagement that you’ll get.” “Do remember that other people are looking.” Guest Links: Janet Murray Website: Soulful PR Podcast: Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
In this week's episode, Morgan Field shares three critical keys to success. In our conversation we uncover why focus, curiosity and authenticity are some of the critical traits shared by people who are succeeding in their careers and lives. Through the stories that Morgan shares about her early years as a professional, her climb up the corporate ladder and her eventual decision to walk away from a lucrative career, we learn some great lessons that we can apply to our careers in the corporate world. Morgan Field is a corporate rock star-turned-entrepreneur and life coach - and a badass lady to boot! She's an expert on self-love, confidence, happiness and empowerment, helping people wake up to a life beyond their wildest dreams. Her business is currently operating in eight different countries and counting. In our discussion with Morgan, she talks about what made her such a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world and shares her secrets for climbing the corporate ladder quickly and easily. We also asked Morgan what made her realize it was time to move away from the corporate world and what skills she's developed that have enabled her to earn a six figure income AND become the best-selling author of "Epic Sexy You" in less than two years. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS SHOW: (2:30) - Morgan gets into what she does in her work, why she loves doing it, and the kind of freedom she values. (4:30) - Morgan's academic history, why she actually didn't want to go to school in the first place, and her early career struggles. (8:35) - What enabled her success climbing the corporate ladder and tips you can take away from her experience. (13:45) - The most rewarding experience that Morgan took away from her corporate career. (18:40) - Morgan's "Office Space moment" - the epiphany that pushed her toward the next stage of her career. (25:30) - Why you should take a step back and re-evaluate your definition of success. (26:50) - How Morgan overcame her fears and shook up her career, and her tips for facing your own anxieties. (29:40) - Pushing back when other people are pushing back against your choices. (34:30) - "Working backwards," giving yourself permission, and some of Morgan's other secrets to success. (37:45) - Morgan's vision for her coaching program and not being afraid to start strong. (42:15) - The inspiration we can find from children. TWEETABLES: "I basically created a life that I absolutely love and figured out how to get paid doing what I love." "Be so good they can't ignore you." "Every single thing we do prepares us for every single thing we will do." "Success now, to me... it's the amount of time I get to spend loving being me." "There's definitely more to life than chasing this title, chasing this position, chasing this next ring on the ladder." "As we chase our dreams, the people in our inner circle don't always respond the way we would expect them to." Guest Links: Morgan Field Website - Morgan's Book on Amazon - Morgan Instagram - Morgan Facebook - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
John Lee Dumas (JLD) is an entrepreneur and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast with more than 2,000 episodes spent interviewing successful business leaders. On today's episode, JLD shares his key takeaways from those conversations and what he's learned from his own personal experiences that can help you advance your business.  In our discussion John shares his story. From transitioning into civilian life after his time in the U.S. military, to his experiences in corporate America, his time in law school, and his decision to break out on his own. He also distills what he’s learned from the many successful people he’s interviewed that can help you grow your own business regardless of your personal goals. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:30) - JLD describes moving from military to civilian life and his surprise at the difference in attitude and work ethic between the two. (4:16) - Why JLD found the corporate world inhibiting and what spurred him to take his daring career leap. (5:21) - JLD’s advice for his younger self and the importance of perpetual self-awareness. (6:58) - His pointers for career-minded millennials and why they should consider shadowing professionals in the careers they want. (8:44) - The trick: finding your focus. (9:35) - Falling into the trap of “being productive in the wrong way.” TWEETABLES: “You worked hard because you wanted to work hard, ‘cause it could be a matter of life or death.” “If you didn’t train sufficiently, you might die when it came down to it.” “People... for the most part, had a different interpretation about what it meant to work hard.” “Give yourself time to become self-aware and check in, and give yourself time to actually think about ‘Hey, is my life actually going in the right direction?’” “Decide what you want, have a spark of interest. And then go actually see if that spark turns into a flame in the real world." “Every entrepreneur that I’ve interviewed is crappy at a lot of things... but they’re great at one thing, and they’ve identified that one thing and they’ve focused.” Guest Links: JLD’s Website - JLD on Instagram - Follow Nick Murphy on Social: Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest -
Laura Pennington Briggs is a former teacher turned entrepreneur. Through her Better Biz Academy coaching service and podcast, she helps freelancers turn their talents into profitable businesses. Laura is also the author of Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business: The Complete Guide to Starting and Scaling from Scratch and presented the talk “The Future is Freelancing” at TEDx. In this episode, Laura explains why she left teaching to take up freelance writing, discusses how you can pick the best clients for you, and argues that it actually isn’t a bad idea to fluff up your resume a little when starting out. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:00) - What Laura’s teaching career was like and what ultimately pushed her away from teaching. (4:27) - Why Laura out her PhD on hold and how she stumbled into freelance writing. (7:44) - Did she get any pushback for shifting gears in her career, and how did she deal with it? (9:37) - Why it was so difficult for Laura to leave Baltimore and her students. (12:18) - How Laura went about launching her freelance career and arranging her own TEDx talks. (14:18) - Laura’s tips for choosing the right freelance clients and projects for you. (16:34) - The best place to find freelance gigs as a newcomer to the trade. (17:17) - What Laura’s business is like on a day-to-day basis and how she sees it evolving in the near future. (19:30) - What was Laura’s biggest challenge starting her business, and a few tips you can use to avoid those hurdles. (21:47) - Why you shouldn’t be afraid to pad your resume a little when attracting your first few clients. (23:37) - Laura discusses a few other skills and trades translate easy to the freelance economy. (25:40) - The two biggest high points in Laura’s freelance career so far. (27:22) - Laura plays Rapid Fire and reveals why she admires professional women most of all. (29:17) - What Laura would do differently if she could start her freelancing business over from scratch. TWEETABLES: “Don’t spend three months thinking about your pricing. Give yourself a weekend to figure it out.” “Most clients care about the fact that you are who you say you are and that you do have the skills necessary.” “You can teach yourself a lot of really cool things and make it something that does become part of your expertise.” “My freelance business has pulled so much of my attention and in the best possible way.” “I still get to part of me that really enjoys education and helping other people, but I don’t have to do it in the structure of the public schools.” “I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. Let me go find someone who’s successful and see if they’ll teach me how to do it.” “Listen to your employees when they’re speaking up about somebody toxic in the workplace.” LINKS: Guest Resources: Better Biz Academy - “The Future is Freelancing” TEDx Talk - Resources: Website – Podigy Audio Editing – Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest -
Bob Paskins is a motivational speaker who lives with his family in the greater Portland area. Amping up large crowds wasn’t always Bob’s calling, having spent the early portion of his career as a Radio DJ and later as an insurance salesman. But after finding both jobs unfulfilling, he discovered the power of storytelling and realized it was a talent he could put to use for people’s benefit. In this episode, Bob explains how he went from Radio DJ to motivational speaker, discusses why trusting your gut is always the best strategy, why he thinks you should invest in online coaching, and emphasizes why referrals are so vital for solopreneurs. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:13) - Bob’s original life and career plan as he left school and how it ended up shifting. (5:44) - Why Bob felt unfulfilled in his chosen line of work and what had changed for him. (9:12) - What gave Bob the confidence to go from DJ'ing and selling insurance to consulting for salespeople. (11:58) - How he got started as a solopreneur. (13:35) - The highlights (and the struggles) of getting his business going. (17:00) - Considerations to make before investing in an online course. (18:58) - The highest high in Bob’s business over the last few years. (22:57) - Why referrals are so key to getting your business going. (28:33) - Bob plays Rapid Fire and explains why the Minnesota Vikings are often on his mind. (31:40) - What Bob would do differently if he were starting his business all over again tomorrow. TWEETABLES: “I could operate in a lane of fear or I could operate in a lane of faith.” “I had to make the investment in educating myself before I could go out and work with others.” “People that know you and believe in you want you to succeed, and they will help you succeed.” “I think I kinda had that entrepreneurial or that spirit of ownership in me from the start.” “What I realized was even though I was in the insurance business, I did not like selling insurance.” “What would happen if I was to take the insurance piece out of what I do and instead work with the companies basically to elevate them to the next level?” “I wanted to find an online program that fit who I was, and really placed a value upon finding that synergy between what the program was versus what I wanted to build.” LINKS: Guest Resources: Bob’s homepage - Bob’s email: Bob on LinkedIn - Resources: Transform U #009 with Grant Baldwin - Website – Podigy Audio Editing – Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest -
Cathy Weiss is a clairvoyant, intuitive energy reader, and self-described “personal trainer for your soul.” Formerly a teacher and yoga instructor, Cathy now works with women to provide them with clarity and a way forward through their personal and professional journeys. In this episode, Cathy recounts her experience fusing yoga and pole-dancing, relates how she became aware of her own intuitive gift, and explains how she was able to make some of the more difficult choices in her career. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:24) - What “energy” means to Cathy and the journey she took to arrive in her current business. (6:38) - How L.A. traffic factored into Cathy’s decision to change career path. (10:49) - What went through her head when deciding to open a yoga studio and how she went about putting the business together. (13:53) - The unexpected conception of Cathy’s yoga / pole dancing fusion studio, Yoga Flirt. (15:12) - What influenced Cathy’s decision to ultimately close her studio down. (17:56) - Cathy makes a case for why you might want to walk away from something you love, as well as how she personally dealt with shutting down her studio. (20:43) - How Cathy figured out the next steps in her personal journey after closing Yoga Flirt. (22:46) - The moment Cathy realized she had the ability to read other people’s energies. (28:16) - How Cathy successfully positioned her business and how you can frame your own in a clear and attention-grabbing way. (31:27) - What Cathy finds to be the most fulfilling moments in her new career. (32:51) - Cathy plays Rapid Fire and defines what success truly means to her. (35:41) - What would Cathy do differently if she could restart her career from scratch tomorrow? TWEETABLES: “People think they know what their energy is until they hear it explained.” “I didn’t realize how much I was tied and held by this business until I started the process of closing it.” “The more I sink into trusting my heart and my soul, the more I know everything is working out perfectly.” “I feel like we’re obligated to really, really listen to and trust our heart and our soul because it means we’re meant to move onto something else.” “What I care about is the results and 100% of my clients agree on the results.” “Any little bit of feedback that I get that tells me I’m helping anyone is such a huge win and helps me trust and keep moving forward with what I’m doing.” LINKS: Guest Resources: Cathy’s homepage - Cathy on Facebook - Cathy on Instagram - Resources: Website – Podigy Audio Editing – Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest -
Dustin Heiner is an author, podcaster and blogger at Master Passive Income. Dustin used to work conventional retail and government jobs once upon a time, but he felt constrained and unfulfilled until he discovered the world of real estate investment. Now he helps his clients leave corporate drudgery behind by teaching them how to invest in real estate and make as much money as they can without trading time for money. In this episode, Dustin explains why he walked away from his government job, reveals how he built a real estate business from scratch, and advises new business owners looking to get into the real estate game. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:13) - What pushed Dustin away from his old day job and why he found real estate to be a much more fruitful career path. (5:01) - What was missing from Dustin’s old job experiences the important lessons he took away from them. (7:11) - The ups and downs Dustin encountered building his real estate portfolio and what he learned along the way. (9:47) - What people looking to invest in real estate need to learn about the business to get started. (13:10) - Dustin’s rough and tumble path to learning how to do real estate “right.” (15:37) - The 6 different ways you can make money off of real estate. (16:45) - The moments that have made Dustin’s real estate journey, warts and all, worth it. (18:51) - Dustin plays Rapid Fire and reveals which book got him started in the real estate world. (21:11) - What Dustin would do differently if he had to restart his business today. TWEETABLES: “What I did realize that I could count on was somebody needing a place to live.” “This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme at all. This is a Get Wealthy Plan.” “I have other people, like property managers, realtors, wholesalers, inspectors, all those other people to do work for me so I don’t have to work and I can do whatever I want with my time.” “I was 37 years old when I quit my job and I will never get a job again.” LINKS: Guest Resources: Master Passive Income - Master Passive Income podcast - Free Passive Income course - Resources: Website – Podigy Audio Editing – Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest -
Allison Hardy is a business coach, podcast host, Huffington post contributor and self-described “Mompreneur.” When life threw her a curveball, Allison didn’t strike out but instead forged a new path that brought her even greater fulfillment. Through her courses, the 6-Figure Mompreneur podcast and network marketing, she helps other women set up their own businesses and side-hustles. Allison has been named one of Washington D.C.’s most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life Magazine. In this episode, Allison describes how she went from living off of food stamps to making six figures in just two years and explains why she wants to help other women achieve that level of success. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (2:32) - What a “Mompreneur” is and how being one requires Allison to prioritize her responsibilities in a certain way. (3:21) - Allison walks us through the early years of her career and reveals what shook everything in her life up. (6:37) - How Allison navigated between jobs, came to her lowest point, and found a new calling. (8:09) - Which essential training allowed her to make the perilous transition from art, to sales, to network marketing? (11:26) - The fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs Allison had to overcome to make her business idea a reality. (16:55) - Allison describes her service and explains who the right fit for her business may be. (19:19) - How Allison decisively dealt with impostor syndrome in the early days of her business. (20:51) - What drew Allison to her particular clientele, and what she thinks draws those clients in her direction. (25:40) - The high point that made Allison realize that all of the trouble she’d been through to reach this point had been worth it. (27:10) - Allison plays Rapid Fire and reveals the celebrity she’s simultaneously annoyed by and infatuated with. (29:16) - What Allison would do differently if she had to start her entrepreneurial career over. TWEETABLES: “I  knew she was the coach for me because she believed what she was saying.” “I had gotten us so deep that I needed to dig us out, and I knew that going to a 9-to-5 really wouldn’t dig us out." “I had to make something happen. I had to do something different.” “From the moment I remember, I always wanted to be an artist.” “If I hadn't hired a coach, I would not be sitting here talking to you today.” LINKS: Guest Resources: Allison’s homepage - The 6-Figure Mompreneur podcast - The 6-Figure Mompreneur Facebook group - Resources: Website – Podigy Audio Editing – Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest -
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