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From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC Radio Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.
32 Episodes
Author, blogger, journalist, artist, Ed Newman has interviewed some of our favorite celebrities, including Kurt Vonnegut, Jonathan Winters, Buddy Holly, mass protests in the '70s, and more! These are stories you have never heard before. And they are straight from a person who was there! Sit for a moment and listen in as OWC host, Cirina Catania talks with Ed about some of his most interesting experiences.To find out more about Ed Newman, visit his blog, "The Many Faces of Ennyman," here.Our host, Cirina Catania, is all over the internet. She says that you can Google her and find out all sorts of "stuff!" But try this website first: love to hear from our listeners! And we're always up for your feedback, ideas for shows, or just a nice hell0! Get in touch with us: Write to OWCProducer@catania.usTo subscribe to OWC RADiO: Subscribe to the OWC RADiO Podcast here: on Apple Podcasts: with your Android Device: by email: on Google Podcasts: to listen on Stitcher?  Visit here: subscribe with your favorite app:
Months of research, many more months filming and editing, this movie tells the story of the Wall and its impact on the flora and fauna spanning over 1,200 miles along the Rio Grande bordering the United States of America and Mexico.The latest film by John Aldrich, "The River and the Wall," is a documentary he edited and helped shoot. It tells the story of five friends who descend the Rio Grande on bicycles, horseback, and canoe to examine issues surrounding the border wall. The film premiered at SXSW 2019 and received rave reviews from the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, Outside magazine, and a number of others. As of this writing, it currently enjoys a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.John's website gives more information on feature documentaries he has worked on. These include, "An Unreal Dream," and "Audubon," as well as a number of short films and music-themed works including the "Geo Sessions," a music series he produced, shot and edited for National Geographic.
Pt. 2 with Thomas Michael Mulligan covers the New Hope Film Festival and gives sound advice to others who might want to hit the festival circuit!Visit the New Hope Film Festival here.And learn more about Thomas Michael Mulligan by visiting his site.
Thomas Michael Mulligan, Actor/Producer, recently garnered an award for Best Period Short for "The Witching Hour."
John Heino creates 3D Photos, writes music, performs live as a keyboardist, opening for bands like Lynard Skynard and is completely elated he left the corporate world behind!
WDSE-WRPT's Patty Mester, is the President and General Manger of Duluth's local PBS station. She goes behind the curtain to give us tips on how to get our films distributed by the #1 entertainment brand in America.
"I shoot movies, brew beer, and ride my bike."Scott McLeslie, DIT, drone operator and cinematographer talks with host Cirina Catania about his recent work with Village Studios on some pretty awesome projects with major stars and a great team. He has some very interesting and amazingly candid comments about the future of the DIT's position with the production—and it is NOT on the set! We grabbed Scott as he was in his car and stalked him at the airport in Nashville as he was headed out to his next assignment. Listen in!
Lij Shaw speaks with OWC RADiO producer and host, Cirina Catania. He shares a bit about his Grammy awarded recording studio, The Toy Box Studio in Nashville. And if that isn't enough, we also get a chance to hear about his yearly adventures with Hay Bale Studio at Bonnaroo, and his sessions with some of the world's greatest musicians! They also discuss how Lij relies on OWC gear for his workflow and he shares detailed insight on its everyday use.You can learn more about Lij Shaw at The Toy Box Studio and listen to his podcast Recording Studio Rock Stars. His adventures at the Hay Bale Studio and recordings are available here.Please subscribe to OWC RADiO for updates and share this with your friends!
Bringing some of the world's greatest films to a screen near you.Cinematographer Dan Kneece has worked with some of the world’s most iconic directors, including David Lynch, Wes Craven, Quentin Tarantino, and Joel Schumacher. But did you know that he was an award-winning musician, that he comes from a very small town in the American south, that he has worked on more than one movie simultaneously, traveling across the country to meet deadlines with no sleep, and that his favorite camera is... nope, no spoiler alerts here! Dan Kneece's secrets are revealed in this interview with OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania. Listen in! Here are some links to information about Dan Kneece:’t forget to subscribe to our podcast at!
Aubrey Mozino describes herself as a "tornado in a linen closet." This intelligent, weirdly wacky actress has comedic timing and a big brain which comes in handy when dealing with her position at SAG. She talks with host Cirina Catania about her career, growing up in Philadelphia, studying the Meisner approach to acting with Bill Esper, and an organization she helped to start and to which she contributes regularly, "We Make Movies." Put your seat belts on before listening to these two women chat! To learn more about Aubrey Mozino, go to where you can see her comedy/character reel and her drama reel. Oh, and did we warn you not to get into a drinking contest with her? Yep. You'll lose.Never miss an episode, subscribe to today!
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