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Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.
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It's a New Year. Time to start with a clean slate — even in your home. Here's how to start fresh without getting overwhelmed.
Many Americans remain unsure about whether to get the coronavirus vaccine. If you're talking to people in your life about getting it, make sure to lead with empathy and acknowledge what you don't know.
The Art Of Breaking Up

The Art Of Breaking Up


Breaking up is tough, no matter how sure you are in your decision. In this episode, certified dating coach Damona Hoffman walks us through the steps to go through in the process, and the small decisions that can make a big impact on how you'll come out on the other side.
Following a recipe is easy, but improvising in the kitchen takes confidence — and a well-stocked pantry. Samin Nosrat and Hrishi Hirway of the podcast Home Cooking give their advice for whipping up great meals without a recipe.
When the headlines are terrifying, how can parents make sure kids get the facts without traumatizing them? Whether it's a school shooting, a global pandemic or an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, child development experts have some advice. (This episode originally ran in March 2019.)
Millions of Americans are relocating during the pandemic. Here's how to plan for a move — and save money in the process.
Making a hard decision can be agonizing. What if you pick the wrong thing? In this episode, an Oxford professor walks us through a different approach: What if there isn't a best alternative?
Feeling overwhelmed by thousands of photos? Here's how to organize them, from tagging them to backing them up. We've got tips from the experts.
BJ Fogg's book "Tiny Habits" explains that making small changes in behavior requires just a little motivation and lots of celebrating — and can have a big impact. (This episode originally ran earlier this year.)
Biology makes it hard to lose weight, so don't beat yourself up. In this episode, we won't tell you how to lose weight — or whether you even need to . But we'll explain science, which might help you be kinder to your body. (This episode originally ran in 2019.)
Got an intimidating tower of unread books looming on your nightstand? This episode will help you pick up more books and get through them quicker. (This episode originally ran in 2019.)
Being a sneakerhead looks different in a digital world, where shoes sell out in minutes and YouTubers review new kicks. NPR's Jeff Pierre shows us how to navigate it all — and trust your inner sneakerhead.
When it comes to characters like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, parents often play along with elaborate charades. But what should grown-ups do when kids ask tough questions? (This episode originally ran in 2019.)
Socializing in the great outdoors is safer during the pandemic, but lower temperatures can make it tough. NPR's Sam Gringlas got some tips to stay toasty.
Alcohol sales are high and Americans are drinking more during the pandemic. If you're thinking of cutting back or even taking a break, you're not alone. Life Kit talked to the experts about how to do that.
Americans are reporting an increase in mental health challenges and suicidal ideation because of the coronavirus. If someone you know is struggling, here's how you can help.
The holidays are extra stressful this year. Psychologist and author Andrea Bonior offers some tips, whether you're feeling stressed, angry, lonely or guilty.
Kids and teens have had their lives upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what parents can do to help them stay positive and feel supported.
So you're planning the perfect candlelit evening — or the perfect road trip, or the perfect afternoon at home. Where do you start? A playlist, of course. NPR Music's Bobby Carter showed us how he crafts them.
The common cold is especially prevalent in the winter. Luckily, many steps we're taking to avoid the coronavirus help stop the spread of the cold, too. If you get it, here's what to watch for and when to call your doctor.
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Mustafa Thunder

I know farsi. maybe i could help you :)))))

Nov 24th


The statement date/due date thing is really weird. Learned something new there.

Nov 16th

Soheila Mohammadi

I am strengthening my listening skills with your podcasts and I am very interested in what you are saying Where and how can I find the text of your podcasts to read?😊

Oct 23rd
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love this. so helpful! thank you

Oct 15th


Everyone with medical debt should listen to this, great advice!

Oct 13th


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Aug 24th
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Aastha Dua

I love the tip at the end!

Aug 8th

Erin Nelson

.... How is someone not wearing a mask NOT affecting me? Thanks, Death Kit.

Aug 5th


And how do I keep it out of my eyes when sweating during my outdoor workout?

Jul 20th
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Mo Atchison


Jul 4th

Lucy Tobier

great episode! thanks!

Jun 17th



Jun 9th

Jorge Montes III

I think it has been more than a decade!!! I, belong to a minority. I think that it is high time the we are all treated with the same respect. What makes the white people superior to any othrrs???

Jun 3rd

Jorge Montes III

yes, I agree. The coronavirus has changed everything and every way that we do things.

May 30th

sarvenaz sadati

can we do it constantly? I mean is it possible to putt every day food waste in a same container? or we should do it in different container?

Apr 12th

Mustafa Thunder

13 minutes of wisdom! excellent podcast.

Mar 26th


Thanks! 🤘

Mar 25th



Mar 20th



Mar 14th

crystal chen

love it😉

Mar 5th
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