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People listening to this episode might and want to check out:Episode 61 - Adolescence and what to do about itEpisode 56 - what does 'not walking the dog' look like?Episode 54 - some thoughts about food motivationEpisode 38 - developing food motivation
In this episode, I talk about chasing - and how to turn something your dog wants to chase, into a cue to stop.
In this episode, I talk about the bizarre vagaries of laws local to where I live when it comes to shooting. I answer listener questions about hardmouth, raising a puppy and how to enthuse the unenthusiastic dog.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing which type of gundog to own.
Loads of great listener questions this week! If you have a question, email 
You only really get to know the dogs you own in the deepest detail, and Ren (our GSP) is an interesting one!
I talk about how to introduce water to your young dog or puppy. And I waffle a bit about what different dogs bring to the table and the importance of understanding that there are limitations determined by what they bring.
How do we achieve reliable split retrieves whilst maintaining confidence?
I answer some questions listeners have and also chat a bit about headcollars.
In this episode, I talk in some detail about how we raised our Labrador litter in 2019 and our 'keeper' pup, Fyr. I discuss the evolution of her behavioural issues - which there was no sign of at all, before the age of 9wks and 3 days(!). And how eventually we made the difficult decision to rehome her at 6 months, to a home and a dog sport which suited her better. I then explore some thoughts I have about the development of fear-based reactivity towards people, especially as it relates to working Labs.
In this episode, I catch up on some listener questions about getting into trials; the value of different reinforcers and jackpots; fixing a turn whistle problem and how to introduce puppy HPRs to birds.
In this episode, I talk about the 'Baby 3-handed casting' (3HC) drill using platforms (instead of bumpers/dummies). I also chat with Emma Filby of Anglian Dog Works about platform or placeboard training - and how to make your own platforms.
In this episode, I talk about the 'drop' behaviour - and how to train it so that it functions even around high value items like dead, decomposing rabbits. That smell of death. And make you want to throw up. 
In this episode, I look at a few ideas for progressing from a behaviour indoors (like a sit or a stand) to a behaviour on cue around game and at moments of high distraction. 
In this episode, I talk about how to train the first stage of the remote stop - 'Capturing Stillness'.
In this episode, I talk about some difficulties I'm experiencing with my 7 month old Weimaraner, Roche - and I go through a list of suggestions for people who are also struggling with this especially challenging time with their dog! This info will also be useful for people whose dogs are very interested in the environment, whatever their age.
In this episode, I answer a couple of listener questions: Working with a dog which is gun-shy and dealing with a pup about the house - how to prevent them from harassing other dogs and getting into stuff they shouldn't... 
In this episode, I chat with Hannah Woods and Ian Clark about a minority breed - the Stabyhoun. For more info see the website for the UK Stabyhoun Association at
I talk more here about the importance of developing reinforcers which are going to function in the field and in the presence of game - before introducing a pup to game. And I problem-solve (or at least waffle about) issues a listener is having with a lack of enthusiasm. 
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