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Are you by your lonesome?
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Are you by your lonesome?

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Three friends talking about everything and nothing all at once.
5 Episodes
On the fourth episode of the pod, we go a bit all over the place. Conversations go from lighthearted topics like ASMR, to how social media affects teenagers.
This week’s podcast goes a bit wild as Drew, Lyd, and Belle take a swing at prank calling. Be sure to listen to find out our thoughts on Easter egg hunts, Beyoncé’s album, “Lemonade”, la croix, and Lydia’s mom's goofy souvenir.
episode two is full of bugs, scares, and conspiracies this week. tune in to hear Drew’s stories about his little visitors, Lydia’s favorite conspiracy theory, and Isabelle’s opinion on the Disney Channel TV show “Jessie".
in this weeks episode, we discuss so many ins and outs of what’s been going on in the mind of Drew, Belle, and Lyd. since it’s our first episode ever recorded, it’s a bit sporadic and messy, but we hope our transformers, dairy, and roller coaster talk makes it worth it.
this a sneak peek of “the lonesome pod”, a fun little podcast three best buds (drew, belle, and lyd) decided to create so they could document their dumb and dorky memories. stay for laughs, giggles, and the occasional “lol”. subscribe on podbean, apple podcasts, and spotify to hear more :)
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