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Author: Jacek Schae

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Join Jacek Schae and explore unusually expressive programming language with Lisp roots that runs on JavaScript, Java Virtual Machine, and CLR.
20 Episodes
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Parens* vim-sexp (My preferred)* vim parinfer (Also good)* paredit.vim REPL* fireplace (My preferred)* cider-nrepl* conjure (alternative to fireplace) * animation: Linting* ale* syntastic* linting the vanilla way (based on* neomake Misc* async-clj-omni* vim jack-in* salve* dispatch* replant Git* fugitive* gitgutter* vimcasts on fugitive Refactoring* clj-refactor.nvim Community* clojure-vim* #vim on Clojurians
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Sean Corfield - a bug in core.memoize Sean Corfield - Courses:
Fixing a bug in core.memoize Sean Corefield - with the Scientific Method - - Courses:
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