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In this NAEDA Connect Podcast, host and NAEDA Canada President John Schmeiser, explains the impact of Parliament passing Bill C-294 in May 2023.
In this NAEDA Connect Podcast, host Mike Kraemer speaks with Leigh Anderson, senior economist from Farm Credit Canada on the 2023 Outlook for the Canadian farm equipment market, which was published in November 2022.
In this episode, we are joined by Scott Eisenhauer of Enid, OK. Scott is the General Manager for P&K Equipment, a John Deere dealership that currently has 29 locations. We discuss NAEDA's State Advisory Committees, why advocacy is important in helping to educate and share dealer's stories with legislators, right to repair, and efforts P&K Equipment are making to help solve the equipment technician shortage.Links to sites and programs mentioned in this show:Article on Repair Done Right (RDR) Initiative - NAEDA's Repair Done Right Training for Dealers - Equipment's Ag Tech Program - State University's Institute of Technology Ag Equipment Technician Program - Fort Scott Community College's John Deere Technician Training -  
In this episode, John Schmeiser, President of NAEDA Canada, discusses Bill C244 on right to repair. John provides an overview of the bill and how the language in the bill creates serious issues related to emissions, cyber security, safety and more. He also discusses NAEDA's efforts in challenging this bill and current status of Bill C244. 
Iron Comps Podcast

Iron Comps Podcast


Used equipment values are changing rapidly and the supply volume is extremely constrained. In this episode of NAEDA Connect, host Mike Kraemer speaks with Andy Campbell, Director of Marketing and Industry Analyst for Iron Comps, powered by Tractor Zoom. 
In today's podcast, NAEDA Connect's Mike Kraemer visits with Alison Duncan and Gareth Walker from Fleming Agri Products, who discuss what makes Fleming Agri Products a leader in its field and their desire to expand distribution and retail sales in North America.
In this episode, Eric Wareham, VP of Government Affairs for WEDA,  redistricting, infrastructure bill spending, and right to repair roundup. Learn more how this years legislative sessions are wrapping up.
In this podcast, Mike Kraemer speaks with WEDA board member, Kevin Pawlowski on the unification plan to give dealers a stronger presence, a stronger footprint, a stronger voice, and more services for dealers in Canada and the United States.  
In this podcast, Mike Kraemer speaks with WEDA President, Ken Wagner on the unification plan to give dealers a stronger presence, a stronger footprint, a stronger voice, and more services for dealers in the United States and Canada.  
In this episode of WEDA Connect, host Mike Kraemer speaks with Shane Waldemar, general manager, of DIS Corporation.DIS began developing business management systems in 1980 and continues to evolve to serve equipment dealers throughout North America with intuitive software to increase efficiency and productivity. Listen to what makes DIS an industry leader in technology-based solutions to meet dealer and customer demands. For information about  DIS Corporation visit
In this episode, host Mike Kraemer interviews Erik St. Hilaire,  a partner in the corporate finance group at MNP regarding a variety of services to clients, including divestiture and buy/sell services, transaction advisory, and purchaser due diligence advisory. Succession planning can be a daunting task, learn more about what MNP can do for your company.
In this episode, Eric Wareham, VP of Government Affairs for WEDA, dives into the federal infrastructure and human infrastructure bills including Biden's executive order on right to repair. Learn more about the challenges that the U.S. and the equipment industry are facing as congress pushes elaborate spending bills and tax increases.
In this episode, Mike Kraemer speaks with WEDA CEO John Schmeiser about the free online service technician test that can be used to gauge potential recruits or current technician's knowledge and skill levels. Learn more about this industry-specific test and how members can access it.
In this episode,  host Mike Kraemer and WEDA CEO John Schmeiser discuss the importance of the new preferred partner Secuvant, a cyber and data security company. With companies being held for ransom on the rise it's important to realize the magnitude of risk companies are facing if they are not prepared for an attack. Companies have paid upwards of seven figures to release their systems from the grip of a cyber attack. In recent news, you can see the ramifications of these attacks and their crippling effect. Learn more about this new partnership and the services they can provide to protect dealers.
In this episode, Mike Kraemer Interviews Gillian Bonnar from Blaney Group.Blaney Group is made up of a number of engineering divisions with almost 30 years of experience creating products for agriculture, ground care, construction, fabrication, gear systems, and motors.Their Quad-X division manufactures over 140 attachments for ATVs, UTVs, and quads, suited for the agricultural industry, landscapers, amenities, small acreage holders, and the equestrian market. The range is ideal for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs. In particular, Blaney is a pioneer of ATV weed control machinery: sprayers, booms, and weed wipers. The company’s “Weed Wipeout 2” model incorporates double rollers, automatic weed detection, and an automatic chemical application system for fast and effective weed control. This unique solution treats only the weeds, giving faster kill rates while achieving up to 97% less chemical usage.



In this episode, Mike Kraemer interviews Sharon Moffitt with UPU Industries its growing business, and expands the reach of its industry-leading products in North America UPU Industries manufactures high-performance bale netting for premium crop protection. Founded in Northern Ireland more than 40 years ago, this family-run business provides its range of wrapping products to over 30 countries worldwide and has a sister manufacturing base in Kansas City that serves both the U.S. and Canada markets. 
In this episode, Eric Wareham, Vice President of Government Affairs for WEDA updates you on the demise of Right to Repair legislation, the winding down of state legislative sessions, and the push towards a Biden infrastructure and tax plan.
Kinsgspan Truckmaster

Kinsgspan Truckmaster


In today’s podcast, WEDA Connect’s Mike Kraemer visits with Laura Juhas from Kingspan, who discusses what makes the TruckMaster a leader in portable diesel storage and dispensing, and her company’s desire to expand distribution and retail sales in North America. 
In this episode, Mike Kraemer with the Western Equipment Dealers Association interviews Mark Opara with Seigfreid Bingham on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance on COVID vaccines. The COVID guidance is complex and there are plenty of tripwires dealers need to be aware of if they decide to put a vaccine policy into place. Mark dives into the EEOC's variety of cautionary instructions for employers and the rights of employees.
John Schmeiser, CEO of the Western Equipment Dealers Association discusses current events in Ottawa.  In late March Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that the first federal budget in more than two years will be delivered on April 19. The budget is expected to provide a full accounting of all government spending through the pandemic, which has sent the deficit for the fiscal year to almost 400 billion dollars.
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