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Chris Cooksey and Coach Robb Beams covering current events related to Motocross/Supercross. Everything from amateur racing to training as a professional racer. We are not going to deep dive into any particular subjects, but we will be keeping you current. If you have any health-related questions, Coach Robb has more degrees than most people have cars. He can keep you healthy at your local track. Thanks to:EBC BrakesD'Cor
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With no race this weekend, I will give you a quick rundown of the silly season so far. Once Adam Cianciarulo announces his 450 deal the dominos will start falling.
I break down the 450 and 250 classes of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series. This is a cliff notes version, if you want to get caught up but don't have 4 hours listen to this. I will have you looking like an expert in 15 minutes. 
What to expect this weekend, where is Christian Craig and more! 
The Wick!

The Wick!


Get caught up on the happenings of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series. This isn't a deep dive into everything, but it will get you caught up on the pertinent storylines. 
After the 2019 MEC race, Eli Tomac explained his side of the Joey Savatgy conflict. 
It was a pleasure chatting with Pierce Brown, this kid is on his way up. I look for him and childhood rival Garrett Marchbanks to lead a charge of talent from the state of Utah. The RMX series in Utah is dedicated to producing national-level talent, and it looks like they are succeding. 
We touch on the likelihood of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series taking place in 2020. We covered some silly season rumors,  Loretta Lynn's preparation, and played a quick game of two truths and a lie.
Coach Robb Beams and I talked about the week that was. I tested a 1986 KX 250, Damon Bradshaw took a big one and we discussed Aaron Plessinger's future. As we grow, reviews and feedback are extremely important. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated. 
Coach Robb Beams and Chris Cooksey get into a lot this week, with Loretta Lynns right around the corner Amateur prep is a hot topic. Robb has some warnings to parents using unqualified "trainers," not only can it be unproductive, but it can also be downright dangerous. Additionally, we touch on COVID-19 masks, PED's in the sport, and much more. I hope you enjoy it! 
This week is crucial to Coach Robb, he has quite a few athletes competing at the Ranch this week. We broke down everything from parents' behavior to a past champion who returned after child pornography offenses.  
I started seeing Johnny Hopper YouTube videos a year or so ago and loved his sense of humor and brutal honesty.  I quickly researched him as I didn't know much about him or how he was qualified to be so critical of certain aspects of the sport. Turns out, much like the "Legend of Joe Dirt," the Johnny Hopper story has many layers. This sport can take raw talent and turn it into broken dreams, and unfortunately, his racing usually ended in heartbreak and disappointment more than glory. This sport has left more than a few of us broken and disappointed. The industry has a way of turning it's back on anyone who challenges the status quo. Johnny is using his newfound recognition to help make positive changes for the next generation of racers. Take a listen to The Legend of Johnny Hopper! 
This week we put a bow on the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National and talked about the professionals who start this weekend. The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series will hold the first and only event ever at the Ranch, and Ken Roczen won't be there. We discussed the idea of him sitting out the season and had some ideas as to why it is justified, yet still pisses Cooksey off. 
We run down round one of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series, the first-ever pro-national held at the famous Loretta Lynn's Ranch. We discussed the track, racing, rookies, and much more. Take a listen and let us know what you think. If you have a question, be sure and reach out; we would love to answer any questions.  Special thanks to:EBC BrakesD'Cor VisualsMotoXAddicts.comComplete Racing
This all started when Broc Tickle was fired from the Red Bull KTM team for a positive drug test. Unfortunately, Jason Anderson re-ignited the issue in a post-race interview. I was surprised by Aldon Baker and his implications about James Stewart, but you can make up your own mind about all this drama. Here is the original article: is the Jason Anderson interview that re-ignited the situation:
Following the controversial interview of Aldon Baker, Coach Robb breaks down the conversation. Cooksey knows a little, but Robb knows a lot and he gives us the science that supports or destroy's both Cooksey and Aldons arguments. If you want the science behind the conversation between Cooksey and Aldon, this podcast is for you. 
This week Coach Robb is jet setting across the country, so they recorded the podcast at midnight while Robb was at the airport. Before everyone loses their minds over the episode title, be sure and listen, as we break down why I think he is returning and spoiler alert, Dungey isn't broke. Robb told us how to train your inner breathing muscles, seriously! Robb has an endless amount of ways to improve human performance. EBC Brakes D'Cor VisualsTwo Four Speed MotoXAddicts
This is the audio from a Youtube video looking at Politics . Cooksey doesn't take things too seriously, and shares his opinion on the clown show of Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. Cooksey has been forced out of Moto Media, so maybe we can get him back  as a political podcaster?  Click for link to Youtube Video:
It has been a busy week for Cooksey and the Coach, jet setting across the country, to get some quality time with Daniel Blair and Producer Joe in the Batcave. After recapping their trip and appearance on Main Event Moto, they dive into the rider/team/agent relationship. This combination can be like holding a sparkler over a fuel spill, but the relationship needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Careers have been made and destroyed by agents, having one that can get a rider the best deal without compromising the team's relationship is incredibly important. 
We took this episode to explain FACTS about performance-enhancing drugs and why they exist in Supercross/Motocross, along with other sports. We explain in detail the flaws in the testing system and respond I respond to Steve Matthes's ridiculous claims about me speculating wildly. Here is a link to the story that started the beef and the links to back up our claims:
We discussed the upcoming round of AMA Motocross at Spring Creek and Geico Honda losing their title sponsor, Geico is gone for 21'. As always Coach Robb and Cooksey break it down and share their authentic opinions. Big thanks to EBC Brakes, D'Cor Visuals, and
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