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Author: Stephanie Durbin

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Caffeinated Changes is a podcast that provides the right amount of insight, comedic relief and inspiration to those who are having a "moment." Whether you've found the group that encourages you to live your best life or you're on the hunt for the smartest people in the room, Caffeinated Changes is the podcast that always has your back.
9 Episodes
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Reach out @caffeinatedchanges on Instagram, Facebook, or gmail.Want to reach Jen Riley? @prof.riley on instagram or her website
Musician and composer John Burke joins the shower to talk about his journey to his Grammy nomination, future goals and how he manages his work/life balance. You can find him at You can find us on Facebook/Instagram: @caffeinatedchanges
Ebony is killing it as a CPA and creator of the soon to be non-profit called Changing the Narrative. Her journey has given her the gift of serving others and she drops some reminders that you're going to want to write down. Contact Ebony: Contact me: @CaffeinatedChanges (Facebook & Instagram)
Rhiannon and I sit down to chat about failing forward, flying by the seat of our pants, mental health, and everything in between. Reach out to Rhiannon on instagram: @rhileaklein Find me on Instagram and Facebook: @caffeinatedchanges
Matt Claiborne is a producer for ABC News and a self proclaimed connector. He talks representation in the news, breaking into the industry and how to choose your people. This one is a can't miss. Follow him on Instagram @mattjclaiborne Listen and subscribe for free anywhere you listen. Reach out to me on instagram @skdurbin and Facebook @caffeinatedchanges
Momming ain't easy. That's why it's so important to find friends that will help you tackle issues such as mom guilt, multiples, miscarriage and mom fails. Alicia and I talk all these issues in this episode. *** We do talk about some of the not so pleasant parts of pregnancy and labor. If you're a touch squeamish, you may want to fast forward through some of it.***
Marla is a lot of thing to a lot of people. In this episode, she is a light to others on this journey for a healthy mind. Learn more about her by visiting her blog or connect with her on instagram @marlayvonnecreative If you're struggling with mental illness and need resources, text NAMI to 741741 or contact your physician. Looking to chat? Find me on Facebook @CaffeinatedChanges or on instagram @skdurbin . Let's start a dialogue with your inner circle.
Meet Jennifer. Part time attorney; full time superhero. She's the founder of More Than a Mrs, the blog that offers support to her fellow military spouses. In this episode, she talks about her journey til this point and offers advice for those struggling to chase their dreams and how she tackles impostor syndrome. Find her on Facebook:
Don't miss the first episode coming on Wednesday, May 1, 2019! Connect with Stephanie Facebook: @CaffeinatedChanges Instagram: @SKDurbin
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Meridith Gray

I love it! Mil spouse love 🥰 I’m so jealous you get to move to England!! Great job Stephanie, you’re a boss babe 👍🏻 Wonderful first podcast!

May 2nd
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Becky Smith-Williams


May 1st
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