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Author: Felipe Arevalo, Chase Peckham, Katie Utterback

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DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center present Talk Wealth To Me: The safe-space podcast where we chat about anything and everything related to personal finance. Hosted by Chase Peckham, Felipe Arevalo, and Katie Utterback, Talk Wealth To Me is for anyone and everyone who wants to better their financial situation and improve their financial education.
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Let's face it, stress is a real thing and in today's world of a pandemic that never seems to end and social media and politics a constant, it's no wonder that depression and anxiety is rampant among us. However the most common reason for stress has been around for as long as time. Money... Have it or don't finances can make stress excruciating which leads to all kinds of health problems. This week in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, 9/10/21 we discuss the ways to mitigate those stresses to live a healthier and productive life.Support the show (
Putting on an event big or small is no easy task and can be pricey. Essential to the plans is the participation of attendees for so many reasons. The RSVP is the most important thing for the planner of the event because so many things depend on the amount of the "head count".  Size and location of venue, decor and of course food and beverages. Nothing is worse and more frustrating when you have your plans, the event is here and you have NO SHOWS! Sometimes this can't be helped but in a lot of cases this is just rude. Today the Talk Wealth To Me crew discuss these situations and more. You have a story? Let us know!Support the show (
Two years ago, the San Diego Financial Literacy Center and DebtWave Credit Counseling, came together to produce and publish a podcast all about money. We called it Talk Wealth To Me, and today we’re celebrating our 100th episode! While there are a multitude of podcasts about personal finance, our goal for this show was to really strip down financial concepts, to talk beyond how to create a budget or how to responsibly use a credit card or invest.  We wanted to share with you information about the psychology of money, to give you tips on how to better your relationship with money from not just us, but experts in their own fields. Overall, we wanted to create a safe-space where people from all walks of life could better their understanding of financial concepts and learn from other people’s financial success and failures. As we celebrate our 100th episode, the Talk Wealth To Me team looks back on our favorite episodes, things we’ve learned along the way, and how our own relationship with money has changed.  And because we view you, our listener, as family, we wanted to share some difficult news - a personal update with you regarding the health and well-being of Chase’s beautiful bride, Keri, who you heard from in our Valentine show, Episode #070. On behalf of our Talk Wealth To me team, we wanted to truly thank you for supporting our show during these first 100 episodes. Our plan is to continue this show as long as possible and continue to bring you new perspectives, thoughts, and opinions as it relates to personal finance, to money, to your financial health.  Cheers to another 100 episodes!Support the show (
Applying for loans has become a common financial decision for most of society over the the last 30 years or so.  There are so many things banks and other industries look at when assessing risk of a given borrower including income and a credit profile. Having no credit or bad credit makes borrowing a nightmare. Either the loan could be very expensive due to high interest or you may not be offered the loan at all. One option that a borrower (and the sales person by the way) is to have a co-signer on the loan. In this episode the Talk Wealth to Me gang discuss the many pitfalls and benefits that come with it. Is it a good idea? Join us and decide for yourself.Support the show (
The world of federal student loans is changing. Especially for all of those looking to take advantage of the Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) programs. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) or Fedloan, one of the largest student loan servicers and the only servicer handling PSLF loans recently announced it will not be looking to renew its contract as a student loan servicer. What does that mean to the millions who currently have Fedloan as their servicer? What should you do now to prepare? What should you be on the lookout for? Will your loan or forgiveness terms change? For this episode Chase sits down with our in house student loan specialist Felipe to get these answers and more.Support the show (
The Talk Wealth to Me crew breaks down this tweet that was originally posted on Reddit.  This scenario comes up all the time in personal finance. Where do you stand on this???Am I (29M) the asshole for inviting my girlfriend (28F) to an expensive vacation and expecting her to pay her share. I make a lot more than her. Hello, my, and then here's the body of it.Hello, my girlfriend, myself, my parents and my brother and his wife all went on vacation to another country a week ago. My brother and I were the only one were the ones who did most of the planning for the itinerary. Although we did ask for everyone's input for background, I make 150,000 as an IT consultant. My girlfriend is a teacher making about 45,000. My parents are very affluent as well as my brother.And sister-in-law my girlfriend knew this trip was coming and took on a second job waitressing on the weekends for several months to get ready for it. We have always split things. 50/50 in the two years we've been together. There were a few times on vacations where she did not go on outings with us like wine tasting, scuba diving, et cetera. She also would only eat two meals a day. Simply stating that she was on a budget. My family does favor more. High-end expensive places. My parents thought it was very strange that she only eats two meals a day on those. She normally eats three. When we got home, I asked her why she skipped out on several of the outings and only ate two meals a day. I mentioned how I heard her stomach growling one night and said, I was concerned about her having an eating disorder.Uh, she got teary-eyed and said that three meals a day wasn't financially feasible for her. And neither were the outings that she chose not to go on. She went on three of six outings. She said she was not expecting everything to cost so much. And she was overwhelmed. She also said she doesn't know if it's going to work out long-term if she's expected to go on vacations like that with people who make so much more than her, I feel bad. I did not pick up on her discomfort sooner, but we did agree to split everything 50/50. And I don't know why she agreed to come. If the cost was an issue. Support the show (
The daughter of immigrant parents growing up in Minnesota, Nora Ali grew up thirsty for knowledge and opportunity. Today the Talk Wealth To Me guys sit down with Nora about the launching of a new media venture as well as her incredible path leading up to it.Nora was most recently an anchor on Cheddar, a business and technology-focused news network which broadcasts live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and its other studios across New York City and Washington, D.C. At Cheddar, Nora helped pitch and launch several specialty series, including Fast Forward: Life After Covid-19,  All Hands: Race Toward Inclusion, Business of Buying, and Future of Food.  She is a graduate of Harvard University and was previously a Senior Product Manager for end-to-end customer experience at the e-commerce company, which she joined prior to its launch and acquisition by Walmart.  What an inspiration!Support the show (
The word invest can be a source of anxiety for some as they get further down the road of life because they know they should. But... how and what should I invest my hard earned money in? In today's world there are so many options but what is right for you? Today's guest Kyle Woodley the Senior Investing Editor for explains some of the options we have and what might be the best options for you.Support the show (
It’s hard to find a show that has had a greater cultural impact on American life than the 90s television sitcom "Friends." From “The Rachel” haircut, to the holiday armadillo, “Smelly Cat”, and even the “I’ll Be There for You” theme song, "Friends" is a show that continues to feel relevant and relatable – even though it’s been more than a decade since the finale aired in May 2004! So relatable that the Talk Wealth to Me crew brought on a guest that wasn't born until 2008!What does "Friends" have to do with personal finance? It turns out, so many things that the six twenty-somethings encountered in their lives resembled real life; financial decisions and situations were no different. Today, we Shoot the Financial $h!t about many of these classic scenes and topics. That guest? Clayton Peckham, who has watched every episode from season 1-10, multiple times starting at the age of 10. Sit back and reminisce with us!Support the show (
It all started with a tweet... Music, movies, sports and other live and entertainment  events are big business and a lot of people are passionate about them; willing to shell out large amounts of money to experience. Some argue that it is financially irresponsible to spend hard earned money on such experiences. This is obviously subjective so we here at Talk Wealth to Me thought this is a great subject to discuss as this tweet is actually part of the reason we ourselves got into trouble when we were younger.  Is he right??? the show (
Once upon a time we knew if we saw a billboard, heard a commercial on television or the radio, that we were being advertised to spend money on a new product or a new brand. But over the past few decades, advertisers noticed that pop culture influences us more than these traditional ads. So, they made a change. With the use of “influencers,” product placement, and targeted social media ads, we now view ads for the latest and greatest as products that we need in order to be happy and fabulous. This week, Katie joins the Talk Wealth To Me crew for a discussion on how pop culture influences our spending and saving habits.Support the show (
If you have listened to this podcast often you know that we bring up budgeting in some way in just about every episode. This is because creating a spending plan (budget) is crucial to the health of your finances, especially if you are trying to pay back debt that you accumulated earlier in your life. This doesn't mean that you have to do without completely though. In this episode Chase and Phil discuss how you can create that plan to pay back the debt and still leave some for you to enjoy the life you are living now.Support the show (
"Want to go to the concert next weekend?" "Hey let's go to dinner". " Happy Birthday, here's a trip to Hawaii." In life we can all find ourselves financially at different places than others, including friends and family. This can cause anxiety and feelings of inadequacy because we may not be able to afford the same things as our friends or family. The holidays, birthdays, weddings, you name it, we all will go through this situation on one side or the other at some point, maybe even both? This week the gang discuss how to handle those situations and how it doesn't make you who you are based on what you can and can't afford at given times. Support the show (
Wedding season is right around the corner and this season could see a record number of nuptials as we come out of the pandemic. Last year so many weddings were postponed as we couldn't get together to celebrate two lives coming together as we normally would.  Weddings for some people are the biggest days of some people's lives. It can be a huge cost for the couple and their immediate families. This week the crew discusses all things wedding costs but not for the bride and groom or their families but the wedding party's. Yes, those friends and family that pay for and travel far and wide for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding day and not to mention the dresses and tux/suits. Join us for some crazy stories and of course ways to make those incredible days a little less pricey for the ones standing up in honor of you.Support the show (
Summertime feels like childhood! School is almost out and the kids will be off for the summer months and sometimes to parents chagrin. But it also means fun, sun, and lemonade stands. It also means barbecues and outdoor activities and after a year in which most of us didn't leave the house it means reconnecting with friends and family and travel. Summer doesn't mean you have to bust your budget however and the TWTM crew discusses all the fun summertime fun that can be done without adding to the credit card bills!  Support the show (
The cost of putting children in organized sports is a bit out of control and has been for a while according to Kids Play USA Foundation. The biggest cost being general participation fees that can range from $50 to $1,000 and depending on where you live, a lot more. It also ranges from the league and sport with which they participate. Then you throw in the equipment and it can easily run in the thousands of dollars in certain cases, most if not all, is picked up by the family of the child.Today the  TWTM "Shootin" crew discusses the positive and negatives of todays billion dollar youth sports industry and the affect it can have on families bank accounts not to mention, the time invested. Support the show (
Credit reports are one of the most misunderstood and popular topics  we talk about on almost an everyday basis. Debt collections could be a close second but both can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. We as consumers have rights yet most of us have no idea what those are. Taylor Kosla, a consumer right attorney and Partner at Agruss Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois  joined the crew to break down all the walls and misconceptions that are out there. We get in-depth regarding what debt collectors can and can't do, How to handle misinformation on your credit reports and how vitally important it is for us to know what's on them. We even dive into Mr. Cooper and the chaos that was the result. Support the show (
The American dream...A number of episodes back we spoke to real estate and lending experts (#078 Real Estate & Lending in a Pandemic and Beyond with Kelly Kline & Tyler Hagerla) to discuss the wild and crazy 2020 and what 2021 and beyond could look like for the residential real estate market. This week we sit down and shoot the financial $h!t with our very own Katie Utterback. Katie and her husband A.J. just recently closed on their first ever home. Congrats! We know what a crazy experience it is for first time home buyers in the current market. Katie takes us through their journey, the highs and the lows, the stresses and the thrills. Sit back, relax and join us for the real dos and don'ts of buying a home in 2021 - with a few laughs along the way.Support the show (
This week we touch on a subject that is quite disturbing. Seniors have long been taken advantage of, and quite frankly, are the prey for scams. There are many reasons for this and Mitchell Freedman, a longtime CPA and financial professional, is an expert on the subject. He sits down with us to talk about his life's work to raise awareness about financial elder abuse and how to protect those we love. Support the show (
As everyone knows we are still in the midst of a pandemic, but as vaccines make their way through our communities and the economy opens back up, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Could we possibly get back to normal? What is normal, though? It has been reported that Americans paid off more consumer debt this past year than any on record, almost 83 billion dollars according to Though job loss was reported nationwide, those whose income wasn't impacted were able to save more this year primarily because activities and vacations were limited. This week the guys discuss how to avoid the potential financial pitfalls from being excited to do "normal" things again! Support the show (
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