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Everything Bad is a comedic free-form conversation, in which three jackasses discuss whatever fleeting thoughts cross their minds. Video games? Check. Chicken with pants on? Check. The rule of threes? Check.
44 Episodes
As the Everything Boys face a new year, they tackle it the only way they know: pointless rambling. Talk about Jedi: Fallen Order and The Mandelorian, 6 Underground, The Irishman, and “What’s the Dumbest Thing You Can Think Of?” Plus, Brooks’ correspondent report from Dubai.
It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Winners of the previous Bad Brackets (but that’s a good thing) face each other in head-to-head combat. Mad Max: Fury Road, Portal 2, The Burger King, Michael Keaton, and more!
It’s all about videogames this time, folks. Frankly, there are almost too many good games to mention, but the Everything Boys give it a shot! Tune in to hear the most controversial bracket winner of podcast history. Death Stranding, Apex Legends, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare -- these games, and many more, fight it out in a battle royale of quality entertainment.
After an oddly good year of entertainment, The Everything Boys give us their top picks for the movies and films of 2019. The Mandelorian, Silicon Valley, The Tick, What We Do in the Shadows, The Boys -- and the list just keeps going from there.
Part two of the Year End Wrap Up Specialz!!! (With a “z”). The Everything Boys air their grievances with the games that just didn’t stack up in 2019. Gears 5, Void Bastards, Devil May Cry 5, and Generation Zero, to name just a few.
Part one of the Year End Wrap Up Specialz!!! (With a “z”). The boys share their most disappointing movies and TV shows of the year. Somehow, they still liked most things on the list, because optimism is simply the best. Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Too Old to Die Young, and many more!
Ok Boomer! The Everything Boys give a second chance to some of their previous bracket’s contenders. Mad Max: Fury Road, Addams Family Values, Bojack Horseman, and Titanfall 2, to name just a few. Plus! General fitness, Tom Hardy’s real name, and how they feel about Remnant: From the Ashes. (Finally!)
Episode 37: Fake TV Shows

Episode 37: Fake TV Shows


The Everything Boys discuss mockumentaries, shows-within-shows, and the fine art of parody. Including, but not limited to: Reno 911, The Office, American Vandal, and What We Do in the Shadows. Plus! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Luigi’s Mansion 3.
Fork. Bed. Pants. Ice cubes. This bracket has it all! Until it doesn’t. Can the Everything Boys figure out anime? Let’s find out. Plus, The Righteous Gemstones is a pretty good show that The Boys would like to talk about.
Evil, conniving, and oddly funny video game characters take their shot at the bigtime. Psycho Mantis? Bowser? Dr. Robotnik? GLaDOS? Gannon? Pyramid Head? Not Sephiroth, that’s for sure. Plus, a surprisingly emotional reaction to 343 Guilty Spark. Did you know that Paris Hilton was in Repo: The Genetic Opera?
Episode 34: Batmen Bracket

Episode 34: Batmen Bracket


The Everything Boys set a new record for bad opinions when they decide the best portrayal of Batman. Plus! Living with Yourself, co-starring Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd. More talk about Control/Alan Wake/Max Payne. Also! Kane & Lynch, and various complaints about Ubisoft games (The Division, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, etc.)
A true doubles match on this episode. Toy Story 2 & Mario Maker 2 face off against Empire Strikes Back & Titanfall 2. Thor: Ragnarok & Batman: Arkham City against The Dark Knight & Street Fighter 2. And many, many more! Plus, the Fortnite blackout, and some pretty good shows to watch.
Check this one out, broh. Everyone from Pencilvester to Ants in My Eyes Johnson, broh. Also Jerry. And then: Corgis! Tim Burton’s Dumbo? Spoilers for Spiderman: Far From Home, and more Just Cause 4.
The Everything Boys don their colorful felt novelty heads and drive thru the bracket of pandering spokes-creatures. Plus! Yoku’s Island Express, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and What We Do in the Shadows.
The Everything Boys are bringing you some next-level brackets in this one. Winners from the eight previous episodes go head-to-head in a tournament for the ages. Tune in to discover the shocking result (or the obvious result, if you saw this coming).
In this spooktacular episode, the Everything Boys take on a bracket of thrillers, chillers, and psychological horror movies. Plus, the Mandela effect, hard to believe facts, and spooky news. (Bracket includes: Cabin in the Woods, Get Out, The Thing, Alien, Pitch Black, Cube, 28 Days Later, and Saw)
Baffling corporate marketing naming conventions. Coffee liqueur. Mysterious seasonal sugar water. The Everything Boys follow their dreams and find their Mech Squad name. Lazer mouth sounds. Briefcasing in Europe. Plus! Gears 5. Just Cause 4. Control. Creature in the Well.
Happy Almost-Halloween! The Everything Boys are joined by Jay to play Pokemon trivia, talk about ghosts, and determine which old-school movie monsters live up to their reputation. Plus! Turkish delight, peanut butter whiskey, and big-foot.
I’m Dwane Johnson, f*ck you! The human sound machines (Everything Boys) either know too much or too little about reality shows; it’s hard to tell. Plus! The Wandering Earth has some questionable physics, but still makes an impact.
What is the best superpower? Finally The Everything Boys find an answer. Plus, more from “The Boys”. Everything Bad Boys. Everything Bad Boys and The Boys. The Amazon Bad Boys. Amazon Prime Video Presents Everything Bad Boys Boys.
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