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We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through informative and real world educational topics. We don't want to cover up the truth. We want to bring light to the darkness.
6 Episodes
Join us for another round table discussion of some serious and some not so serious issues gripping our nation. We discuss the presidential debates, the number neighbor fad ( we text live, political position, student debt and much more. The Liberty Raiders take a genuine and raw approach to some tough questions and express real opinions, 
The Liberty Raiders tackle the hard questions of abortion and the legal precedence. When does life begin and the social implications of such. Roe V Wade and Connecticut v. Griswold are discussed. The penumbrance of implied rights. We implore our listeners to inform themselves independently and to seek truth.  It was a great conversation and we hope you enjoy!
The Liberty Raiders tackle all sorts of issues at the forefront of our societal spectrum. We discuss with earnest and sincerity some the issue that affects us today.  We cover in some detail the sex operation procedure and abortion procedures to better inform our listeners of the reality. Make sure to give us a like and subscribe! Disclaimer - there were a few F-bombs dropped on this episode as a result of some of the content.
The liberty Raiders tackle the loss of an iconic actor, gender spectrum, effects of marijuana and some much-awaited end game conversations. Be advised: spoilers at the end. We get real with the situation in Venezuela and President Obama following a special lady. Make sure to subscribe and follow us on the socials!@raidingliberty- Instagram@raidersliberty- - emailDrop us a note or comment with any questions or show ideas. 
The Liberty Raiders still recoiling from not having Azarel discuss all sort of topics. They include the Sri Lanka attacks, Democratic presidential candidates, census, James Charles and Florida Man. Listen and enjoy. Its gonna be a wild ride. 
In a galaxy far far away after thousands of minutes of ruthless deliberation, the Raiders release their first episode. A source of light and debate for our galaxy. Join us as we lay down the framework for our fledgling discussion on human rights. This is our pilot. Be gentle. 
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