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Harper Rose Trilogy

Author: Elle Elsea

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This is the story of Harper Rose, a local Sheriff hunting down killers in the United Cities of America. Harper lives in a world set one thousand years in the future, a world ravaged by global warming, but Harper doesn't know that. In fact, nobody does. In Harper's world, everyone prays to the Goddess Gara, but no one seems to question why. Season 1 follows Harper as she hunts down a killer that is killing women all over New York City, with the help of law legend Sheriff Kane. In Season 2, Harper is back in her idyllic hometown on the coast, just taking it day by day... until someone goes missing and strange things start happening that no one can quite explain. In Season 3 everything changes and Harper has to come to grips with the fact that the world she once knew, was not what it seemed.
27 Episodes
Harper's story comes to an end... or does it?
Harper follows the shadow.
Their mission at sea begins.
The mission begins.
The recruits partake in their immersion training.
Up, up and away.
Strangers invade the Constitute.
Things get heated during the year's final mission.
Life at the Constitute is not what Harper imagined it would be.
Harper's life has drastically changed.
Little Harper Rose has questions.
Olethros One - The Years of Imbalance;In the first episode, Harper leaves the town where she has spent her entire life, Stallford, to travel to NYC to undergo her exam to become the Sheriff of her outpost. The only hitch- her examiner is law legend Ronan Kane, and Harper is more than a little nervous about living up to the challenge. 
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