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Author: Cassandra Newbould

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Discussing all things fat in literature, art, entertainment, and life.
23 Episodes
I chat all things fat with RDN Whitney Catalano, creator of the Trust Your Body Project. We talk about how fat isn't a feeling, weight stigma, the effect of trauma from being bullied while fat, resources for the fat acceptance movement, and how language plays a part in education of normalizing body diversity at a young age
Today we chat all things fat with KAZU JONES AND THE DENVER DOGNAPPERS author Shauna Holyoak. We talk transparency in publishing, debut year tips, online pitch contests, and the need for body diverse main characters in kidlit as the norm, not the exception
I chat all things fat with FAT GIRL ON A PLANE and DAY ZERO author Kelly Devos. Tune in to hear us discuss why the world needs more girl coders, fat fashion, who the denim diaper was invented for, judgement within the fat community, books featuring weight loss, and what to do when your jeep gets stuck in the swamp
A talk with upcoming THE CANDLE AND THE FLAME author Nafiza Azad about life as a debut author, how language plays a role in writing, and how the support of family makes a huge difference when you're fat.
A talk with upcoming GLITCH KINGDOM author Sheena Boekweg about fat rep in kidlit, tropes she’d love to see on the page with fat mcs, and how social media plays a role when you’re a fat author.
Blink YA Books editor Hannah and I discuss the positive effects of publishing body diverse stories, why fat rep matters, how publishing is changing, what she's looking to acquire & more!
We discuss the importance of YA f/f and ace rep, the importance of not trading values for a quick sale, Linsey's path to publishing, pushing the convo for body diversity in kidlit, finding your people to survive the writer’s life and more!
Plus This co-host, actor, and writer Kathy Deitch and I discuss lack of fat rep in Hollywood, fat stigma on Broadway, how diet culture started, the effect of fatphobic language in the home, standing up to your dr & more!
Gallt & Zacker literary agent Linda Camacho and I discuss the need for fat rep in kidlit, the path to querying, the importance of seeing yourself in books and movies, positive fat rep, what she's looking for next, and more!
*Content Warning: Diet and disordered eating* Alexa and I discuss the issues that an app like WW for kids can create. We also talk about how to become a librarian and what that job truly is like, her path to publication and more!
Brenda and I discuss finding your community in Pitch Wars, submission tips, writing fat mcs, how to push the convo for fat acceptance, de-stressing at conferences & more!
PJ Gardner and I discuss following your dreams in your 40s, accepting writing help through beta feedback, surviving query rejections, how the only thing that matters in the end is that you write, fat stigma, and more!
Captain Awkward and I discuss her path to creating an advice column, how to own living in a fat body, how parents might raise kids with disordered eating in their quest for thinness, tips for finding a HAES DR, honoring your partner's size while adjusting your fatphobic gaze and more!
Rebecca and I discuss growing up in a religious home and how it changed her writing, the Nike plus-size workout wear uproar, life as a Wattpad star, growing a thick skin from rejection, writing without harm, writing fat characters, and more!
Ashley and I discuss her path to publication, writing picture books, how diet culture changes society’s view of bodies, changing media to normalize body diversity, cute plus size clothes, yes, fat people can be fashionable, and more!
In part 2 of chatting all things fat with SMASH IT author Francina Simone we discuss health care for fat people, when skinny people give advice about your body because they “care”, when body autonomy is taken away from girls at a young age when puberty hits, why MG stories are so important, especially upper MG and more!
Francina Simone discusses her OTHELLO retelling SMASH IT, life long effects of body dysmorphia, sisterhood, why moving matters, drinking on the Seine, kids and traveling, her path to publication, Booktubing and more!
Chris shares some of his poems in his MG debut ALL OF ME and we discuss the path to debut, writing in verse, the need for revisions, why boys need positive fat rep too, how detrimental diets are for kids, how to be happy with your body as it is in that moment and more!
**CW: this episode features talk about disordered eating and body dysmorphia** I chat all things fat with WITHIN and WITHOUT author Deborah Maroulis. We discuss the need to celebrate puberty and changing bodies with positivity, humans relationship with food, media, and diet culture and how it effects our relationship with our bodies, the need for more studies about stress and weight, and more.
Claire and I discuss the path to releasing a debut and sophomore novel, her happy, fat, Black girl magic stories, the need for more college age YA books, & more!
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