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Racial unity has been a hot topic in summer 2020, especially in the USA. We think it is important to bring it up and grow together in Christ. We believe there is unity in God, no matter what cultural backgrounds we come from. Support the show
We all have time, and time is precious. How to use time wisely is important for everyone, no matter you are a student, a worker, or a stay-at-home family member. Support the show
We all experience grief and loss in various ways during this pandemic. It is important to recognize and know how to cope with it in life for yourself, family members and others. Support the show
When everyone is battling control and fear right now, it is absolutely possible to have peace! Let's keep calm and carry on this life that God has given to us every day. Support the show
The ultimate hope is in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our salvation and faith are in God. The light shines brighter in dark times. Let's keep our hope together and believe the victory in Jesus. Support the show
Having mental health concerns is common nowadays in global crisis of Covid-19. Depression and anxiety are one of the most common to struggle with among people. It is still hope to find joy within difficult situations in Christ. Support the show
Easter is not about bunny or eggs, and Jesus Christ is the one we celebrate. We will look at 4 Gospels books and see how the Bible describes what happened before and after the resurrection of Jesus. Support the show
Facing Coronavirus crisis, we discuss how to react and cope with it in a healthy way physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is everyone's responsibility to stay healthy in this global emergency. Support the show
Everyone has experienced failure at some points in life. More importantly, the question is how to deal with failure and how to get back up? Support the show
Self-care is very essential to everyone living in this modern busy world. I will talk about self-care from the body, soul, spirit perspectives. Bible scriptures are also provided as supportive evidence and encouragement. Support the show
Everyone wants to be successful and leaves a legacy in history. In gaming world, popularity, wealth, frame, following numbers are important standard of being successful. Now, let's have a conversation about what is successful look like in a worldly and biblical definition. It is an important topic to discuss with both old and young generations. Support the show
Gaming Disorder is officially identified by World Health Organization in 2018-2019. More and more got addicted to video games, social media, and modern day digital screen. It is time to talk about it together about what is going on and how we could do with it.  Support the show
Nowadays, more and more children and youth are playing video games, as parents, ministers, family members, and friends, how we shall take on responsibilities to provide better guidance on game selections? That is exactly what we would talk about in this episode. Support the show
Have you ever wondered, Should Christians Play Video Games & Watch Anime? Many people tried to give a simple Yes or No answer. But in reality, it is much more complicated than a cookie cutter. As Christian individuals, we talked about this hot topic in this episode, with understanding from various backgrounds and cultures. Hope you enjoy our discussion and get something useful for your insight!  Support the show
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