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My guest for this episode is Belinda Smith, Global Head of Marketing Intelligence at EA (Electronic Arts) one of the world’s largest video game and entertainment companies. For the last couple of years, before she moved into her new Marketing Intelligence role, Belinda was the Global Media Director of EA and to those in the know, she has been one of the real pioneers of what has become called “the in-housing of media”. And you will learn in this episode why she detests that phrase, as do I. I first met Belinda a few years ago at an excellent ANA Media conference where she was speaking  about EA’s plans to build their internal media capabilities. This was in 2017 and up to that point I had not heard someone talk about in-housing (that word) with such a clarity of vision and so articulately. Since then, Belinda and her team at EA went on a fascinating journey which she details in this episode, some things worked, some did not and needed refining. It really is a masterclass for anyone thinking about how to approach in-housing of their own media operations.If you pay any attention to the media industry then you have probably either seen Belinda at an event or you have read something she has written about media. She has also become an important voice for diversity in the industry, in 2019 being named the Diversity Ambassador for the World Federation of Advertiser and she still sits on their global media board.I always appreciate Belinda’s view of what we all do because, in these often divided and confrontational times she approaches the industry with more humanity than I think I see in anyone else. She wastes no time dwelling on negatives and always seems to have an optimistic and pragmatic view forward. 
From MadMen to Walled Gardens, what has been the role of an advertising lawyer and what best guidance do they give CMOs to navigate today's complex media landscape?What will happen in the FBI investigations into US media practices? How can we repair trust in the advertising ecosystem?Who better to ask than the world's best ad lawyer, Mr. Doug Wood from Reed Smith in New York. A lawyer for four decades, Doug has also been General Counsel to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) for the last 20 years. In this wide-ranging interview, Doug shares his expertise and experience gained from having been in the rooms where major deals between marketers, agencies and publishers have been built. We also discuss Doug's new techno-thriller novel 'Dark Data: Control, Alt, Delete'Episode Links:Doug Wood LinkedInDoug Wood TwitterReedSmith TwitterANA contract adoption research'The Selfish Ledger' on YouTubeDark Data: Control, Alt, Delete by Douglas J Wood
How can you make your company the best at media?What is the roadmap and actions you need to take to transform the complex media operations of a major company?How do you inspire success and drive change within a giant global marketing organization like Mars Incorporated?These are just some of the amazing insights shared in this #MediaSnack Meets with Rob Rakowitz the Global Media Director of Mars, one of the world's largest advertisers. We get tips from Rob on:The role of the global media directorHow to prioritize your time to be most effectiveThe importance of having CMO who is interested in mediaHow to align support across a large company to drive changeFinding motivation for successful teamwork Rob also shares his huge passion for promoting 'Media Sustainability' to protect the long term health of the global advertising industry. Episode Links:Rob Rakowitz LinkedInRob Rakowitz TwitterThe Global Alliance for Responsible MediaTruth, Lies & Advertising by Jon SteelHooked by Nir EyalSpace Race by Jim TaylorBob Hoffman, aka The AdContrarian Scott Galloway 'The FOUR'Rob Norman Twitter
"I think we massively overcomplicate things and I don't actually think we need that much data" Tom Goodwin, author of 'Digital Darwinism', on this latest episode of #MediaSnack MeetsIs relevance more important than personalization?Are agencies managing decline? And what exactly is the 'Interim of Things'?Some of the areas we explore in this fascinating interview with one of the industry's most relentless and provocative thinkers. Tom gives his tips for marketers hoping to manage change for the year ahead, and we also learn where one of the industry's most inspiring thinkers goes to for his own inspiration. Spoiler, it is not Forbes. #MediaSnack MeetsEpisode Links:Tom Goodwin TwitterTom Goodwin LinkedInZenith Media'Digital Darwinism' by Tom GoodwinRory Sutherland TwitterScott Galloway TwitterMaria Konnikova TwitterDerek Thompson TwitterSeth Godin TwitterFaris Yakob Twitter
If I was CEO of Facebook, "I'd lose billions of dollars for my shareholders" says Bob Hoffman, The Ad ContrarianBut for a good reason. "I have an immodest goal to save freedom and democracy" he says. You may know Bob as his alter ego The Ad Contrarian, which is a regularly updated blog which Bob founded over a decade ago. It is devoted to presenting the counter argument to the marketing industry’s obsessive narrative with technology, automation and the new shiny things. The increasingly popular blog has evolved into speaking engagements and a series of books, most notably Bad Men which came out in 2017. In this episode we find out:what is Bob trying to achievewhat drives himwhen he’s going to quit (no time soon I expect). what Bob would do if he was the CEO of facebook instead of Mark Zuckerbergwhat advice he would give to his marketers if he was the billion dollar CMO he frequently criticizesand, whilst everyone reads his books, what does HE read for inspirationYou can check the show notes for this episode at including a full transcript of the interviewSo. Without further delay. Please enjoy this lively (and mildly sweary) interview with The Ad Contrarian, Mr Bob Hoffman An ID Comms PodcastEpisode Links:The Ad Contrarian Twitter The Ad Contrarian Blog - First Comes The Sale. Then Comes The Social.Bob Hoffman - Bad MenBob Hoffman - Laughing At AdvertisingBob Hoffman - Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey#MediaSnack - Bob Hoffman named ‘The Copernicus of Media’John Mortimer - Rumpole of the BaileyBill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly EverythingRichard Fineman - Physics LecturesEaon Pritchard - Where Did  It All Go Wrong?Richard Shotton - The Choice FactoryDave Trott - One Plus One Equals ThreeDave Trott - Predatory ThinkingMichael Lewis - The Big ShortMichael Lewis - MoneyballMichael Lewis - Liar’s Poker
What does it take to put on a global media conference? How do you keep on top of global trends and decide what to prioritize and put on the agenda each year? Jeremy King, CEO of The Festival of Media shares the months of planning that go into each of their Festival events. If there's one person that sees the macro changes in the industry so closely each year it is Jeremy. Learn why Jeremy has been such a passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity in the industry and the role that the Festival has played in raising that agenda onto conference stages around the world and inspiring the whole media industry to make change. Episode Links:Festival of Media website of Media twitter King twitter
Everything you wanted to know about ad fraud but didn't know who to ask or even what to ask...Don't suffer from FOFO (fear of finding out).This extended #MediaSnack Meets with Dr. Augustine Fou lays out the key parts of the ad fraud challenge and gives marketers the priority actions you can take right now to better protect your media investments from fraud. Dr. Augustine Fou is a leading ad fraud researcher and one of the most widely published and quoted authorities in the space. We get back to basics to learn:Who are the bad guys?Where does all the money go?How big is the problem really, who should we believe?If you get rid of fraud do media prices go up?How can you work directly with publishers?How does ad fraud actually work in technology?How can you use Google, facebook and YouTube more effectively to cut fraud?What should you be asking your media agencies to do to help?Episode LinksDr. Fou LinkedInDr. Fou TwitterDr. Fou SlideShareDr. Fou's Report on Ad Fraud and Cyber crime
The most important thing for successful marketers to grow is by being BRAVE, says Gemma Greaves in this wide-ranging interview in New York. She has expanded The Marketing Society around the world and recruited some of the world's best CMO's as leadership. We find out what motivates her, where does she find her inspiration and mentors?Episode links:The Marketing Society website Marketing Society twitter Greaves twitter
What exactly is Ad Fraud, how big a problem is it, how does it happen and what can advertisers do about it? Just some of the questions answered by the 'Ad Fraud Crusader' Shailin Dhar, the founder of Method Media Intelligence. Learn how Shailin accidentally got into the ad fraud business, creating sites and selling counterfeit traffic to advertisers. He then realized his calling was to switch the good side and created a company to advise advertisers on how to minimize their risks to fraud. Episode Links:Method Media Intelligence website Media Intelligence twitter Dhar twitter Men by Bob Hoffman (Amazon) The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu (Amazon) Thinking Systems by Donella Meadows (Amazon) The Donella Meadows Project - Academy for Systems Change (link) 
How can you be an effective media director in a complex and fast-moving media industry? This is just one of the insights shared in this #MediaSnack Meets with Gerry D'Angelo the Global Media Director of P&G, the world's largest advertiser. We cover a lot of ground quickly in this special episode and Gerry shares a ton of his wisdom and insight learned through 20 years rising to the very top of the industry. What does a Global Media Director do?How ad fraud is still a major concern for advertisersYou should treat a media budget like your own moneyHow to manage internal stakeholders and improve their knowledge of mediaThe importance of defining your company's operating model for media within the marketing organizationThe challenges and opportunities that come with corporations placing increased scrutiny on how media dollars are investedHow marketers are approaching the threat of 'direct to consumer' brandsWhat are the skills that make a good modern media director?Gerry's approach to the trend for in-housingFinally, we discuss whether, in a world in which media will increasingly be bought in a biddable / auction process, large scale still matters to large advertisers or will they lose their competitive advantage?Episode links:Gerry D'Angelo LinkedInGerry D'Angelo Twitter @gerrygdangeloHow Brands Grow by Byron SharpInterview with Gerry D'Angelo at Festival of Media - May 2017 - Media Transparency: Clean up the Supply Chain to Invest in Growth
This episode is all about marketing innovation. Marketers say they want to "innovate" but what does that actually mean? Typically this can mean a brand partnering with an innovative startup in their category, learning an exploring together. But how can the world's leading brands find the right startup businesses to partner with before they miss out get disrupted by them?...and why didn't Ford buy Uber?Meet "Mr. Marketing Innovation" Fred Shonenberg, the founder of VentureFuel, an innovative New York firm helping leading marketers to find and partner successfully with startups.In this episode, we learn from FredHow can you filter out the best startups to partner with brands, with over 2 million startups to consider?What makes a strong startup partnership with a brand?When to partner and when to acquire a startup?How do you start on an innovation track?Episode Links:Fred Schonenberg on LinkedInVentureFuel Inc websiteVentureFuel Insights on Twitter
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