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Breaking in Adulthood Podcast
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Breaking in Adulthood Podcast

Author: Ashley Carter

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Just like we have to break in shoes, we have to break in adulthood. It isn't easy, but eventually, it all falls into place and the fit is perfect. Sit back, relax, and relate as this 20 something-year-old as she tries to find the right fit into adulthood. This podcast is going to explore different topics surrounding adulthood and allow an open space for raw, honest conversations about them.
4 Episodes
Code-switching, societal standards, and "not being black enough" are all explored in this podcast episode as host, Ashley, and guest, Braden talk about ways they started their journey to loving and being true to themselves! 
This episode is surrounding the topic of parent's approval on their adult children's lives. We share our stories on instances where our parents did not approve some of our life choices. The guest on the show this week offers advice on how she deals with a lack of support from her mother on her career choices... & more! 
Hear about the shocking statistics about student loans, but the irony of college students being unemployed at high rates... Gear up to hear what my professor told me I had to do to get a job within the journalism industry... and get ready to answer the tough question of money or happiness? + so much more!
Learn about the host and creator of the podcast, where the name came from, and what you can expect from this new podcast!
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