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a p e r t u r e is a community built on the exchange of ideas around technology, strategy and the dynamics of the platform economy. It is both a virtual community — sharing and discussing ideas through articles, podcasts and a bi-weekly newsletter — and a physical one, organizing meetups in Geneva, Zurich, Bucharest and Berlin. Our aim is to improve our collective intelligence by subjecting ideas to multiple filters  — establishing the right context, narrowing down the arguments and encouraging contrarian viewpoints— all within a safe, non-polarizing environment.
4 Episodes
For Episode 4, our guest is James Miners, scientist turned serial-entrepreneur and now Senior Advisor at Fongit — Switzerland’s premier startup incubator. Together we explore what it takes to transform ideas into successful mass-market products and what is the key to startup success. 
For Episode 3, our guest is Mike Nolet, CEO of LiveBetter and former CTO of AppNexus. We discuss the health risks of startups, the need to challenge some of society's values and priorities, what the private sector can and can't do, and how we can use tech to improve our wellbeing.
We discuss with Martin Naville, CEO of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce, whether Switzerland is losing competitiveness in attracting and retaining Multinational Corporations
Ben Robinson sits with David Galbraith, partner at Anthemis, and discuss big topics — fintech, internet business models, economics, climate, politics — but through the prism of what people are missing or what are they not asking themselves.
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