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Talk 2 Brazil Podcast - The Business Connection
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Talk 2 Brazil Podcast - The Business Connection

Author: Tom Reaoch, Podcast Producer and Host

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Talk 2 Brazil, a leading English language Podcast about Brazil Business, Networking and Relationship Management. Tom Reaoch, producer and host Interviews business leaders in English sharing Global Business Opportunities and Experiences.
74 Episodes
Elliot´s life mission is to use business against poverty, from Founder Favela Experience in Rio de Janeiro now Business Development in India.
Tips how to engage with Brazilians, Business opportunities. Member AIIC, International Association of Conference Interpreters.
Avishek Nigam a unique business and cultural understanding of Brazil and India. Talks of multiple opportunities in each direction.
Talks of experience in Iceland, Trade Fairs, USA, Europe LatAm, Middle East. Cosmetics, Poultry, Brazil Exports.
Future Robotic Business Opportunities, Jobs, Online Training and Applications USA, Brazil, Chile.
John´s life journey, Newspapers, Yellow Pages, Podcasting, Leading SEO success for businesses, Canada and USA.
Elisangela Almeida climbed Mt. Kiimanjaro and a career ladder. Inspiration, preparation, teamwork, shared success, transformation, racial equality.
Virtual Connecting Mindset, International Mindset, "Just a a few clicks away, Brazil to China to Slovenia, Magic"
She Elevates Academy, OnLine Pathway for girls 8 to 14 to be confident leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs.
Kool and Konscious, World´s biggest marketplace for sustainable and ethical fashion. Eva Vucheva co-Founder
Brazil a place for foreign companies,investors for future success. M&A, Diversity, Attitude, Renewable Energy.
Multicultural Environment, Business Complexity, Cultural Awareness, Reputation, Skill Sets.Intercultural Communication.
Power of Podcasts for Reputation Building, Executives, Brands and Companies, SEO Ranking.
Storytelling for Business, How Brands reach China, Digital Marketing Strategy, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
Brands In Canada Post COVID-19, New Normal, Phase 2, Trends. Shopify, Human Content.
Automation, Autonomy, Robotics, Agriculture, e-Commerce Logistics, Innovation, Pittsburgh Robot Valley!
Never Go with the Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best and Avoid Business Disaster. Author, Consultant, Training
OurCrowd Global Summit, Crowd Vision, Health Care, Medical Devices, Robotic Solutions, Online Education, Food, Sustainability.
Women coming to Brazil for Business, Women working in Brazil. Confidence, Mindset, Can do! Be Yourself!
Exponential Growth, Cyberbullying, Happiness, Venture Hub, Singularity University.
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