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Author: Jack Heald & Matthew Thornton

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The Cult Your Brand Podcast is about the art and science of transformation. Whether at home, in a family, a non-profit, a business or a country, we talk to people who have successfully transformed themselves or a culture. We learn their stories: the struggles they faced, the obstacles they overcame, the "solutions" that failed, and their ultimate successes. Join us for the conversation.
7 Episodes
Matt Armstrong was miserable. He weighed over 400 pounds. Everything he did required more energy than he had. His world shrank to the distances he could walk - which wasn't much. Then one day, he made one tiny decision. And it changed literally everything in his life. Losing over 200 pounds in just over 2 years is only part of his remarkable story of transformation.Guest: Matt ArmstrongTwitter: @theaccountabil4Website: The Diet Fix 
The judge gave her the maximum prison sentence "because she knew right from wrong." That's when Michelle Cirocco began her personal transformation. From the bottom in prison, Michelle has risen to the C-Suite in one of the most innovative - and healthy - corporate cultures in America.How did she do it? And how can we transform our own personal, corporate and civic cultures into what we really want them to be?Well, we could start by listening to people like Michelle Cirocco. Host: Jack HealdGuest: Michelle CiroccoTwitter: @mciroccoCompany Website: Televerde.comNon-Profit Foundation: Arouet Foundation 
An wide-ranging conversation between hosts Jack Heald and Matthew Thornton covering the two hemispheres of our brains, how it affects our thinking, flow state and meditation.Show ReferencesThe Righteous Mind by Jonathan HaidtPersonality and Its Transformation by Jordan B. PetersonBob Roth interviews Jerry Seinfeld: Success Without Stress
When AJ Patton heard a pitch for a solar energy project, he realized he could solve two huge social problems at once: affordable housing and renewable energy. He quit his job as an investment banker to fulfill his vision. His new company, 548 Capital, combines solar energy with low-income housing in one of the neediest areas in America: the south side of Chicago. And he is succeeding where others don't even dare to try. We talk with AJ about how is able to win the support of communities that are traditionally hostile to development work. His story is one worth hearing.Host: Jack Heald & Matthew ThorntonGuest: AJ PattonWebsite: 548 Capital
Katherine Halpin had a lifetime of failure and disappointment. A look in the mirror revealed the source of her problems. So she swallowed hard and got busy changing her attitudes and adopting new habits. Her story of personal transformation will inspire anyone - in personal or business life - who struggles to "get over the hump."Hosts: Jack Heald & Matthew ThorntonGuest: Katherine HalpinMentioned in the show:Planner PadsAlignment for SuccessRespond Not React Playbook
Sean Zimmerman created a better kind of real estate office. It's cleverly disguised as a coffee shop, restaurant and co-working space. His ideas on how a workspace reflects a company's values led him to create a productive, social, and collaborative workspace that serves not just his company, but makers and creators throughout the Valley of the Sun.Hosts: Jack Heald & Matthew ThorntonGuest: Sean ZimmermanMentioned in the podcast: Launch Real Estate Schmooze Workspace & Coffee
Roseann Higgins, the Millionaire Matchmaker, transforms the most intimate relationships anyone experiences: marriage. Her success as a matchmaker is absolutely unrivaled. For 25 years she's found the perfect life partner for eligible bachelors in Phoenix and beyond. She drops in to talk about what makes a successful relationship culture on this episode of The Cult Your Brand podcast.Host: Jack Heald & Matthew ThorntonGuest: Roseann Higgins
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