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Formed as a service to the public in 2019, the Products of Public School is a show where 2 life-long friends sift through the garbage of the internet so you don't have to.. as much. Every episode we discuss the weirdest, wildest and outright stupidest news, surveys, lists and whatever else we can find that deserves discussion. Subscribe and Enjoy... or don't enjoy, but either way, Subscribe. New episode every Friday.
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In this episode Pat and Karma dive deep into some of the stupidest news of the week including a dog entering government, a rescue team saving men from drying machines and even DIY castration gone wrong.  If you don't hear this episode you'll miss it more than that dude misses his balls! Whatchu waitin' for?  Click Play to let the shenanigans begin! This dog's a champ!  No, literally, this dog won the mayoral race.  "eh-see-eff-her-us" laundry matt rescue:  it's like a swat team that saves you from yourself. Unconventional Cooking Methods while Camping at Yellowstone:  I don't know the right way to do it but I know that ain't it. FINALLY!!! Google solves a major streaming problem "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" was so 1999.  Now it’s What would you do for free Wi-Fi?   ANSWER:  I'm not exactly sure but I promise you it isn't this. Amatuer Surgery goes terrible wrong…. AGAIN.  Some people just don't learn.  Other people buy Aflac. How to Say “Your Cooking SUCKS”, politely ... Internet advice doesn't always mean good advice.  Take this with a grain of salt, even though your partner doesn't understand how to properly use salt. So hey, SUBSCRIBE and give us a good review.  Or give us a decent review, or no review at all, but regardless of the star-rating, give us a Sub because you have no idea how hard we try to find the garbage of the internet to share with you.~ Patrick & Karma 
In todays episode Patrick and Karma discover the underground secretive world of Electronic Male Chastity Belt Malfunctions.  They also get word from a Taco Bell insider* who happens to share the new products planned for late 2020 and early 2021.  If that's not exciting enough for you, enjoy learning about outrage people are experiencing over a florist as well as some more Murder Hornet 411.  How on earth can you not click PLAY?Getting Brain on a Beach.... no literally, he found a brain on the beach! Most-amazingist-ever cheese house in Ohio is called Heinis Cheese Chalet and it will change your life... and your waistline. Man seeks revenge using Asian Hornets… Back in 1999 you would get your tires slashed.  You think he bought these on Amazon?Male Chastity Belt Malfunctions - Just admit it, you want to know too!  Make sure you look at this podcasts Cover Art (Spotify) for pic of this mechanical nightmare!1-Star Electronic Chastity Belt ReviewsPeople outraged over what this florist is selling.  Meanwhile, we think it’s kind of brilliant. (Supposed*) Taco Bell Insider Leaks This New Product Info Coming Dec 2020 and Early 2021 - We can't verify how true this is, so we may or may not be CNN. EXTRA EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING:  We finally learn how much money people spend on ATM “convenience” fees and it made us feel angry inside.  Trust us on this one; you'll be more upset than when you got dumped by ugly one with the braces. More Trigger Warnings:  How the Bank is screwing you financially.  This makes us disgusted.  So now we are disgusted and angry at the same time.  We hope you enjoyed this podcast.  Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review.  We prefer a good review, but do what you gotta do. Either way, subscribe! 
In todays episode Pat and Karma discuss trending topics from the news as well as some hot new shows on Netflix and HBO Max.  We also learn way too much about "Micro Cheating" and give our honest opinions on this crazy "advice" column.  Enjoy!Chicks in Finland are so appalled by D-Pics that if you send one you might go to D-pic jail.  Nothing will earn you a beatdown faster in the clink than a conversation like this:"Whatchu in for, bro?""Sent her an unsolicited pic of my johnson"Tinder Dating Profile "Experts" Give "Profile Hacks" - Be honest, you also read that and thought "WTF is a Tinder Expert?"The Vow on HBO Max - Holy Hell, literally. Micro Cheating - We learned that apparently there is such thing and you probably already did it twice today before lunch.American Murder - Netflix drops another documentary and we can't wait any longer to tell you about it. When Micro Cheating Becomes Macro Cheating - If you were looking for something to argue with your spouse over tonight, we got you covered!Not So Best Friend - Here's how to tell if someone you think is your friend isn't, according to The Shona Project.  Enjoy these non mind-blowing tips that will confirm your belief that the obvious actions you are seeing are signs that your BFF is a piece of crap.  Don't shoot the messenger! New show every Friday.  Be a peach and leave us a good review or subscribe.  
Today Patrick and Karma dive into weird, wild and incredibly stupid news found on the internet as well as pop culture.  In this episode we discuss everything from The Vow on HBO Max to Barney the Dinosaur conspiracy theories and the most awkward escort experience we have ever heard of.  Whatcha waiting for?  Click the Play button! Never trust a mobile bathroom! Proof that there’s restroom scams everywhere, even in the middle of the desert.   First it was Jarred, now we find out Subway has been lying to us our entire lives.  Extreme Career Changes…. Like, REALLY extreme Prepaid Porn Cards and The Porn Pass resurfaces againWorst Case Scenario Escort Service - Before you hire a date, LISTEN TO THIS.Man Claims His Barney Toy Has a Potty Mouth Barney the Dinosaur Conspiracy Theories… Fact Checked by Snopes… Common Sense & Rumor checked by usComplete and Total TOY FAILS.  Yes, Homeless Barbie was a REAL Thing!  No, we are not joking. Needless to say, these big brand toys were pulled from shelves pronto. Loud Fart Etiquette Debate - We told you we discuss weird internet content so here you go.  Enjoy.Another insane wedding invite that offended every guest
In todays episode Patrick and Karma venture deep into the weirdest, wildest and most obnoxious content found on the internet.  From Carole Baskin to literal crappy wine; get the news you never knew you needed.   And did I mention accidentally stumbling across a secret society of Cheeto collectors???? For cripes sake, click the Play button!Amazon is trying to save you from yourself...…The MYSTERY SEEDS Saga ContinuesCrocodiles are always hiding where you least expect them. You may find one in your closet, your vehicle or even in Michigan.  Come swim in the Great Lakes. This wine tastes like sh*t!  … Well, it’s supposed to, so 5 star?That haircut is Lit! - Someone call 9-1-1, that man is smokin’ hot!  3 Words you need to learn: Egyptain Burning TechniqueA place the cops will NEVER find your gat.  Lube required. Probably practice too.  Baskin’ in Crime to Dancing with the Stars, no "Christmas Caroles" for her ex-husband. Tigers, Lies & Coverups - The new documentary that will make your life delightful4-Star Man Cave under New York. Yes, you read that correctly.  Dirty deeds done dirt cheap: Gently used condoms for sale in bulkGetting Blown Out; Fly Swatter Blows Up House“That’s Bad Karma, Karma” - Like your grandpa used to say “You get what you deserve” and there’s no truer words for this crazy womanMelty Starbucks Balls - The one thing you NEVER want to get at this famous chain. If he could leave no-stars he would. BREAKING NEWS:  Cheetos impregnated Mac + Cheese and these 3 new flavors are the offspring ($11.50 for all 3 on Amazon)Reading Cheetos Mac & Cheese weird reviews on Amazon - high quality entertainmentMIND BLOWING REVELATION:  We accidentally discover an entire secret society of individual Cheetos selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Be sure to subscribe and, if you're not a wretched soul, leave us a solid review! 
“Cake Boss” Becomes “Cake Secretary” -  Bowling becomes a Blood Sport - AKA: the phrase you thought you’d never hear.Adult Advent Calendars - How to one-up Taco Bell coming out with a wine #ChristmasWinningQue song: “Closing time, open all the doors, And let you out into the world. Closing time, turn all of the lights on...”: Blockbuster Air B&B is…. well… closing... but you can still turn all of the lights on...Don’t Lie, You Also Do It.  The “Pervy Peek-Down” AKA “Unintentional Weirdoing” - We all do it in the public bathroom.  #NoShameInYourGame with these new See-Through Shitters. SnapChat vs “OH SNAP! I just died!” - Some things you just can’t take back, regardless of the Snap views. We call this a “SnapChop”..Like your mom used to say, “Stay Safe; Double Wrap It” - This man triple wrapped. National Rainbow Bridge Day - I know, you totally thought this was about video games but surprisingly, this has nothing to do with Mario Kart, yet it’s supposedly a National Holiday now.  Amazon Prime 2-Year Shipping:  Arriving Friday is now Arriving next February
Wanna laugh at stupid “news”?  Two life-long friends, Pat and Karma, discuss the weirdest, wildest and most ridiculous news found on the internet… all of which is called “news”.... None of which should be.  Laugh with us at today's topics:“Pampered” Adult Cult - This gives an entirely new meaning to having a “sh*tty coworker”.Pre-Teen Financing Options? - Pay to Play Scheme?; more like PAY TO ATTEND Scheme!Private Practice Turns into Private Jail Cell - He quite literally crossed the line… on a hoverboard. DUI Drag Racing:  Yes, it’s a Florida Man…ATM Robbery:  HELP!  The ATM just robbed ME for $18 to take out $20! Non-Offensive Offensive Things - Potential, or Non-Potential Trigger Warning - this may or may not offend you.Really F’n Weird Business Reviews  - “Guess the Star Rating based on the Review” Game.  Can Pat figure out how many stars they left based on Karma reading the review?  SPOILER:  NO.  NOT AT ALL….NOT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER...and we guarantee you won’t guess correctly either! 
In today's podcast Two life-long friends, Pat and Karma, discuss the weirdest, wildest and most ridiculous news found on the internet.  This weeks topics feature:Taco Bell Wine -  Apparently now you don’t have to wait until after a night at the bar to pound Chalupas! You can instead get loaded AT Taco Bell… but just like $2 coins, it’s only available in Canada.Poor Mans Parrot - A Tropical Bird Fraud Story in Carlisle -  Idiot dyes a Seagull to look like a fancy bird and people fall for it. Woman Caught Red Handed - If there’s a right way to commit insurance fraud, this lady clearly didn’t know it. Disgusting BK Chocolate Burger - The only thing more nasty than that pic of your ex. Mystery Seeds still coming from China - Yep.  Still.  And people can’t resist temptation.  Could it be a Mario Piranha Plant?  A bean stalk?  A Penis Tree? …. Or just an invasive species...Clever Ways to tell a man you’re on your period tonight - Because “I’m on my period” is so 1999. Covid Fees? - “I’ll have the #4 meal and a small side of Covid Fees, to go please”Kroger Busted for Fabricating Serving Sizes - Perhaps it was a typo?  Maybe they meant to type “2.4 ounces” and accidentally types “24 ounces”?Mega Sperm and Lie Donor - Tom Cruised to the Sperm Bank quite a bit.  National Be Late for Something Day - Unfortunately this is real, according to Action Park on HBO - The new documentary about a waterpark gone terribly wrong. Be sure to subscribe!  New episode every Friday!
3 fishbowls deep

3 fishbowls deep


McDonalds New Travis Scott Burger Taste Test and Michael Jordan Burger DiscussionPat & Karma debate watching an episode of Keeping Up with the KardashiansAmazon Deletes a Boatload of Fake Reviews: https://www.reddit.comWindows 10 Annoying Updates and Making You Own the FitBit AppSilicon Valley Sucks Gender Reveals are Burning Down the USA!!!"Sir, this is a Wendys" moments in life: https://www.reddit.comMonkeys with Small Testicles Scream  Louder: https://www.zmescience.comGoogle Creates a Useless Desktop App:  https://pocketnow.comFitbit Ownership Statistics on Google.comRuby Tuesdays Fishbowl Mega-Alcohol Drinks 3,000 ft high man in jetpack:
Not my hero

Not my hero


Show notes coming soon
Premeditated stupidity

Premeditated stupidity

2020-08-2857:12 jumps on semi truck in underwear, driver doesn't stop??.YouTube bank robbery fake, Uber driver calls cops, take off running, arrested almost died..JFK airport lost bag, there's a bomb in it terrible idea, not from America.Rd.comMyth. Premium gas doesn't help necessarily, don't change all tires, truck tall down doesn't help,don't change all filters, electric cars don't catch fire, change oil 3000 miles, don't remote start30secs, jet fuel doesn't help, cold weather more gas nope, drive fast into a moose?WebMD.comMicrowave, dry herbs, toasted notes, bake apples, baked potatoes duh, scrambled eggs,steamed vegetables, soup, sanitize sponge, tipsAndrewchristian.comNanaimobeacon.comSharp edges again, say anything, watch your back get robbed, disgusting.Mensvarity.comGlory holes, safety first, make sure its legal gyms truck stop, safe cutout jagged edges, who's onthe other side, don't assume, finger codes shake, look before you touch, examine it, wrap up.Thesmokinggun.comWalmart without mask goes to jail in haunted house in Japan. Zombies attack the car covered car the blood.
Moneypop.comWorst jobs, Family dollar, La fitness 64% hate, Steak and Shake, Children's place.Mirror.Co.ukBanging chickens plus dogs terrible wife films it.Thewestnews.com24 year old, fake ghost. 35$ per person.Vice.comGraph penis on arm. Bionic 4yrsLovegasm.comCock ring replacementCnn.com5$ Grande nachos box, 1$ beef burrito.Buzzfeed.comSpicy tostadas 64% not known, chip dip 61%!. Beefy nachos loaded griller.Rd.comTo much steak sauce, cut the steak all at once, special cuts, eat it all no?, napkin on the chair,gnaw on the bones, spit in napkin, not following dress code, well done.
 Rant Lockdown, creepy masks, rob people, Stop believing in at 40. Your not a freak, hot mess, purpose in life, Alone forever. Vision quest. Your can't buy a Lexus. Women quit job to be Dog online, praise, pricing custom.. Wedding party thick ladies, photoshopped.. Couple threatening dress, security clothes for suit pants only, very specific colors. Blast category guest,, teirs A B C's wait your turn. Leech in wiener. Move on! Chewbacca impressions. Bagpiper 7am! Wtf. He wants attention. 76yrs old.. Penguin poops 4ft sideways. 
Second hand glory hole

Second hand glory hole


show notes coming soon
This week is a shorty where we debate an article that claims to make you instantly interesting. 
Cabbage and condoms

Cabbage and condoms


Thehealthy.comOld wives tales, cows lay down, cold and broken bones, fry an egg outside, southwest is safecorner, catch cold wet hair, stuck by lightning, fuzzy Caterpillar weather predictions.Start with gratitude stretch, fake shopping, workout, hit the bathroom, brain boost naps, climb atree, with someone.Oddee.comWeird restaurants, cabbage and condoms, heart attack, robots, ninja New York, safe house spytheme,Western town for sale.Record sponges, statue, kinkiest names in uk Chuck Jessica.Topclassactions.comMovie theater and new Jersey sued.Overthinking, talk to yourself, stay positive, look for distractions, make a stop sign list, stopbeing a perfectionist, predict the future, timer, live in the moment. expensive car 20 crashed.Plant OpreaDailydot.comShooting victim death mission gun shot gunner.Wsj.comMashed.comRidiculous fast food gone, meat sticks, donut sticks, truffles burger, angry whopperThegaurdian.comSamoan in jail extra time, overcrowdingDelish.comIce cream kit, ketchup ,bbq and mayoInputmag.comRandonatica doomscrollingRd.comSecrets Costco, double dip, hand over, old people love, don't talk to me maybe, gross samples,no pressure sales, eat together no, steal samples, no dine and dash, munchies.Blog.grubhub.comSpicy chicken up 299%, impossible burger up 290%, vanilla shack, iced latte, chili, cinnamonrolls, 195% chimichangas, taro milk tea 168%,
this weeks episode is a little different, Patrick and Karma take the show on the road and try out a new and hot trending app that takes you on an adventure! (or so they claim) We also get down and dirty with the newest offerings from Taco bell.
Super hot paper

Super hot paper


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