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Author: Jack Heald

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On "The OZExpo Podcast", host Jack Heald has conversations with people who really know the Opportunity Zone market. From investors, fund managers and developers to tax experts, politicians and attorneys, if it involves Opportunity Zones, you’ll hear the most influential voices on "The OZExpo Podcast."
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Erik Hayden, the founder of Urban Catalyst, was redeveloping downtown San Jose long before the Opportunity Zone program came into being. When the OZ program was created and designated much of old San Jose as opportunity zones, he didn't miss a stride. He created an Opportunity Zone fund so that his investors could grab OZ tax benefits, and then kept right on going.His single-minded focus on San Jose and only San Jose makes him the premier OZ developer and fund manager for Silicon Valley.Erik Hayden is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Guest:Erik HaydenWebsite: urbancatalyst.comHost: Jack Heald
John Lore left his home in the desert canyons of Utah for the concrete canyons of New York City. His Capital Fund Law Group was in such demand in the Big Apple that it made more sense to move his business. After a stint in Moscow - where he learned to speak Russian - he was a natural fit for a job in the Russian capital. Then 2008 hit. The financial crisis that shook the world ultimately led him back to the US and to founding his own law firm.Today, he serves a wide variety of clients looking to structure financial deals both internationally and domestically. But for today's show, we talk about his work with the Opportunity Zone clients. John Lore is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: John Lore
Peter Hirschberg's early experience with government was the opposite of positive. His private industry experience rewarded fast prototyping, fast iteration and cooperative development. Now, with Maker City, he may have found a way to merge the speed and innovation of Silicon Valley with the potential for social good embodied in the OZ program. Peter Hirshberg is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Peter HirshbergOther ReferencesFactory OSMaker CityCatalyst Opportunity Zone FundVillage CapitalJake Soberal & Irma Olguin 
Philly native David Waxman has been doing historic redevelopment projects in the Philadelphia neighborhood called Brewerytown since 2001. The reality is that he was an OZ developer long before the OZ program ever existed. He's an investor, developer, entrepreneur, and exactly the kind of visionary who makes life better for everyone who gets involved with him. David Waxman of MMPartners is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: David Waxman
This conversation with the founders of Hotbed Entertainment Group is easily the most unique podcast I've done yet. Hotbed combines both Real Estate development and an utterly unique Operating Business that can scale across OZ communities. Their offering has the staying power required by the patient investor and the tangible, long-term benefits demanded by the residents of opportunity zones. Seth Dunlap and Todd Perlmutter of Hotbed Entertainment Group are my guests on The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Seth Dunlap & Todd Perlmutter
Barings has a history of making America a better place. After all, they're the company that financed the Louisiana Purchase. As a historic organization, they want to be part of financing the new American Dream represented by the Opportunity Zone program. Nicole Pecoulas of Barings is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast. Host: Jack HealdGuest: Nicole Pecoulas
Tax credits should be part of any developer's capital stack. But navigating the red tape can be a nightmare. That's where Stephanie M. Smith Esq. can help. Her long experience with government incentives taught her how to best take advantage of - and more importantly - avoid the pitfalls inherent in government programs.She knows how to build relationships and navigate government programs: two essential qualities for success in the OZ. If you're a developer, a sponsor, an investor or a fund manager in the OZ, you owe it to yourself to hear what she has to say about succeeding in the opportunity zone.Stephanie Smith of SMS Global Advisors is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Stephanie M. SmithWebsite: smsglobaladvisors.comEmail: ssmith@smsglobaladvisors.comPhone: 202-384-2652
Avy Stein was already a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor and co-founder of one of the country's most innovative financial management companies. But a battle with cancer prepared him for a different kind of challenge in life. The Opportunity Zone program proved to be the perfect fit for a man who is  commited to creating capitalism to drive results - especially in underinvested communities. Avy Stein of Cresset Capital is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Avy Stein
You wouldn't expect to hear a discussion of Immanuel Kant and his Categorical Imperative from a tax attorney. But Jon Talansky is no typical tax attorney. His broad education and deep experience reveal a humanity, expertise and wisdom that's rare in the cut-and-dried world of tax law, especially the Opportunity Zone. Jon Talansky of King & Spalding is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Jon Talansky
What are the biggest risks OZ investors face? What should you as a smart investor or fund manager do to mitigate those risks. Tax attorney Cory Bilodeau guides us through the risks and rewards of OZ investing in this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Cory Bilodeau
He grew up in section 8 housing in northern Indiana. Through a combination of talent, a little luck and lot of hard work, he rose to the top of his profession: investment banking. And then he walked away. Why? Because the time is right to bring both alternative energy and affordable housing to those who need it the most. He's one of the Opportunity Zone's great success stories. AJ Patton of 548 Capital is my special guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: AJ Patton
He recognized the opportunities in mobile home parks long before Opportunity Zones came into being. With a business model that provides affordable housing for those who need it most, and has the added benefit of being a perfect fit for the OZ program, Sam Hales' Saratoga Group is positioned to do well by doing good. He's my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Sam Hales
Mike McMahon dives deep into the intricacies of structuring a Qualified Opportunity Fund, (QOF). He's got some surprising advice for folks who believe there's no way to make a REIT work in the OZ.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Mike McMahon
Jerry McGaughy walked away from a very comfortable life because he knew it was the best way for him to help those who need it most.His plan for deploying Opportunity Zone funds in the neediest neighborhoods is nothing less than ingenious. If anyone is going to make a positive impact in the Opportunity Zone space, it's Jerry McGoughy. I'm delighted to have him as my guest on this episode of The OZ Expo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Jerry McGaughy
Property developer Martin Muoto came to Southern California by way of Nigeria. The Wharton graduate chose to make his mark in perhaps the toughest neighborhoods in America - South Central LA. His vision and determination is resurrecting neighborhoods most investors would rather avoid. His improbable story is one of the best I've ever heard on this podcast. It's a prototype Opportunity Zone success story.Martin Muoto of SoLa Impact Fund is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.
Scott Krone got his formal education as an architect. His mentor though gave him a meat-grinder, ground-up education in every aspect of real estate funding, design, development, and management. That brutal training period is paying  huge dividends now - both for his companies and his customers. Scott Krone of Coda Management Group is my guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.  Host: Jack HealdGuest: Scott Krone
As a rule, I don't host bankers here on The OZExpo Podcast. The reason is simple: in many ways, a bank is a bank is a bank. Yet I think we may have stumbled onto something different, something extraordinary. Dan Topple of Customers Bank embodies the spirit of the Opportunity Zone program. And he has the passion to help those who need it most, and the mandate and power of a private bank to get them that help. That's why he's our guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast. Host: Jack HealdGuest: Dan Topple
Jay Soave of Cadence Capital Partners builds relationships with patient capital. That's the specific kind of capital the Opportunity Zone was designed to attract. But it takes a particular kind of personality to find, build and maintain those relationships. That's exactly the kind of person I found Jay Soave to be. He excels at finding, building and maintaining those relationships. He's our guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Jay Soave
Brett Siglin knows at least eight different ways to build a capital stack for Opportunity Zone investing, and only one of them involves private capital. He shares his insights on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Brett Siglin
Michael Sanders literally wrote the textbook used by law students studying tax law. His work has been cited in Supreme Court rulings. So when he talks about both dangers and opportunities in the Opportunity Zone market, his opinion is worth hearing.Michael Sanders of the law firm Blank Rome is our guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.Host: Jack HealdGuest: Michael Sanders
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