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Author: nøkken | fennec

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In this weekly series, Youcef Menasria (@youcef__menas) and Alex Lee (@aleksander_lee) offer their humorous and sometimes accurate takes on pop culture. They are morons, so don't take them too seriously.
70 Episodes
Musician Toyomansi (@damntoyo) joins the pod to discuss screen printing, the election, PS5, and his upcoming album No More Sorry. 
It's a joint pod this week with the boys of Live From The Studio, Jimmy Solesky & Eric Glaeser. We discuss meme pages, wisdom teeth, growing your social profile and the deliciousness of school pizza. Be sure the check out the first part of the interview on the Live From The Studio podcast.
Blue Line! ft. GARÇON

Blue Line! ft. GARÇON


GARÇON (@damngarcon) joins the pod to discuss traveling around as a kid, making music in the Navy, and some other stuff.
The guys talk Criterion Collection, horror movies, annoying opinion people and more.
We're shock jocks now

We're shock jocks now


Time to reflect on the days of FM radio
Musician Bailey Straughn joins the pod to discuss his new album Onedayatatime. , beards, organic music discover, and the Vice-Presidential Debates. He also recorded this while coming down from acid.
DC rapper NAPPYNAPPA (@NAPPYNAPPA) joins the pod to discuss American History, fighting with teachers in Sunday school, playing Boiler Room and more.
Chris Cassius (@Chris_Cassius)and Miss Kam (@heymisskam) join the pod to discuss their recent ID magazine appearance, women in rap, and the future.
Baltimore rapper Height Keech joins the podcast to discuss live shows during quarantine, touring on a school bus, and his new album "Wild Height Keech".
Jarett Loeffler (@jarettloeffler) joins the podcast to discuss old Youtube, Salad Fingers, Michel Gondry and more.
Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea


I found some and it slaps.
POPE.LOUD joins the pod to discuss Squier bass guitars, DKTM Collective, Action Bronson, and more. 
We have a new name that's easier to say. 
Please Help

Please Help


This week, comedian Kevin Tit returns to the pod to discuss eating crickets, Faces of Death, and speaking in tongues. 
Honestly, it was pretty good. Also, Last Of Us 2, Paper Mario, Dragon Quest, and more game stuff.
Comedian Natalie McGill (@nataliesmcgill) returns to the pod to discuss doing standup during the time of corona, 90s Fox Cartoons, and pretending to be six feet apart. 
We ARE the virus

We ARE the virus


It's been us the whole time.
Hot For Teacher

Hot For Teacher


Remember watching movies in gym? Also, Alex once hooked up with his math teacher.
Sounds of the City

Sounds of the City


Our first in-person podcast in quite some time. We recorded outside, so imagine this as a type of white noise machine with bad jokes.
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