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The apostle Peter uses verse 22 from Psalm 118 in Acts chapter 4 to proclaim that Jesus was rejected, crucified, and rose from the dead.
Psalm 118 is a psalm of thanksgiving and rejoicing in God's steadfast love. 
The importance of Psalm 110—especially verse 1—and its' use in the New Testament is extraordinary. 
Psalm 102 contains the heading "A Prayer of one afflicted, when he is faint and pours out his complaint before the Lord."
Psalm 69 was written about one thousand years before Christ and predicted what would happen to Him on the cross.
Psalm 69 was written by King David and is considered a lament. It is quoted in the Gospel according to John and the Book of Romans.
Psalm 45 is a Messianic wedding song.
Verses 6-8 of Psalm 40 are quoted in the Book of Hebrews and applied to Jesus.
Psalm 34 was written by King David and contains a prophecy about Jesus' death on the cross.
Psalm 22 teaches us that Jesus' suffering was planned and purposeful. 
Psalm 22 is particularly important in the way that it predicts Jesus' suffering on the cross.
In the Book of Acts the apostle Paul quotes from Psalm 16 as proof of Jesus' resurrection.
In the New Testament Book of Acts the apostle Peter quotes Psalm 16 as an important proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus quotes from Psalm 8 and applies it to the praise that people were giving to him.
For the next 15 episodes we are considering the psalms that seem to have a particular focus on the coming of Jesus as Messiah and Savior. This brief series is entitled "Jesus in the Psalms."
In the final psalm we are told to praise God thirteen different times.
Psalm 149 especially emphasizes the calling of God's own people to praise Him.
The second part of Psalm 148 instructs all people to praise God.
Psalm 148 is a call to worship the Lord. This includes angels and all parts of creation to give praise to God.
The second part of Psalm 147 continues to call people to praise God and provides more reasons for doing so.
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Ed Chappelle

Thank you for the daily reflection on Pslam Starter. The podcast is a blessing in my daily life.

Jan 9th
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