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Moving to Denver

Author: Haley Bartlett - Realtor

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Moving to Denver is about the process of moving and all the great reasons you may want to consider moving to Denver. We will tackle things like how to make a move and avoid becoming a hermit, why Denver is a great place to live, some of the downfalls of living in Denver and all kinds of moving talk.
25 Episodes
Day Hikes from Denver

Day Hikes from Denver


Here are 10 great hikes you can do in a day within a short drive from downtown Denver! Moving to Denver Podcast Season 3 Episode 8    
Denver Festivals

Denver Festivals


On this episode of the Moving to Denver Podcast we talk about all of the fun Festivals (well ok not all, I would bore you to tears if I tackled all of them) but we talk about the Denver Festivals you need to check out!
Well we are holding on to our hats here because things have changed in the Denver real estate market since my episode 2 weeks ago!
Winter in Denver

Winter in Denver


Join me for a chat about Winter in Denver.  Ever wondered if you could survive living in Denver because of the snowy winters, well let me enlighten you a little!
This episode we jump in and take a quick look at what the Denver Real Estate Market may look like in 2020! Moving to Denver? Reach out to me at
This episode we go more in depth on renting in Denver and the best way to go about it.
Moving to Denver Podcast - Todays episode we have a quick chat about the practical and emotional logistical pieces of moving.
Moving to Denver Podcast - Our guest today is Heidi Schlaefer from  Heidi is a successful travel writer/blogger and Mayor of the Heiditown community She focuses on travel within Colorado and a smidge outside the borders.  
What are the must know things when moving to Denver?  I cover a whole list here in this episode of The Moving to Denver Podcast.  From Beer to Child Care you can't miss this list!
In this final episode of Season 2 we talk about some of the intricacies of buying a home in the Denver market.  Buying a home in Denver can be very different to buying a home in Australia or the South Carolina market, here are some of the things you can expect to need and see when buying a home, Denver CO.
On this episode of the Moving to Denver Podcast we chat about denver public transportation map and options.  Whether you are visiting Denver or moving here this episode gives you a quick overview of your public transport options.
This is a quick episode on some basic cost of living information on the Denver area.  Many people coming from the midwest or southern states get sticker shock when moving to Denver.  Hopefully this info will help a little give a clearer picture on some of the cost of living factors in Denver
Moving to Denver Podcast Season 2 - Episode 3 - Walkable areas to live in Denver.  This episode is a quick overview of some of the more walkable areas in Denver and in the surrounding suburbs. Looking for more information
Moving to Denver? Here are some great activities you can check out when visiting or moving to Denver.  Check out the Moving to Denver Podcast for other information on moving to the Denver area. 
Moving to Denver podcast tackles Denver school options. If you are moving to the area and wondering about schooling for your kids, check out this episode.  Need more help, contact me
I speak to Katherine McGraw Patterson also known as coach KP about her 20 moves around the world and how she always ends up back in Denver.  KP talks about her expat life and the challenges she has faced while moving.
This moving to Denver podcast episode is a quick chat about the things to love and hate about Denver and surrounding areas.  If you are thinking of moving to Denver this is one you will want to check out. To contact me for questions
This episode briefly covers the top things to consider when it comes to deciding where to move in the Denver area.  The Denver metro area is pretty big so narrowing down which side of Denver to love on can help immensely!
In this episode I speak to Melissa Worme who has been through several overseas moves in her short lifetime. Melissa talks about handling moves with curiosity and positive outlook to make it easier on everyone. She shares her life lessons in what to do and what not to do to make big moves easier.
In episode 3 I chat to Destiny Dehaven about moving from Hawaii to a small town in Wyoming and then onto Denver.  Destiny is also a life coach and has some great insights on how to handle a move.  Destiny and her husband live in Greeley, CO.
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