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The LGBTQ experience is more than just a rainbow flag, it’s a movement. The PRIDE podcast hosted by Levi Chambers celebrates every person under the queer umbrella with skillful journalism and engaging interviews. Ever wondered about the queer pirates of the Caribbean? How about the origins of the expression "coming out" or the queer history of the United States? Join us as we provide a platform to LGBTQ+ people with stories to tell — stories about sexuality, gender, love, laughter or anything that unleashes your curiosity. PRIDE’s weekly podcast from Straw Hut Media is guaranteed to let your mind run wild in a safe space full of wonderment. So come along, we’re proud to have you.
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Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Amid a national debate, one group finds itself in the crosshairs - the transgender community. Today, we’re diving headfirst into a hot-button issue that’s making waves in news and politics - the critical role of mental health support in gender-affirming care.This week, we’re speaking with Dr. Angela Rodriguez, a renowned plastic surgeon and the founder of ART Surgical in San Francisco. Dr. Rodriguez is a trailblazer providing comprehensive, gender-affirming care beyond medical interventions. She believes in holistic well-being and ensures her patients receive top-tier care, including mental health support, social services, and advocacy. We’ll talk about how she approaches comprehensive care for transgender patients beyond surgical interventions and the importance of mental health support in gender-affirming medical practices and how we can better support our loved ones in their journey.Learn more about Dr. Angela Rodriguez’s practice:
Wrestling and the WWE have been the cornerstone of masculinity since their creation. Despite the fancy colors and over-the-top costumes, bulging muscles, and manly screams, the queer community is still a part of this world. So, what would it look like if a former WWE star completed a full trans-feminine journey and returned to the ring? Today on PRIDE, we’re inviting Gabbi Tuft to tell us about what her journey from the ring to high heels has been like, how she is going to return to the ring to compete as the new age villain, and how she started a fitness brand that is helping countless women.
In honor of the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we’re releasing a special episode with a co-owner of the famous Stonewall Inn Stacy Lentz. In case you didn’t know the Stonewall Inn was the epicenter of the queer liberation movement and is considered a vital piece of history. Around the mid-90s the Stonewall Inn was on the verge of closing its doors for good. However, Stacy and a few other queer activists bought the Inn to keep its story alive. Stacy is going to tell us about why Stonewall is so important to queer culture, how Stonewall is giving back to the community, and what you can do to help support this important mission.
Yvie Oddly took the world by storm when she strutted her way to victory in the eleventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her unique style and boundary-pushing performances earned her a spot as one of the most influential drag queens, as recognized by New York Magazine in June 2019.In this week’s episode, we’re diving into the wonderfully weird world of Yvie Oddly, whose unconventional drag persona has been described as “the oddest drag queen in history.” Her drag persona, far from being a beacon of femininity, celebrates the strange and the extraordinary, inspiring a generation to embrace their quirks, stand tall in their uniqueness, and dare to be different.And for all you Yvie Oddly fans out there, get ready to add a new title to your reading list. Her memoir, All About Yvie, Into the Oddity, is out now. See more of Yvie and order book here: Yvie on Instagram here:
In 2022, Donia Kash made a significant mark in television history as the first openly nonbinary actor to lead a Hallmark film, portraying the character of Suzette in The Secrets of Bella Vista. This week on PRIDE, they share their insights from that groundbreaking experience. Plus, we delve into Donia's multilingual upbringing, and discuss their personal journey into the world of performing, including their martial arts skills.We'll also talk to Donia about their new movie on Tubi, Slay, where drag queens take slaying to a whole new level when vampires attack, what it means to be “out” in the industry as an non-binary person, and how we can retell so many characters' stories beyond the binary. Keep up with Donia on Instagram: Slay on Tubi:
Join us on a journey to Roanoke, Virginia, a small city in the Appalachian South with a vibrant, untold queer history. Despite its conservative surroundings, Roanoke stands as a resilient hub for LGBTQ+ life. In this episode, we welcome Dr. Samantha Rosenthal, author of "Living Queer History, Remembrance and Belonging in a Southern City." Through a blend of personal memoir and meticulous historical research, Samantha illuminates the hidden stories of Roanoke's LGBTQ+ community. We'll explore how these local histories enrich our understanding of American queer history and inspire a more inclusive future. Tune in for a compelling narrative of remembrance, resilience, and belonging.Learn more about Samantha and her work.Learn more about the Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ History Project.Support local book shops and find a copy of Samantha's book.
This week on Pride, we explore the profound journey of surrogacy through the inspiring story of Zarah Hilliard, a young queer mom and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Zarah shares her experiences as she embarks on her second surrogacy journey, helping same-sex couples start families. We also hear from Daryl and Randall, two dads who worked with Zarah to bring their son Caleb into the world. This episode highlights the significance of Surrogacy Awareness Month, the enduring bonds formed through surrogacy, and the power of human connection, support systems, and the diverse paths to parenthood within the LGBTQ+ community. So join us to celebrate the gift of life and the endless forms of family and love.
This week on PRIDE, we get a behind the scenes look at the hit Netflix series, Baby Reindeer with Nava Mau who plays Teri. ​​The darkly funny and intense seven-part series is based on the real story of Richard Gadd, who stars as Donny, a comedian who is relentlessly stalked by a woman after he offers her a free drink at the bar he works at. The series dives into the complex dynamics of obsession and its profound impact on personal identity and security. Today, we have the privilege of delving into Nava's dynamic career, her role as Teri in the thought-provoking series 'Baby Reindeer,' and her ongoing work in film and social advocacy. We'll also get a sneak peek into her latest project, All the Words but One, an independent short film she wrote and directed, with the amazing Lilly Wachowski as Executive Producer.
We’ve come a long way, Pride listeners. Six weeks ago, we started on this journey to better understand the queer history of the United States. And re-listening to this series, which we originally aired in 2020, we're reminded of how many extraordinary stories there are. We began by looking at the many genders in the indigenous nations of pre-colonial America and their persecution by Western explorers. We looked at the first settlers in the original thirteen colonies, the founding fathers, homoeroticism in the white house, drag shows in Harlem, and the beginning of the term homosexual. Today is the final part of our six week series on the Queer History of the United States. We’re back with best-selling author and LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini and we’ll also hear from Michelle Esther O’Brien, a scholar living in New York City who helped organize an amazing exhibit commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots with the New York Public Library back in 2019. 
Last week we learned that the 15th president of the United States, James Buchanan, may have been gay. Unfortunately, we also learned he was kind of garbage, so we’re not going to claim him. Today, we forge ahead into Part 5 of our series on the queer history of the United States. Not only is our guide, best-selling author and LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini, back to help us, but we also have John Beynon, professor of Literature at Fresno State University to teach us about the life of Oscar Wilde, and his contribution to the global conversation about same-sex love. So to put us in the right era: The civil war is over. It’s the late 1800s. And we’re going to go all the way until just before the Stonewall riots in 1969. That’s about 100 years to cover, so buckle in. 
It’s an election year again. And the first time we aired this series – A Queer History of the United States – was the last election year, 2020. This year, we have a record-breaking choice between the two oldest men in the history of the presidential race. And four years ago, they set that record for the first time. But we’re not here to talk about today’s lackluster presidential choices. Historically speaking, there hasn’t been a lot of diversity when it comes to United States presidents. In fact, besides Barack Obama, the position has exclusively gone to older white men. One of those white men (JFK) was Catholic and that was a big deal. He was also one of the youngest at 42. Another old white guy (James Buchanan) was… gay? Maybe. Today we’ll talk about him, his companion, and their relationship in the years just before the Civil War. Best-selling author and LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini is with us again this week as we dive into part 4 of our series on The Queer History of the United States. 
If you think about it, it’s kind of funny that almost everything we know about the personal lives of historical figures we learned by snooping in their letters and diaries. Without phones and email and DMs, the things that weren’t said out loud were only written down on paper and lucky for us, sometimes saved for posterity. Today on Pride, we’ll read some things that were written between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. There are some surprisingly suggestive letters between Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens,the diary entries of two women in Vermont in the early 1800s, and also a few pretty explicit letters from early frontiersmen. Best-selling author and LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini is with us again as we dive into part 3 of our series on The Queer History of the United States, which we originally aired in 2020.
When you studied the revolutionary war in school, you probably learned about Paul Revere’s midnight ride, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet “Common Sense,” and the Declaration of Independence. You might have even learned about Baron von Steuben, the Prussian Lieutenant General who whipped the American Troops into shape during the darkest hours of the Revolutionary War. But chances are, your history teachers left out the part where that same Baron von Steuben was probably gay. Today on Pride, we’re moving into part 2 of our series on The Queer History of the United States, which originally aired in 2020. Our guide is Dr. Eric Cervini, best-selling author and LGBTQ+ historian.  As we learn about the era of the revolutionary war, we’ll learn about two war heroes who were honored despite their transgressions. And one Lieutenant who was chased out of town.
The history of the United States is probably a bit more queer than you realize. Starting today on the show, we’re revisiting one of our favorite series: a six part deep dive into the queer history of the US, which we originally aired in 2020. Our guide throughout this epic journey is none other than Dr. Eric Cervini, the award-winning author, producer, and historian of LGBTQ+ politics. His first book, The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. the United States of America, was a NYT bestseller and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Today, in part 1 of this six part series, we start with the indigenous people of North America with Harlan Pruden, a First Nations Cree scholar and community organizer known for his work in the two-spirit community. From there, we'll move into the Conquistador’s effects on those native people, and finally, end with the British Colonies.*This podcast is not affiliated with Pride Media.
Today on PRIDE, we welcome Julia Turshen, a New York Times best-selling cookbook author and… powerlifter! Like a lot of us, Julia struggled with body image and the societal pressure to take up less space. Powerlifting has helped her learn to love what her body can do. We’ll talk about how she became one of the best-known cookbook authors in the US, her cultivation of a queer domestic life through her weekly Zoom cooking classes, and how Roxane Gay helped her share her transformative experience with powerlifting through a new essay collection.Julia Turshen’s ROXANE GAY & series essay, called “Built for This: The Quiet Strength of Powerlifting” is now available on, a digital content subscription.You can read or listen to it here (this link will automatically apply a promo code that gives you a 60 day free trial to Everand). If you already have an Everand/Scribd account, you can read the essay here or listen to it here.
This week on PRIDE, we sit down with Jim Fielding, former Disney retail president and author of All Pride, No Ego, A Queer Executive's Journey to Living and Leading Authentically. Jim breaks down his journey as a queer executive moving through more conservative spaces, how a love for a brand and fictional character isn’t enough to drive growth in your career, and how imperative it is to live an authentic life no matter what.  Check out Jim's book here:
What’s the cost of entering the public eye as a trans person? As the pendulum starts to swing back on queer rights in the world, we need trans advocates now more than ever. We sat down with Mercury Stardust to look back on the last three years of her time in the public eye, from her impact on TikTok to her New York Times Bestselling book Safe and Sound: A Renter-Friendly Guide to Home Repair. What’s next for Mercury, and would she do it all again? Despite the price she pays, Mercury is steadfast in her dedication to trans joy. Together with Jory (alluring skull on TikTok), she will be raising funds for gender-affirming care for the third year running with Point of Pride. Donate to Point of Pride here: a copy of Mercury's book here: Learn more about Mercury here:
If you don’t know anything about PrEP, the short answer is that it is a preventive medicine that reduces the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS with up to 99% effectiveness. While this is an incredible step in eradicating this disease, the new problem to solve is the distribution and access to the drug. In this episode of PRIDE, we sit down with Tristan Schukraft. He's the CEO of Mistr, one of the largest sexual health companies prescribing PrEP, owner of one of the biggest gay hotels in Puerto Rico, and, as Blade Magazine would describe, the CEO of Everything Gay. We’ll discuss his early career, why he feels that creating and running Mistr is vital to not just the queer community, and some advice to any future entrepreneurs out there.Learn more about Mistr here:
Today on PRIDE, we uncover the true history of the queer pioneers with Professor of American History at Washington State University Peter Boag. Having dedicated a large portion of his life to studying a broader American history in the West and its intersection with queerness, Peter has unique insight into the life and achievements of the various LGBTQ+ people during the turn of the century.Read Peter Boag's book, Re-Dressing America's Frontier Past.
Grindr, synonymous with LGBTQ+ casual dating, has reshaped queer community interactions since its 2009 launch by Joel Simkhai. Now with over 13.5 million global users, it's influenced late-night humor and news while facing scandals and critiques for its anonymity feature—intended to protect users in hostile environments, yet sometimes misused for spreading hate or unsolicited content.This week, Joel Simkhai introduces his new app, Motto, (now active in NYC) aiming to improve the queer dating scene. He discusses learning from Grindr's darker aspects and his vision for enhancing queer dating app reputations worldwide.Learn about Motto here:
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