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Author: Felipe Arevalo, Chase Peckham, Katie Utterback

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DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center present Talk Wealth To Me: The safe-space podcast where we chat about anything and everything related to personal finance. Hosted by Chase Peckham, Felipe Arevalo, and Katie Utterback, Talk Wealth To Me is for anyone and everyone who wants to better their financial situation and improve their financial education.
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Can you believe we are in the middle of December??? Crazy! What a year 2022 has been for us. Personal tragedy, success stories, inflation, crypto, road trips and the flu making a huge comeback after taking a back seat to Covid-19 for a bit.In this final episode of 2022 we discuss all of those and look back to our favorite moments as well as answer some of the most common questions we were asked. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year all!Support the show
The Holiday's are a season of joy, religion, love, Santa, reindeer, movies, food, travel, family, traditions and of course presents. With all of these things comes spending and depending on your situation a lot of spending. In this episode the boys discuss the pitfalls and joys the holiday season can bring, especially our spending.Support the show
The American dream, being a homeowner! Owning a home is an accomplishment that almost all of us aspire too. But... Sometimes I miss the days of calling my landlord when things break and things do break! One of the most difficult breaks is when you see water dripping from an area of the house that it shouldn't. Where is it coming from? Oh, if it only were that easy!This week the crew discusses Chase's Thanksgiving weekend of playing cat and mouse with the dripping water that was coming from his kitchen ceiling and the steps he took to find said leak (with a professional) and deal with homeowners insurance. Support the show
Boost For Our Heroes

Boost For Our Heroes


This week we honor those who support our Boost For Our Heroes program. This program would not be possible without those that come out to the annual Boost For Our Heroes Golf Classic here in sunny San Diego! Boost for our Heroes is a financial assistance and education program that benefits military members, veterans and their families. This program provides a variety of workshops, outreach efforts, and one-on-one consultations to help men and women experiencing a financial hardship become financially stable. Because of these obstacles, the Boost for our Heroes program also provides a quarterly award of $3,000 to a military member or military family. Each quarter, an impartial panel selects one recipient based on financial hardship and subsequently works with the recipient to develop an integrated financial plan. The funds for this program come directly from this event.Support the show
Netflix changed the game of how we watch television. So much so that, many of us first tried out Netflix to see if we could avoid having to drive to Blockbuster. After all, gas prices where were closing in on $2/gallon and who could afford that extra driving?  Now we spend longer scrolling to just find something to watch. But Netflix, known for giving people something to watch while they chill, is saying sharing is caring no more when it comes to passwords.In this episode we share how we think the password crackdown might change peoples finances. Are more people adding Netflix to their budgets or will the competition continue to take subscriptions from the company that took down Blockbuster and the video stores? Will you pay more to add a friend? We also answer what streaming service we would cancel last. So stop using and Password: Philloveskittens! to watch Netflix and register for your free 30 day trial instead. Just don't forget to add it to your budget or cancel in the next month.     Support the show
There are many products in the market that are used to incentivize us, to make purchases whether we have the funds to do so or not. Credit cards are the big brother. The little plastic card that allows us to purchase a product and pay it off over time if so choose. Of course the card charges us interest if we don't pay it all off when the invoice comes in. I the old days there was lay away. You could have a product put on hold for you to purchase on another date when you had the funds saved up. Well there is a new trend starting to become a player in the industry. Buy Now, Pay later apps are almost universal now which allows you to make a purchase, and then pay it off over four easy installments interest free. Sounds great! But we are starting to see more and more of these debts go delinquent and the CFPB is taking notice.Today the crew discusses the good, the bad and the ugly regarding Buy Now, Pay Later and it may surprise you where they standSupport the show
Traveling in itself can be expensive. Of course airline tickets have been on the higher side these days and inflation isn't helping the cost of everything we do and stay while visiting somewhere away from home. But airports have gotten very good at creating experiences of their own as we wait to get to our ultimate destinations. In this episode we discuss the many ways we can fork out a lot of our hard earned cash at our worlds airports.Support the show
We are offered them for cars, plane tickets, and electronics. You might even have gotten a hundred calls to let you know that yours is about to expire even though you never purchased it. Warranties, protection plans and service plans are everywhere. But are they worth it?Felipe shares his story of trying to get a windshield replaced by a warranty and how those events unfolded.  Three years and a cracked windshield later was it a good deal? Or did he forget a very important component to personal finances.  Always read the fine print!Support the show
Regardless if you are one of Kim Kardashian's 250 million followers or not this week she may have found a way into your feed. On Oct. 3rd the SEC announced a $1.26 million penalty for an Instagram post where she was paid to share information on a crypto currency. The full team sits down and shares their thoughts on influencers like Kardashian or Floyd "Money" Mayweather promoting Cryptocurrencies. Is it morally any different than promoting other products? We also share what influencers are more likely to get us to spend our money while we are on social media. So queue up some hashtags, post on your social media that you're listening to Talk Wealth To Me and enjoy.     Support the show
In today's world the trend is more and more venues becoming cashless. From buying beer and hot dogs to retail merchandise the ways of paying for your goods and services is ever expanding in our digital world. Today the crew discusses what they think of this new phenomena and whether or not it's a good thing for society.Support the show
In  all the years we have been working with individuals to get a handle on their debt and finances medical debt has been a large part of it. Not just the huge bills that we hear about but even the simple co-pays or co-insurance that can throw a families budget out of whack. Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington, MD an internal medicine physician and medical billing expert. With more than 20 years experience in primary care, psychiatric settings, and as a health insurance executive, Virgie has made it her life goal to help patients navigate the conundrum that is the U.S healthcare system.Chase very recently navigated the healthcare system as his wife, Keri went through treatment for stage 4 colon cancer. This episode is a very personal one and one we all need to hear.Support the show
The passing of Queen Elizabeth II last week was worldwide news. Now, with King Charles III on the throne what does that mean for currency around the world that featured the portrait of the late Queen? In this episode the full team talks a little royalty before switching from the pound to one of our favorite topics, food. What is considered fine dining for you? Are there restaurants you enjoy that others might be quick to write off? Does a restaurant need to be local or authentic to have to be added to your budget? Grab a snack or drive to the place with the longest drive thru line and enjoy this episode. Support the show
There is no one size fits all solution to personal finances. So as you can imagine disagreements amongst professionals happen all the time. What happens when most professionals agree and the people disagreeing happen to be economists and mathematicians? Can we be right and wrong at the same time?In this episode we discus an article Chase came across in Inc. Magazine that covered three popular financial tips that don't add up according to mathematicians and economist. Yes, we are looking at you snowball method! We know that "numbers never lie," but do they sometimes fail to tell the whole story?  Take a listen and let us know what you think? ?re we wrong? Should the math always add up?  Support the show
Children's birthday parties, anyone with kids and even those without, have attended. Parents sit around and have a drink or grab a bite to eat as kids run around with their friends and enjoy being the center of attention. But how memorable are they? Do you remember your ninth or tenth birthday party? More importantly, how much do they cost? Are there better ways to spend your money and time on your kids? In this episode Felipe shares his idea for doing away with the parties and giving control to his kids. All while saving money, reducing stress and making it more about the birthday kid again. He borrows a page from Chase’s “experience over things” playbook and hopes he has found a more budget friendly and memorable alternative to kid birthday parties. Please reach out and let us know what you do for your kid’s birthday or share a memorable birthday experience with us.Support the show
It's that time of year when parents drop off their  little ones at college campuses near and far. Did they pack their socks? Will they remember to call home? Or at least add you on Instagram so you can see that they are safe?Some of the big questions parents are asking themselves are all about money. Are they ready to handle their own money? Will they be asking for a mommy or daddy bailout before the semester's end? Will student loans and credit cards lead to years of debt?In this episode Chase returns and updates us on his personal life. Then joins Felipe to continue the conversation Felipe started on the local news. Listen as they talk young people and money. What can you look out for and what you can do today even if your little ones are still in elementary school.    Support the show
The world has changed since Steinbeck took Charley in search of America. I know my life has changed drastically since my 7,715.8 mile adventure across America in college, that was just 15 years ago!  Some think the idea of the Great American Road Trip is dying. I'm here to ask you, please start a budget and hit the road again! Katie sits down with me as I go over, things to look out for when venturing out for a 2022 (or 2023) road trip. With or without little ones, or fur babies. Even after more than 30 thousand road trip miles (not counting any drive less than 1,000 miles) and over a thousand budgeting pretentions I miscalculated my budget. You don't have to.  -FelipeSupport the show
In the personal finance world, there's been a long-running debate on whether buying a home or renting for life is better for your money long-term.  But unlike rent, a mortgage comes with many other expenses, like taxes, maintenance, and upgrades. So is it more accurate to say that homeownership is more comparable to an auto loan than it is to paying rent?In Episode #146,  Katie joins Felipe for a conversation about surprise expenses they experienced during the first year of homeownership, including a surprise tax bill that hit both households.Support the show
We love personal finances, that's no secret. Should you be thinking about personal finances all day every day? Should you find a circle of friends that only wants to talk business and finance? We think not we also want to talk about The Real Housewives or soccer. This episode Katie joins Felipe and they talk about viral tweets and other trends they see on the personal finance social media world. Support the show
Mega Millions Lottery jackpot moved over the billion mark for the fourth time since it was introduced in 1996 in five states. Now in 45 states Mega Millions is one of the two largest lottery's in the nation. Is playing the lottery a smart move? chances of winning aren't great yet millions of people play each year.Today Felipe and Chase discuss the lottery phenomena and whether it is smart to throw a few dollars on a ticket from time to time.Support the show
Water is the most important natural resource we have. Life cannot go on without it. Water can be consumed in many different ways these days and we Americans sure do consume a lot. But most of us don't get this important resource out of our taps any longer, oh no, we actually buy it and buy it in many different sizes, shapes, types and now even flavors.The Talk Wealth to Me Crew discusses how we consume water and whether or not how we consume makes a difference to both our bank accounts and our planet.Support the show
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