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Author: Jackie Bolen

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The Aunt Flo is everything you've ever needed to know about menstrual cups, and more. We'll give you all the tips and tricks you need to choose the right period cup, get it in and out, as well as clean it in style. Plus a million more frequently asked questions about the Diva Cup, Moon Cup, and all the other top menstrual cup brands. Along with all this awesome stuff, we'll bring you the TMI moment, aka horrifying stories of things gone wrong with menstrual cups. We'll interview the top people in the menstrual cup world, as well as talk to regular users too. Stay tuned for everything you need to know about menstrual cups!
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Jackie and Meagan from GladRags talk about their new menstrual cup, the Xo Flo. Find out the behind the scenes details for the development of this cup and plans for for the future, along with why this cup is different from the rest. Tune in for this very interesting episode with Meagan. You can find out more details about the XO Flo and the XO Flo Mini here: XO FloYou can find the show notes, transcripts, and everything else right here:Aunt Flo Show Episode 10And, you can contact the Aunt Flo Show, submit your TMI moment, or check out all the episodes here:The Aunt Flo ShowIf you liked this episode, don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review wherever you listen to this podcast. Until next time and thanks for tuning in!
Join Jackie and Kathleen as they talk about menstrual cup leaking and what you can do about it. They give lots of helpful tips and tricks for finding the right cup, how to insert it, and then what to do if you experience a leak or two.More information about menstrual cup leaking here: the Aunt Flo Show at:'t forget to submit your TMI moment, leave us a question or just say hello and let us know that you're listing to the show. 
Welcome to Episode 8 of the Aunt Flo Show. I interview my friend Kathleen who was the person who introduced me to menstrual cups. We talk the Diva Cup, OrganiCup, inserting and removing period cups, marketing and more. You can find the show right here: and don't forget to submit your TMI moment.
Check out the interview with Voxapod's founder, Amanda Wilson ( We talk about a range of things, including:- How Amanda became interested in menstrual cups- Why she created the Voxapod and the extensive testing process she went through- What sets this menstrual cup apart from the rest of them on the market- The Tampax Cup and the future of eco-friendly period products- How  menstrual cups have the potential to change the world for the better- Plus lots more!Tune in for this interesting interview with a pioneer in the menstrual cup movement. It's a can't miss episode for the Aunt Flo Show.You can find Amanda online here:Voxapod WebsiteInstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterYou can find the show notes, transcript, and everything else here:Aunt Flow Show Episode 7And, you can contact the Aunt Flo Show, submit your TMI moment, or check out all the episodes here:The Aunt Flo ShowIf you liked this episode, don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review wherever you listen to this podcast. Until next time and thanks for tuning in!
Jackie and Tracy give you all the details you need to know about how to remove a menstrual cup including positions to try out, and how to actually get it out of you. Remember, squeeze in at the sides and don't pull it out by the stem to avoid the serious suction vortex.Also find out what to do if it's stuck and why a menstrual cup is never actually "lost." If you have a high cervix, should you consider using a longer menstrual cup? We'll answer that important question here. Also stay tuned for the famous TMI period cup moment.Links mentioned:How to Remove a Menstrual Cup: Aunt Flo Show (submit your TMI moment here):
Jackie and Tracy give you all the details you need to know about how to insert a menstrual cup, including menstrual cup folds, which direction to point it in as you're inserting it. Also find out how to tell if it's open, or not, and what to do if it doesn't pop open naturally. You can try the jiggle, finger around the rim or the twist tricks.Finally, find out if you need a different size cup, or not. You may need to consider taking the menstrual cup quiz to find the right size. And of course, the famous TMI moment.Links mentioned: How to Insert a Menstrual Cup: Cup Quiz: Aunt Flo Show (submit your TMI moment here):
Jackie and Tracy give you all the details you need to know about how to care for and clean menstrual cups, along with the famous TMI moment. Find out what to do during your cycle, as well as after. And, are menstrual cup washes really worth the money, or should you just use soap? Finally, does anyone really need two menstrual cups?Submit your TMI moment here: http://auntfloshow.comHow to Clean a Menstrual Cup:
Jackie and Tracy discuss the many benefits of menstrual cups including less hassle, money-saving potential, environmental impact and how they're perfect if you have a heavy flow. If you need some convincing on whether or not a cup is right for you, this is the episode you need to listen to.Websites: Aunt Flo ShowReusable Menstrual Cups
Jackie and Tracy give you all the details you need to know about how to choose the right menstrual cup for your body type. Factors to consider including vaginal birth (or not), cervix height, cup materials, stem types, firmness and more. And don't forget to take the menstrual cup quiz.Email us:
Jackie and Tracy talk about our experiences using menstrual cups, including the Diva Cup, Sckoon Cup, XO Flo and more, along with a TMI moment. Why do we love them so much? We've saved a ton of money, they're better for the environment and our health. Things mentioned in episode 1:Menstrual Cup QuizAunt Flo Show HomeEpisode 1 Email us: auntfloshow@gmail.comTranscript for Episode 1Jackie: Hi there. This is Jackie and welcome to the very first episode of The Aunt Flo Show. So, joining me today is Tracy. Tracy: Hi. Jackie: And we’re both are super pumped up about menstrual cups. We started a podcast just because we wanted to share the good news about menstrual cups with the world basically, and just help people make the best use of these products and save a ton of money and just experience, I guess, just better periods. Welcome. And we're happy that you're here. Tracy: Thanks for having me today. Jackie: Today, we're just going to kind of give an introduction to who we are and our history with menstrual cups. Then at the end, stay tuned for a TMI Moment, which we're going to have at the end of every episode. Kind of a funny story of menstrual cup horror, which everyone seems to have a little bit of.First of all, Tracy, when did you start using menstrual cups and why do you use them? Yeah, just kind of share some of that with us please. Tracy: Here's the situation. It was going to be my friend's wedding and I have a very heavy period and I thought, “I'm not going to be able to…” Oh, I forgot to say, I was a bridesmaid. So I was thinking, “I am not ever, ever going to be able to make it from her house, on the limo, to the ceremony and make it through this without having some major intervention. I talked to friend (and I actually wish I could remember who now) and they actually suggested me trying a menstrual cup. So, I grabbed one the period before and tried it and it didn't leak. It was great. So, I thought, “Okay, here we go.” So, my friend, Q’s wedding day and I used the menstrual cup and it was amazing. I made it in the limo, to the ceremony, to after the ceremony, through the pictures. It was amazing. And there was no turning back. So, it's been a game changer for me actually because I have been, um, especially in the first couple of days, basically tied to a bathroom. So, it's changed my life. I am able to actually accomplish things and it's also better for the environment. And I've saved a ton of money. Jackie: I know. Yeah, there's a ton of benefits. So, I'm super frugal. Tracy, knows this about me. It drives her a little bit crazy sometimes. But I used to live in South Korea (we both live in Vancouver right now).But when I was in Korea, one of my best friends and I used to go on bike rides all the time and she was doing a Master’s degree in marketing at the time. And she was doing a project on a menstrual cups. So, she started telling me about it and I was like, “What's a menstrual cup?” And this was in my early 30s. So, if you can just imagine all those wasted years when I had no idea that there was an option besides tampons. So, I immediately went home, bought one and I was like, “This is so crazy. I can save like five or $10 a period. And as Tracy mentioned, they have a higher capacity and I loved it. I was hooked since then. And this my friend told me there was no good websites about menstrual cup
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