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Author: Korean Culture Center in New York

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The Korean Culture Center in New York is excited to present you a podcast that discusses all things Korean culture! Weekly language learning episodes and biweekly culture episodes will give you a taste of the education the Korean Culture Center provides. Join us for the conversation!
20 Episodes
Culture - Chuseok

Culture - Chuseok


Eun and Abbey discuss the autumn harvest holiday of Chuseok and its traditions! 
Language - School

Language - School


Our very own teacher, Eun, instructs Claire on some school related words in this episode! 
Claire learns about the location of an object in relation to other objects with our teacher, Eun! 
Claire joins Eun for a language episode for the first time as we discuss the four seasons and some common weather terminology! 
Claire, our producer and editor, joins us for the first time with Eun and Abbey to talk about her favorite KPop group, BTS, as well as about self-producing idols speaking to issues being faced by Millennials and Gen Z.
Eun and Audrey finish our series on introducing yourself and learning about others by describing how you can ask someone about where they are from! 
We continue our series on getting to know a person by asking for some contact information! 
Culture - K Hip Hop

Culture - K Hip Hop


Abbey gives Eun a rundown of the history of the genre of Korean Hip Hop - join us for the ride! 
Today we learn some ways you can learn a person's age as part of our series on meeting someone new! 
Today we have a new guest, Audrey, come help us learn the best way to introduce ourselves and ask another one's name! 
Culture - Kingdom

Culture - Kingdom


Tune in as we deep dive into the Netflix historical zombie drama, Kingdom, and talk about why we are only just finding zombies in Korean culture recently. 
Today we learn some alternative expressions that can be used like "please" or "excuse me" that are natural but still polite! 
"You" is not directly the same in Korean as it is in English - learn in this episode how to properly refer to other people and what the differences between the languages are! 
This week we learn a bit about the different formality levels in the Korean language, and when it is appropriate to use them. 
Today we learn about the various familial titles in the Korean language, and how they can be used as terms of endearment! 
Language - Thank You

Language - Thank You


In this episode, the Korean Culture 'Cast crew discusses how to properly say thank you, and how to respond! 
Language - Yes and No

Language - Yes and No


Today's episode of our language learning portion of the Korean Culture 'Cast focuses on yes and no! 
In our second episode of Korean language learning, we discuss the sometimes challenging difference between here, there, and over there! 
Let's start from the beginning with our very first language learning episode of the 'cast, with hello and goodbye! 
For our first culture episode here on the Korean Culture 'Cast, we talk about the Netflix K Drama, Romance Is A Bonus Book, and discuss the struggle women face in the workplace in Korea.  
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