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Author: Amy Perkins

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In 2016, after the death of my college best friend, I woke up. On the path to my awakening, I walked away from my 25-year career. To get to that place took creating a new me.

My journey started with a gift. A key, engraved with the word BELIEVE.
We all deserve to live a life that sets our soul on fire. I found the key to unlock that future for us all. Join me.
BELIEVE... it's the key to everything. -
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More about why I founded Keys to Courage at:
Out of Alignment After I woke up, I realized how out of alignment my life was. I’d spent the best part of the last 45 years avoiding failure at all cost. Unintentionally setting myself up to live a life riddled with a bad case of imposter syndrome. I needed to make a change. I was DESPERATE to make a change. That change came in the form of a book. A 5 Second Rule that would set me on a path to annihilate self-doubt. Learn more about that book here: Sign up for my newsletter: Follow me on Instagram: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Follow me on YouTube:
Sign up for my newsletter: Follow me on Instagram: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Follow me on YouTube:
She Needed My Key

She Needed My Key


Learn more about why I founded Keys to Courage at: Follow me on Instagram: LinkedIn: Blog:
Manifesting Mel Robbins

Manifesting Mel Robbins


After I read The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, I knew I had to meet her. That rule got me out of my head and doing those things I didn’t want to do, 5 seconds at a time. I wrote that down. “I will meet Mel Robbins.” Our minds are powerful. If you desire something enough and take action to get there, anything is possible. Even manifesting Mel Robbins to coach you.
The past two years have been a journey into self reflection. Uncovering the root cause of how I ended up lacking courage or confidence as a middle aged mom of two. Talk about an Oprah-esque AH-HA moment. When everything becomes clear it’s as if you fit the last puzzle piece into place. My wish is that my journey out of self-doubt will help you out of yours. My belief is when we can identify the cause, we can take steps to let go and write our own story. The true story. The one our soul is meant to live.
The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude


Sometimes we need to have a breakdown to make a breakthrough. My breakdown happened October 11, 2016 and my life has never been the same. BELIEVE… it’s the key to everything. Learn more about why I founded Keys to Courage at: Follow me on Instagram: LinkedIn: Blog:
Learn more about why I founded Keys to Courage at: Follow me on Instagram: LinkedIn: Blog:
If you have the desire for something, you BELIEVE it is possible, and you take ACTION toward that goal, you can make anything happen. Find out how my husband took his company’s lowest performing office in the nation to the highest, and manifested a trip to Jamaica.
One of the most powerful things to come out of finding my courage and building confidence is the effect it has had on my children. They have seen me make things that are seemingly impossible, possible. Time and Time again they see that when you have the desire for something and you believe it is possible that there are no dreams too big. Even getting a chance to talk to your movie star crush as my teenage daughter saw first hand.
When Tracy passed away I was determined to share her story with the world. I had no idea quite how this would unfold, but I knew it would. She always wanted to write a book but never got that chance. Today I'm sharing one of the lessons the world needs to learn from this beautiful soul. It's a lesson in gratitude and being sure you express gratitude to those you love often and leave nothing left unsaid. Write someone you love a letter today. Not a text or an email but a letter. You will give them a gift that money can't buy.
Pick Yourself

Pick Yourself


Seth Godin has a saying. I heard it and a lightbulb went off.. "PICK YOURSELF." Sounds simple but it's something I think so many of us don't do. We wait for others to deem us worthy, for others to give us permission. Today I share the power that is possible when we've had enough waiting for someone else to solve a problem and we step up and choose ourselves.
The day I posted my first video on-line, I was terrified. Some people WANT to be on TV or video. That wasn't me. At an after party in San Francisco a stranger told me something that I couldn't get out of my head. The next day, after getting one on one coaching by Mel Robbins at Creative Live, I pushed through massive fear and with the help of my nine year old posted my first YouTube video. Was it terrifying yes. Do I regret it? Heck no.
While I was on-stage getting one on one coaching from Mel Robbins, it was hard to remember what exactly she told me. It was surreal, an out of body experience. Lucky for me my husband was taking copious notes. I'm sharing the 4 major takeaways with you in hopes that my coaching can make as much of an impact for you as it did for me.
Embrace your age. Start loving birthdays like I do and my birthday gift to you.
Don't over complicate things. You don't need to have everything figured out before you start. You just need to start.
I Quit

I Quit


Our greatest struggles become our biggest periods of growth. While I didn't see it that way at the time, now I know that this all unfolded for a reason. I was meant to get out of that position and out teaching in a completely different way, surrounded by people who valued what I had to offer. Listen to those whispers in your soul. They never steer you wrong.
The Five Second Rule book by Mel Robbins had such a profound impact on my life, a year after I discovered it, I knew I had to work for her team. So I asked for a job, that didn't exist, in front of a group of 2,000 people. The answer I got was better than anything I could have ever anticipated.
Seth Godin's Gift

Seth Godin's Gift


What do you get someone who has changed your life? You try to get the impossible. All I wanted for Dr. Joelle Speed's birthday was for Seth Godin to email her a Happy Birthday wish. I did not know HOW I was going to make this happen, I just knew I WOULD. Anything is possible when you believe it to be true.
For 25 years I worked in education. It's a field full of predominately women. That environment is a breeding ground for gossip. If people could understand the WHY behind gossip I believe they'd stop. As a company culture coach, I've transformed an office is less than a year. One that was riddled on and off with gossip and unhealthy communication patterns. When given the tools, any workplace can transform into one of unity and peace.
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Keme B

Wow Amy! words can't express what this episode did for me. Your level of faith/belief is pretty darn amazing. I am so glad your daughter is getting to see how this can change your life. Thank you for sharing

Jun 11th
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