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A theoretical, hypothetical journey into the paranormal. Join us every other week as we listen, learn and ask as we interview regular people wanting to share their extraordinary stories.

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7 Episodes
An ancient race? The true owners of this planet?? Over the years there's been speculation of an ancient race of shapeshifters infiltrating the human race. They hold high political, and corporate positions in countries all around the world, what do they want?? Why are they here??. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with TruthSeeker049, who has been blowing the whistle on this issue for quite a while. He's been forced to live his life on the run and would only speak to us if we followed his demands. Since contacting Truth Seeker, we've been experiencing strange things around the studio; strange phone calls, wet packages, garbage men showing up on non-garbage days. Tune in as we crack open the truth!!! With TruthSeeker049.
We're Back!

We're Back!


We're Back!!! Season 2 is action-packed! Reptilians, government-engineered anti-vax bees, interdimensional bigfoots, time travel pen-pals, Los Angeles death cults, chemtrails and 5g, Bohemian Grove and so much more. Thank you so much for your support, we couldn't have done it without you. Get ready for more, because here it comes!
Walmart? Have you ever gone to a Walmart? Well, recently there have been many abrupt closings all around the United States. Chainlink fences are put up, military forces occupy and secure the area with tanks! In some small towns, Walmart is the only place to receive medicine. The pharmacy stays open, but you can only enter with police escort, and no questions asked!! Today we are joined with Diane Rasmussen, she has information that will hopefully shed light onto what's really going on, and why the military is so interested in occupying these Walmarts nationwide. Diane believes it's all strategic and that there are miles of underground tunnels connecting them all!!!!
Weather modification, mind control? Today we are joined with Dave Osmond, a local pepper farmer. He will be informing us about the impact and dangers of project HAARP, and how its been affecting him and his crop. It seems Dave might have a slight history with the government, so listen at your own risk! Join us and Dave as he tells his amazing story.
Have you ever wanted to travel, but just didn't have the money? Have you ever been curious about the existence of other dimensions? Today we have a leading expert on astral projection, Garrison Trudeau. We first met Garrison giving a free astral projection seminar at HempFest 2015, his experience and knowledge is vast. Join us and Garrison as he shares his amazing story; walking us through his experiences traveling the astral plane, meeting others, the silver cord and even dating. 
Who killed Kurt Cobain? The 90s were iconic, life changing and inspiring for all. Sadly Kurt was taken from us on April 8th 1994. Was he murdered, was it suicide? Today we talk with Jerry Denison, a well known 90s enthusiast who believes the Queen of England actually had something to do with Kurt Cobain's death. Join us, and Jerry as he shares his amazing theory. 
Ever woken up feeling strange? Well today we have Randy Powell on the show. We first heard about Randy through his massive online Reddit presence, and all the comments he's received about his experience. He'll be recalling what has happened time and time again to him, and what he believes is an alien reproductive experiment. Join us, and Randy as he shares his amazing story.
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