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Author: Jo Laurens

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THE podcast for force-free gundog training! Hold the Line is committed to helping you to train your dog to an advanced level, using motivational methods and without the use of fear. Or pain. Or anything else nasty.
53 Episodes
In this episode, I address some listener questions about marked retrieves, shot, the sequence of events during a mark (how to communicate to the dog that you don't want a retrieve) and also dealing with male dogs who want to pee on everyone else's pee... 
How to introduce your dog to shot, so that the shot comes to cue 'sit' (and not 'run in and Get The Thing!'). And - what exactly can you get involved with, if you're a vegetarian and you own a gundog?
In this episode, I pull out some threads from earlier interviews with Jane Ardern (Episode 39) and Leanne Smith (Episode 9) to flesh out some thinking about developing control in the presence of game... 
In this episode, I answer the questions of a few newbies and also give some equipment recommendations for folks who are getting ready to start training. 
I talk here about my new 5 week course, Steady! - control at the point, flush and fall - available from forcefreegundog.comI also answer a listener's question about 'happiness' in dogs trained using force-free methods and issues around walking young dogs on leash for extended periods of time.
I answer a listener's question about swapping and then I waffle, hopefully in a way which makes sense, about 3-handed casting... 
The Pet Tutor is a remote treat dispenser. In this episode, I chat with Penney Baker - who participates in field work and hunt tests with her Labradors. Penney recently ran into a problem with blinds, with one of her young Labs, and she used the Pet Tutor to help solve it. If you'd like to learn more about the Pet Tutor or see some of the videos Penney has made, using it, do join the Pet Tutor Users Facebook group. 
In this episode, I introduce you to the Workbook which accompanies Force-Free Gundog Training: The Fundamentals for Success. And I answer some meaty listener questions!
In this episode I chat with Jo Lock from the organisation Nose No Limit.  Nose No Limit offers trained conservation dogs for a variety of projects. Jo's background is in Search and Rescue, before she moved into conservation work. Originally from the UK, she moved across to the US in 2011. She has two Labradors - and is currently on the search for a new puppy!
In this episode, I talk about the turn whistle and using flirt poles and tugs to train steadiness and a flush on cue.
Yes, finally I got my ass in gear and created an online site where you can purchase courses showing you how to train your dog using force-free methods. Hurrah! It's called Even better, there's a 10% discount code for podcast listeners for any course purchased on the site this month. The code is HOLDTHELINE10 In this episode, I answer a listener question about how to avoid punishing the recall by stopping the dog during it when we use it as a 'come in' whistle on a retrieve. And I get down and dirty with some discussion on harnesses. (Slightly controversial, this one!)
In this episode, I chat with photographer, researcher and author Craig Koshyk about the history and culture of working gundog breeds. Check out Craig's podcast, Hunting Dog Confidential, the magazine he's behind - Project Upland - and his book 'Pointing Dogs: Volume 1 - The Continentals'.
In this episode, I answer a listener's question about maintaining straight lines across water and give some training suggestions for approaching this.
If you want to catch up with the interview with me in the great podcast Sporting Dog Talk, you can find it in episode 87 - here.In this episode, I talk about canine fitness during the shooting season (not that I am an expert on fitness, I hasten to add!) and give some preliminary thoughts about a concept I call 'triangulation'.
In this episode, I talk with Jane Ardern of Waggawuffins Canine College in Bury (Manchester, UK). Jane is Full Member of the APDT(UK) and a member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers. She is an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with ICAN and a Gundog Club Accredited Instructor/Assessor. Jane works and breeds cocker spaniels and takes a special interest in impulse control. We talk quite a bit about getting control after the flush through proofing and generalisation. Jane has just had a book published, called 'Mission Control', and under her SmartPup scheme, she offers monthly boxes to new puppy owners which fit with their puppy's stage of development.
Here are the sources I mention in this episode:Housing and exercise-related risk factors - Krontveit et al, 2012Avidog - How much exercise do puppies need?Puppy Culture - Puppy Fitness that Fits the Puppy
Two listener questions... 
Here is a link to the video from Fanny Gott where a dog learns to work around a female in season.Or: 
I ponder the options available when we are disappointed by a dog which fails to live up to our expectations in some way.
Today I answer questions about biting puppies and recall problems in hunting dogs. I also describe another great lining drill, the 3-in-a-row drill.
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