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Today on the show, I welcome my friend Alex Fogassy, Air Force officer and doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford. We talk about: "What is Artificial Intelligence?" The difference between Narrow AI and AGI What the limitations and threats are of Narrow AI What developments in these domains (or lack thereof) portend for our future The parallels between transhumanism and Christianity ...and much more. Feedback? Email me:
Today on the show, my good friend Larry Chapp joins me to talk about Cardinal Cupich's amateurish foray into the realm of moral theology, replete with misappropriations of the late Pope Benedict XVI's thought. We discuss what's really going on behind the scenes, Cardinal McElroy's recent piece, the Universal Call to Holiness, and much more. Mentioned on the show: The McElroy article: The Cupich article: Larry's response: And don't miss: Larry's blog: Larry's new podcast:
Seminary, Faithfulness, and Moving East w/John Monaco Today on the show, Duquesne doctoral candidate and theologian John Monaco joins us to talk about his experience in seminary, remaining faithful in a church that is often faithless, and moving east--to the Eastern Catholic Churches.
Apologies for the lengthy delay since my last episode! Today is a solo show--I share some life updates (nothing major--just very busy lately!), ask for your feedback on what you want to hear on the show in 2023, talk about some recent developments in the news, and share some of the things I most appreciate about Pope Benedict XVI, who entered into eternal rest on December 31, 2022. Email me your feedback:
Today on the show we take a break from our regular programming to talk about antisemitism and the dangers of its counterfeit gospel. Using Ye's recent remarks about Hitler as a launching point, we discuss the rise of antisemitism on the political right and dissect Mit Brennender Sorge's, Pope Pius XI's encyclical to Germans in 1937, to talk about why and how antisemitism is antithetical to the Gospel and must be identified and condemned wherever it rears its ugly head. Mentioned on the show: Mit Brennender Sorge: Alexandra Valdez's analysis: Humani Generi Unitas:
On this week's installment, we banter a bit about film and storytelling and do a food-themed Misinformation segment before diving into our close read for the week: an interview of Fen de Villiers in the European Conservative. Then we wrap with our recommendations for the week (linked below). Breakthrough: 'Wakanda Forever' Review: 'First Man':
This week, we dive into Wes Anderson's masterpiece Rushmore before covering a misinformation segment that includes art vandalism, a malady called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, and Heidi Klum's halloween costume. Then we do a close read of Kat Rosenfield's debut piece in National Review and uncover what it reveals about the state of American political polarization today. Mentioned on the show: Rushmore by Wes Anderson: Why I Keep Getting Mistaken for a Conservative by Kat Rosenfield: Depraved Activism by Casey Chalk: Consider the Hummingbird by Katherine Rundell:
Today on the show, Andrew Petiprin rejoins for What a Week to talk about the crisis of our boys and how we can help them. We also revisit last week’s postliberalism discussion and talk about the strange case of John Fetterman, who concealed a serious medical condition from voters in Pennsylvania.  Mentioned on the show:  Alzheimer’s Study: Taylor Swift: University of Wisconsin: The Boys Feminism Left Behind:
Today on the show we review listener feedback before diving into a misinformation segment that features ice cream, Richard Nixon, The Simpsons, and mosquito magnets. Then we turn to Michael Hanby’s critique of post liberalism before wrapping up with some recommendations. Mentioned on the show: “Are We Postliberal Yet” by Michael Hanby: “Of Boys and Men” by Richard Reeves: “Uncorked”: “Master of Wine”:
Today on the show, we discuss the State Fair of Texas, John Fetterman’s absurd Senate candidacy, Elon Musk, the American Federation of Teachers, and Roger Scruton.  Links for things mentioned on the show:  Misinformation: New York Times: Saving Ukraine: Elon Musk: Close Read:  Roger Scruton’s piece: Recommendations:  A French Village: Johnny Cash:
NOTE: A previous version of this podcast had distorted volume levels on the audio tracks. If you have volume issues on your episode, delete the file and redownload. That should fix the problem! Our apologies for the error. -- Today on the show, lawyer and author Jeremy Christiansen joins me to talk about growing up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (colloquially referred to as "Mormonism"), the epistemology underpinning Mormon conviction, and how the house of cards that was his religious belief all came crumbling down in his late twenties. That's when he discovered the Apostolic Fathers--and never looked back. You can buy Jeremy's book here:
Today on the show, Andrew and I talk about the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and who might be responsible (and whether or not you can ask who might be responsible), nuclear war and what a time it is to be alive, abolishing the family, serial tree killers, Joan of Arc doing slam poetry, and the social contagion of TikTok-fueled imagined (or exaggerated) illness. Links: Hurts so Good by Suzy Weiss: Freddie DeBoer's piece: Der Spiegel on Nord Stream 1: Jeremy Christiansen's book: Jeremy Christiansen's interview on Creedal: 'Love in the Afternoon' at 50 by Casey Chalk: "Joan of Arc" Slam Poetry: Serial Killer in Oregon: Abolish the family!
On today's episode of Creedal, I'm joined by Dr. Abigail Favale of the University of Notre Dame. Abigail shares her intellectual journey from exvangelical feminist scholar to faithful daughter of the Church, and shares a helpful summary of the intellectual history of feminism that brought us to the radical conclusions of today's gender identity ideology. Along the way, she highlights some of the philosophical tensions and inconsistencies of modern gender theory, painting a far more beautiful picture of human sexuality that is grounded in God's love for each one of us. Dr. Favale's book, The Genesis of Gender, is available wherever books are sold, I cannot recommend it highly enough! The Genesis of Gender: Into the Deep: An Unlikely Conversion: The Genderbread Person:
Today on the show we welcome special guest Lauren Spohn to join us in banter about the British monarchy, which pub in Oxford is the best (!), wandering through medieval libraries, and the dangers of "progress." Andrew also leads a misinformation segment featuring Matthew McConaughey, Weird Al Yankovic, and Harrison Ford. Resources: Peter Thiel on the Dangers of Progress: The Great Canadian Mass Graves Hoax: Why Jean-Luc Godard Matters: The Right Stuff (read by Dennis Quaid):
Today on the show, Andrew Petiprin and I talk about Queen Elizabeth II before embarking on a misinformation segment about racially-motivated layoffs (yikes), blaming September 11 on the rage of white men, and the Department of Treasury auditing tax-delinquent IRS agents.  Then we break down Ed Feser’s recent piece, “Perfect World Disorder,” before leaving you with our recommendations for the week.  Andrew’s piece on the Queen: Misinformation:  Twilio:  The Atlantic:  Audits: Close Read: Recommendations: Optimal Work:  The Long Night of the Soul:  Does My Son Know You:
Today on the show, Andrew and I talk about: The importance of owning your own DVDs and CDs Blank Street Coffee, the stranger-than-parody coffee shop taking over NYC ( "What We Owe the Future" ( Slate Star Codex's review of the same ( J.K. Rowling's crime fiction ( Nerdrotic's "The Rings of Power is ABYSMAL" ( Send your feedback to!
Today on "What a Week," we discuss listener Justin's feedback for us on the purpose of art (and the travesty of an "AI Rapper"), and we do a misinformation segment that covers Meghan Markle, Bank of America, predatory lending, and California coping with climate change. Then we do a deep dive into an article in Tablet Magazine on "The Debasement of Art," and talk about where we agree with the author and where we think she missed the mark. We wrap with some of our recommendations. Our Close Read: The Debasement of Art The Meghan Markle nonsense California and Electric Vehicles Bank of America and Preferential Lending A Turning Point for Europe by Benedict XVI Out in the Great Alone (Grantland)
On today's installment of What a Week, special guest Bobby Mixa joins Andrew and I to talk through the news of the week. We discuss: Baseball Parks and Fields (and garish stadiums) Gummy Bears Wind Turbines Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" Installment The decline of the University and Federal student loan bailouts And much more! Links mentioned: William Deresiewicz's article Wind Turbines and Gummy Bears The Strange Capital Records Saga The Podcast Movement Incident Put Down the Woke Man's Burden (James Hankins) The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) The Idea of a University Follow Zac Follow Andrew Follow Bobby
On today's installment of What a Week, we run a misinformation segment that covers Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc, Anthony Fauci, the shelving of Batwoman (at a cost of $90 million to Warner Brothers), and more. Then we talk about "progress studies," reviewing this 2019 essay from Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen: We finally share some recommendations--links below. The White Sox Ballpark in Chicago that Never Was (CBS Sports) The Offer (Paramount+) And since Jurassic Park makes so many appearances in this episode, check out Andrew's latest for the Catholic Herald here:
Today on the show, my friend Larry Chapp rejoins me for a discussion about Desiderio Desideravi, the Pope's comments on the development of dogma, moral theology, and more. Larry's article on Desiderio Desideravi: Larry's article on Proportionalism and the Pope:
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