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Author: Mike Jolly

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A wrestling podcast talking about pro wrestling, session/private wrestling. We recap the current weeks events events, have special interviews, and special co-hosts. It's worth a listen.
150 Episodes
A special live episode from Tampa International Airport. I'm waiting for my flight to Las Vegas. Clarification on Atlanta, my trip here in Tampa, and more.
I got things to get off my chest, and what better way than here. Enjoy my rant, and other news.
155 episodes in. Tonight's guest is none other than Onyx Danielle, aka Bronco Bully, aka Bronco Billy (from W.O.W.) We had fun the last time she was one, and tonight will be not different. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Tonight we have Jeanne Hunter, from Judel Dulong's studio, returning. We will be talking about her new video, upcoming projects and much more.
A long over due live episode, discussing Fastlane, the New Japan Cup Finals, LFC 31, and more.
Quarantined, that's been my life since this past Wednesday. The Royal Rumble is tomorrow, and I need to do something before I go totally insane. So, it's the return of Fantasy Booking, with my special guest Trisha Black. Let the fun begin
Tonight's episode is going to be a good one. For the first time ever, I have a new fighter to the scene. It's her very first podcast interview. I am talking with Angelina Knight.
It's the 150th Episode! And tonight, as my guest I have the USA's Favorite Jobber, Alexandra Hamilton! It's gonna be a fun show indeed
The long overdue Memorial show for those we lost in 2020. Though, it's only been 11 days into the new year.
Part two of the second anniversary episode. No bad vibes, no sad news. Let's get this show started
Happy Anniversary to me! Wow, 2 years, time has flown by. As an added bonus treat, I'm also playing the very FIRST episode for you before I get things really rolling.
A double guest tonight. Ahead of their fight after the new year, I have Sexywife and BlondieBhabie on as my guests, will it be civil? Also, some breaking news.
This episode my special guest is none other than Simone Justino (aka Lola). We will be talking about her, her MMA, and more.
A lot has happened in the world of wrestling since I was last on. Let's recap it shall we? Plus, some exciting news.
Today is going to be a great show as I interview the one and only Rick Percy, producer of Fem Wrestling Room. He has has such talent as Lia Labowe, Cheyenne Jewel, Megan Jones among others. It's going to be a fun show for sure. Plus a major announcement in the next few episodes.
This is a very special, historic, episode. As I interview the one and only Jeanne Hunter. She performed with Judell Dulong and it is her first interview.
After a very fun time in Las Vegas, and Milwaukee Wisconsin, I am back home in Washington State. Tonight's episode is with someone I've had on the show, met in person, and she beat me: Trisha Black. We are doing a Fantasy Booking Show on how we think things should happen, plus the breaking news of a firing in the WWE today.
The 140th edition of the show. We have a special guest on tap. It's fun, it's cool. It's Saturday
Live from Las Vegas an unplanned, non guest, live episode. What could happen?
More Halloween hijinx. Scary stories, maybe a mystery caller, who knows? It's Halloween and ANYTHING can happen.
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