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Author: Felipe Arevalo, Chase Peckham, Katie Utterback

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DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center present Talk Wealth To Me: The safe-space podcast where we chat about anything and everything related to personal finance. Hosted by Chase Peckham, Felipe Arevalo, and Katie Utterback, Talk Wealth To Me is for anyone and everyone who wants to better their financial situation and improve their financial education.
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We love our cars! Over 14.5 million cars were sold in 2020 - down from 2019, but still a lot considering the economic impact of the pandemic. Buying a car is something that most of us will experience at least once in our lifetime and often we say, "I got a great deal!" But did you, really? Talk Wealth to Me sits down with Sharon Glassey of Glassey | Smith ( Sharon has more than 20 years of experience litigating auto fraud, lemon law and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) cases throughout California. We cover the biggest mistakes people make when they walk on a car lot and what  to avoid. If you have ever had that feeling of clammy hands, nerves, excitement or buyer's remorse, you won't want to miss this episode. Support the show (
This week the guys sit down with Parth Asawa, a senior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA and the Director of the Financial Literacy Introduction Program which is part of the nonprofit, Youth Economics Initiative.Parth speaks openly about how he realized he didn't know much about money and finances in the "adult" world and shared what he hopes to do to provide this important knowledge to other young people. At a young age, he recognizes that personal finance should be taught in schools before students head off to start their lives after high school. We enjoyed chatting with this young man and think you'll be as impressed by him as we were.Support the show (
This week the guys discuss the very difficult and often heart-wrenching decisions that need to be made by pet owners when caring for an ill pet. Chase discusses the roller coaster ride it has been with his dog, Jackson, over the last two years. Not just the emotional toll of caring for a sick dog, but the very real financial decisions that go with it. Most pet owners will endure this at least once in their pet's lifetime. What treatments do we choose? What is the cost involved in those treatments? Will it cure them or just sustain a normal life for a short time? And many, many more.We all love our pets because they become a part of our families and love us unconditionally. Unfortunately other factors such as finances have to be considered, no matter how difficult those choices may be to make.Support the show (
As we've discussed on the podcast before, personal financial education for the next generation on issues of credit, debt, budgeting and how to become financially responsible adults is incredibly important. This week the guys sit down with Rebecca Ivonovich Gallagher, the chair of the California Jump$tart Coalition, whose mission is to further personal financial knowledge among California students and to empower partners, educators and communities to implement financial education in classrooms. Rebecca's passion for the subject is palpable. A former accounting professional, teacher and now a specialist in workforce development for the Sonoma County Office of Education, Rebecca shares exciting Jump$tart programs such as the Financial Foundation for Educators, and introduces us to the incredible volunteers driving the mission and introducing financial knowledge to our youth.Support the show (
The #1 most misunderstood topic in the world of personal finance (outside of investing) is consumer credit. We are constantly asked how to improve a credit score, and people expect that there is one clear answer, and they will be able to fix or build it with a tweak here or there. Many people don't even know that they have a credit rating and are shocked if it's not a good one. This week we sit down with DebtWave Credit Counseling's Consumer credit expert and coach, Crystal Williams. She has helped hundreds of DebtWave clients and many others navigate their credit, guiding them with knowledge and sharing skills to improve it. We discuss the steps people can take to improve their credit as well as what to avoid.Support the show (
If you know our guys or have watched them present you know the truth. They may be the pros but this week's guests are the ones who keep their finances organized. Plus they can't do a #valentines episode without their better half.  Valentines Day can bring a lot of emotions, emotions that can change throughout the years based on where you are in life. One thing that doesn't change is the perception that it is an expensive holiday. But does it have to be? Join us for the Valentines Day edition of Talk Wealth to Me.Support the show (
Bring on 2021! We kick off the new year with the importance of family at the forefront of our minds. We have just come off the holidays and let's face it the oddest of holidays it was for many families as traditions took a back seat to a virus. But the realities of the the holidays and a new year come to attention as credit card bills start coming in and the anxieties and frustrations that can come with it. Everyone has heard of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday and hopefully #GivingTuesday but #BlueMonday has come and gone and most may not even know it exists. But many may be feeling it. We discuss how emotional finances can be on both sides of the equation and how important it is to put it all in perspective and the tools to creating a healthy financial future.Support the show (
Bring on 2021! We kick off the new year with the importance of family at the forefront of our minds. Financial education, financial literacy, financial capability or any name we want to put on it is at the heart of Talk wealth to Me. It is what we're passionate about and what we firmly believe people really want and yet most have not received it. Well, we have a treat for you today! Our guest is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pockets Change, an organization that started with this question, “Why don’t more of us learn about money when we’re kids?”  That led to many more questions and away they went. There is not a more passionate champion for financial education for kids and families than Andrea Ferrero. We talk about the emotions of money and finances in the home and how they start at an early age. How families can communicate and introduce money to their children and so much more. Please enjoy!Support the show (
This has come up in almost every episode of Talk Wealth to Me since we began the podcast in 2019. It is a major part of workshops we deliver to schools, communities and organizations all over San Diego and beyond. It is the backbone of every personal and professional relationship. Yet many don't do it, for different reasons. Communication is vitally important especially when it comes to relationships. Money is the #1 reason for divorce, and according to a survey by Ally Bank 36 percent of couples reported that money was the biggest source of stress in their relationship.  In this episode, Chase and Felipe sit down and discuss the financial mistakes that couples make and how they can avoid them by communicating better.  We want to thank the crew at Saturday Night Live for a truly hysterical - and very real - skit that aired a few weeks ago. Perfect introduction for this week's podcast!Support the show (
Shootin the Financial S%# is back for a deep yet humorous look at the way we look at money.  Many studies have shown that we can train our brains to look at situations differently by telling a different story or looking at it from another angle, this is no different with how we look and feel about money and finances. The Shootin crew sits down and discusses different ways to look at our #moneymindset and and how they themselves have evolved over the years. In a year that has been so out of the ordinary the practice of #flippingthescript has never been more important.Support the show (
Whether it's a stigma or just uncomfortable a lot of women are not comfortable with money. This week the Talk Wealth to Me crew talk to Ilene Slatko the principle and founder of DSS Consulting in the Washington D.C. area. She talks candidly about her journey and how women's brains work when it comes to money, Her Women and Their Money program and much, much more.Support the show (
Paying back credit card debt is often stressful. Many people don't know what their interest rates are, and if they do, whether that rate is a good or bad one. It can be a daunting task figuring out how to get out from under seemingly never-ending credit card debt. You can scour the internet trying to find the best ways to pay it back. You will also find that there is a ton of information, books and articles on the subject. There are also companies with programs that can help. But which one is the right one? One option is consumer credit counseling. This episode our guest is Carlos Perez, Director of Counseling Services at DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. We discuss the pros and cons of nonprofit organizations' services and other programs available to help.Support the show (
Working in the personal finance industry and providing education to others has shown us that there are topics that are regularly missed or misunderstood. Often we can predict the questions people are going to ask before the words even leave their mouths. No more so than in the world of consumer credit. The famous - or infamous, depending on how you look at it - credit report and its close cousin, the credit score. There are many myths that never seem to escape financial misinformation lore.In this episode, Chase and Felipe discuss the most common myths and bring them full circle to reality. Some are total myths and some are half-truths, but we cover them all!Support the show (
The team is joined by our third team member Katie! The team catches up on financial, self care and other everyday topics like:How are you staying entertained during COVIDWhat are some free or almost free self care ideasHow the team did on Amazon Prime Day (Hint: Felipe didn't do as well)Also Chase discovered a new app We chat about all this and more in our Quarantine Update #3.About The ShowTo learn more about DebtWave Credit Counseling, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.To learn more about the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.Support the show (
Financial literacy education is vital for the financial health and future of our country. The ways in which we deliver that education are diverse. One thing we know is educating our youth in the ways of personal finance is important and Intuit, the innovative founders of Mint, Turbo Tax and Quick Books, are putting their expertise and resources into creating new technologies to to do just that. Jared Davidove, Senior Manager, Strategic Education Partnerships, is working to bring this technology to youth through those on the front lines - our nation's teachers. We talk with Jared about everything from how it began to where we are now, as well as the challenges that all financial educators face.Support the show (
Renting vs buying a house debate is one we hear all the time in the financial industry. There’s no one, easy answer because buying isn’t always better than renting. It’s not really throwing money away to rent. We dive deep into this very topic with Eric Roberge, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and founder of Beyond Your Hammock where he helps his clients make the best financial decisions for them and their future including whether it’s time to rent or buy a home.#rentorbuySupport the show (
This week’s guest is a true powerhouse! She had to make her way in the world at the young age of 16. Life threw many roadblocks her way including a marriage that she knew wasn’t good for her or her children. She also, like others had to endure the 2008 crash which turned the real estate market upside downThrough all of that she persevered and is a super successful real estate entrepreneur and business coach. She is co-founder of the #1 real estate team in the Atlanta metro area, and is the coach of real estate agents across the country.He also wrote "The Million Dollar Trap" which brings together what she's learned through her time in real estate and in life. Her goal is to help women who feel stuck and help inspire them to know they can do anything.We talk about how she put every last penny back into her business and learned how to use what finances she had to build the life she thought she never dreamed of.Support the show (
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When most people think of financial planning they think of the stock market, Wall Street, or buying, selling stocks and only for wealthy people. That is all part of it but it isn't the whole picture. It is far more than that and frankly it is and should be for everyone who makes a living and looking for a clear road map to a brighter financial future for themselves, their families and future generations. The problem is people tend to think it isn't for them or , they don't make enough money. Well we aim to simplify financial planning. This week we sit down with a long time volunteer for the SDFLC, a Certified Financial Planner, Paul Lim of The Wealth Consulting Group.Paul graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and has been recognized throughout his career for both his professional achievements and outstanding community service in the greater San Diego area. His dedication to achieving both personal and professional excellence began early on as evidenced by his being named a “30 Under 30 – San Diego County Leader” by Patch San Diego.Enjoy!Support the show (
Money... Finances... are so incredibly mental and emotional. Yet we all tend to learn about these on our own and figure everything will work out. Why shouldn't we get help with it? Not just setting ourselves up for retirement but with the emotional side of it? According to the Financial Therapy Association, financial therapy is a process informed by both therapeutic and financial competencies that helps people think, feel and behave differently with money to improve overall well-being through evidence-based practices and interventions. On this podcast, we spend time talking about decision making regarding money and finances. Why is it that we make the decisions we make? Why does buying something off Amazon make me feel better? Why am I afraid to buy anything? Have you ever wondered how money makes you feel and what money means to you? Well, we get down deep into those questions and more with Nathan Astle. Nate is family therapist at Kansas State University where he is also attending graduate school. He is also a board member at the Financial Therapy Association. the show (
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