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Some dynamic duos solve crime, some commit crime, and some just like to talk about it. Get comfortable and let premier Denver criminal defense attorneys Russell Hebets and Colin McCallin break down legal issues for you in a lighthearted, easy-to-follow style. Whether you're looking for advice that might help you out of a jam, or you're interested in legal current events from around the country, or you just want to sound smart at a party, the guys at Is This Legal? have you covered.Credit to Jason Tohtz for his stellar sound engineering and epic original podcast compositions.
109 Episodes
Colin and Russ take our listeners to Utah as they discuss the murder charges facing Kouri Richins, a 34 year old mom of 3 boys who is accused of fatally poisoning her husband, Eric, with fentanyl. They go over the prosecution's evidence, possible defenses, and weird facts surrounding this case. Plus, an Is This Legal, and a new DCOTW! Take a listen!
Colin and Russ discuss the bombshell autopsy report that sheds more light on the homicide of Suzanne Morphew. What did the coroner find in Suzanne's system? Can Barry be charged again? Is there enough evidence? Who will prosecute the case? Do Colin and Russ think he will be arrested? All of these questions are addressed in this episode, along with a new Is This Legal and DCOTW. Listen here!
Colin and Russ dive into a listener-inspired case (thanks Jay!) involving Karen Read, a Massachusetts woman who is accused of killing her boyfriend, Boston Police officer, John O'Keefe. The allegations are that she ran him over with her SUV after a night of drinking. Her defense is that not only is she innocent, but she is being framed by a large conspiracy of law enforcement personnel to cover up what really happened. Wild, wild case. The trial just started with jury ...
Colin and Russ have a final discussion on Jennifer and James Crumbley, who were both sentenced to prison after their convictions for Involuntary Manslaughter. The convictions entered due to their failures as parents to prevent their son, Ethan, from killing four students in his school. Colin and Russ also discuss new developments in the Preston Lord homicide case in suburban Phoenix, and more on the so-called Gilbert Goons. As always, the fellas play Is This Legal and enjoy ...
Colin and Russ discuss the death of Preston Lord, a 15 year old boy who was allegedly murdered by at least 7 young men in late October of 2023. The perpetrators may have been associated with the Gilbert Goons, a gang of teenagers who have been linked to several violent assaults in the last 18 months in the Phoenix suburbs. After a 5 month investigation, charges have been filed against several young men in Lord's killing. Colin and Russ break it all down here and ...
Colin and Russ pick up where they left off in episodes 88 and 95 to continue discussing the accidental shooting and killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins that occurred on the set of the movie 'Rust" in October of 2021. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is currently on trial for involuntary manslaughter for causing Hutchin's death because she was the armorer in charge of the weapons on set. The attorneys also discuss what is next for Alec Baldwin, who has been re-charged with Involu...
Colin and Russ pick up where they left off in Episode 110 to discuss the guilty verdicts and convictions for Involuntary Manslaughter that came down for Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of mass murderer Ethan Crumbley. They also discuss the happy story of Robert Duboise, who was just exonerated of crimes for which he wrongfully spent 37 years in prison. Plus, a new Is This Legal, and a DCOTW. Check it out!
Colin and Russ examine the current trial of Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of Ethan Crumbley, who killed 4 of his classmates in a school mass shooting when he was 15 years old in 2021. Jennifer is charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, and prosecutors allege that she should have done more to prevent this tragedy. Will the charges stick? What defenses does she have? Is this an overreach by the prosecutor? Colin and Russ have the answers! We also have a new Is...
Colin and Russ discuss the trial of Kevin Monahan, who is accused of murdering a lost trespasser named Kaylin Gillis in her car who mistakenly turned into his driveway. The trial started this week, and the fellas talk about the case, possible defenses and stand your ground laws. Colin and Russ also discuss the charges facing Kansas City man Andrew Lester, who is charged in a similar case. We also have a new Is This Legal, and a fresh DCOTW. Check it out!
Colin and Russ are back to discuss the charges facing Jon and Carie Hallford, who abandoned the Return to Nature funeral home in Colorado that was improperly storing 189 corpses. In addition to the improper storage, they are accused of taking money for cremations they didn't actually perform. They face hundreds of criminal charges, and Colin and Russ break it down. Also, a new Is This Legal, and DCOTW!
Colin and Russ continue discussing the completed trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, who was just convicted of murdering Mo Wilson in Austin, TX in 2022. Colin and Russ discuss the defense strategies in more depth and discuss other facts that came out during the trial. Plus, a new Is This Legal and a DCOTW. Check it out!
Colin and Russ take our listeners to Austin, TX, where former yoga instructor Kaitlin Armstrong is being tried for the 2022 murder of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson. Prosecutors say that Armstrong murdered Wilson because she was jealous of the relationship that Wilson had with Armstrong's boyfriend, pro cyclist Colin Strickland. Opening statements just happened this week, and Colin and Russ break down the evidence, talk about prosecution and defense strategies, and of course,...
Colin and Russ continue where they left off in Ep. 96 to further discuss the legal woes of Rep. George Santos after he was charged with 10 new federal crimes in addition to the 13 he was initially charged with earlier this spring. We break down the allegations and discuss his treasurer, Nancy Marks, who just pleaded guilty to charges related to Santos and is awaiting sentencing. Plus, a new, listener-inspired Is This Legal and a fresh #DCOTW!
Colin and Russ pick up where they left Episodes 61 and 74 in their discussion of the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew. After 3.5 years, her body was found on Sept. 22, 2023. Her husband, Barry Morphew, was previously charged with her murder, but that case was dismissed by the district attorney over a year ago. What does the discovery of the body mean? Who will prosecute any case arising from the discovery of the body? Will embattled DA Linda Stanley get thi...
Colin and Russ revisit the Alex Murdaugh case. Murdaugh was convicted of murdering his wife and son in March of 2023 after a six week trial. However, his attorneys have filed a motion seeking a new trial due to alleged misconduct on the part of Court Clerk Becky Hill, whom they allege made inappropriate statements to jurors that may have pressured them to convict Murdaugh. How bad is this conduct? Will Murdaugh get a new trial? Will Ms. Hill face criminal charges...
It's almost football season, and Russ and Colin decide to tackle the case of the Chiefsaholic, aka Xaviar Babudar, a Kansas City Chiefs superfan, and alleged interstate bank robber. He's accuse of stealing large amounts of cash in a series of robberies from April- December 2022 and used the proceeds to attend football games and place heavy bets. Colin and Russ break down the tape to determine what's next for Mr. Babudar in the wake of his state and federal charges. Plus a ne...
Colin and Russ wade into the public dispute playing out between former NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher and the Touhy family, who were the subject of a 2009 blockbuster movie called The Blind Side. Michael claims that the movie did not accurately portray what really happened with the Touhy's, because he was never adopted by them. He has filed a petition to end a conservatorship by which the Touhy family have been controlling his financial affairs. The Touhy family has also...
Colin and Russ bring you the 100th episode of Is This Legal! They break down the newest indictments against Donald Trump from the approach of criminal defense attorneys. How will the prosecution prove their case? Are other co-conspirators in joepardy? What defenses does Trump have available to him? Will he get convicted? Plus, Russ and Colin wax nostalgic as they reflect upon 100 episodes of Is This Legal, and Colin reveals his favorite episode of all time....
Colin and Russ get into the fascinating revelations behind the investigation of the Gilgo Beach murders, which focused around four women whose bodies were found in 2010 and 2011 in Long Island, NY. In July 2023, Rex Heuermann, a New York architect, was arrested and charged with 3 of the murders over a decade later. Colin and Russ walk through the years long investigation and discuss the tools that police and forensic analysts used to get their man.
Colin and Russ break down the controversial Kansas Highway Patrol tactic colloquially known as the Kansas Two Step. What is it? Why do they do it? Is it legal? They bring on guest attorney and former Hebets & McCallin paralegal Pansy Watson who recounts her own experience with the Kansas Two Step. Plus a fresh Is This Legal, and as always, a new DCOTW. Check it out!
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Daniel Bingham

According to Andrew Branca, a leading attorney on the law of self defense ,said the Zimmerman case had absolutely nothing to do with Stand Your Ground. Zimmerman was having his head pounded on the concrete, which is considered deadly force, he was straddled by Trayvon Martin, unable to escape, he only option was to shoot to save himself. I suggest you take Andrew Branca's course The Law of Self Defense. Your lack of knowledge of this is appalling.

Oct 22nd
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