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Khudania Ajay, Host and Founder The KAJ Masterclass LIVE, mission to help 100,00 entrepreneurs achieve growth using Content Consulting. KAJ receives masters from various fields, offering insight, information and simply learning. Ajay produces a LIVE almost daily on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Manca Korelc, Author," LinkedIn by the Book", Everything you need to know before you dive into LinkedIn Comments on the book: Includes 12 modules, amazing cool tools, tons of clips to guide you.
Kumbirai Chipadza, CEO Deutsch Connect links Sub-Saharan African businesses, organizations, people to the German ecosytem. Shares opportunities for African entrepreneurs in Germany.
Stuart Morgan, PDC Practice Development Consultants and Program Facilitator at EBDA Institut, shares how to cope with the urgent need for C-Level Selling programs to prepare companies to embrace tomorrow´s global business environment.
Priscilla Shumba, Founder helping early entrepreneurs in Australia and the world win at business. Author, Speaker and Consultant. Podcast Host at
Renata Thiebaut shares insight to her in-depth study on China´s e-commerce to help brands entering China. The report includes industries as food & beverage, fashion, cosmetics while exploring trends, consumer behavior and potentialities for Brazilian brands.
Talaya Dendy, Cancer Doula, Cancer Thriver, Cancer Health Equity Consultant, Podcast Host at Navigating Cancer TOGETHER, shares journey and business success.
Mateus Knabach Evald, Geological Engineer, Federal University of Pelotas, Engineering Tecnology/Geology, Kansas State University, Intercultural Understanding Hald International Center, Norway, shares how he became a multicultural global person and tips for networking and intercultural relationship building.
Steven Dossou, Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Author, DEI Advocate, co-founder Leadership University, Owner Sail Force Catalyst. Followed his dreams from Togo-West Africa to leadership roles on a global platform.
Bruno Santos shares his experience,tips, living, working in Australia and multicultural environments. Bruno is passionate about new technologies, applying innovation, optimizing processes, being part of a bigger purpose, impacting peoplé´s lives.
Venia Quirino, AstroCoach and advisory at Espaço Natividade in São Paulo, Brazil. Served for years as senior executive assistant in several multinational companies and now advises on how to bridge the gaps between talents, challenges, mind, soul, emotions and personal and professional accomplishments.
Astrid Rizzi, The personal touch to success. Founder of Great Start, pioneer in Brazil, Secretarial Recruitment. Specialist in Executive Search, Mentoring, Motivational Speaker.
Genesis Kemp, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, GEMS with Genesis, Author "Chocolate Drop in Corporatte America" Talks about professional and personal experiences Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
David Leister, Executive Director, Purpose Brazil, partners with faith-based entities and people across America to develop high impact short term mission trips to Brazil. David shares his view of Brazil, future and opportunities.
Jean-Yves Laguillez, Co Founder at Emotion Digital, experts in China digital marketing, shares insight about China as a collectivist society. Business success, WeChat and social networks in China.
Barry Rabkin, Author, The Steel City Startup Guide, FREE. Award-winning B2B Technology Marketing Leader. Marketing Director at Near Earth Autonomy in Pittsburgh.
Manca Korelc, LinkedIn Therapist shares tips on empowering companies and professionals to overcome fear in posting and social selling through 7 activities: Starting, Branding, Connecting, Posting, Learning, Engaging, Selling.
Dominick Domasky talking about his evolution from author to publisher, challenges, success. Offers clients full-service publishiing platform from concept to published author.
Evelien van Es, Owner, Founder Signature 4 Success, Mentor, Business and Life Coach. Discover Yourself to Discover your Clients. Author of Be Relentlessly Yourself and, Take on Life!
Daniel Bland, American living in Brazil, talks about the Fleet Latam Conference 2021, fleet and mobility managers, business opportunities, best practices from Latam Fleets. Free Registration.
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